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The First 24 Hours are Critical 

Each operation must have a written post injury response describing what happens -- the exact steps -- within the first 24 hours after an injury. Spring is the perfect time to reassess and evaluate your current post injury response procedure because this is where many companies begin to go astray from best practices.

Defining a post-injury procedure is one of the first things to do when making changes to the workers compensation process because it is important to have the process in place before developing materials. 

Use a worksheet to develop a post-injury response procedure for your company's specific culture. Begin by documenting what actually happens when a work-related incident occurs. Jot down the steps that occur after each injury. Then compare these steps to the ideal steps in the Post-Injury Response Best Practices Procedures.

At this point, you can identify gaps: without the right post injury process medical only claims will turn into lost time claims.

View sample pages and learn more about the Post Injury Response in our 2012 Workers Compensation Management Guidebook as a resource to implement and design a workers compensation management program.  


Can these things negatively affect a claim's outcome? Yes! Read on about issues and buzzwords that are sure to disgruntle the claims adjuster. These are meant to be lighthearted, but for the most part they are correct. The viewpoint is provided by an interview with a claims adjuster at a major carrier.

Almost all adjusters are honest and have the best interest of both the employee and the employer at heart. Often there is an ethical and valid reason for the adjuster's action which will become apparent when learning more about the reason for the adjuster's actions. If an adjuster is doing any of the following, stop everything and discuss the adjuster's actions with the adjuster. 

Blue-collar employees are not the only ones that have workers compensation claims so do office workers. Proper computer ergonomics will eliminate most computer related musculoskeletal injury claims. Many things about ergonomically correct positions are not obvious to the untrained eye, so become educated about risk reduction in this area.

Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference.  There is new material in 11 chapters! This 183-page step-by-step manual is available with your company logo.

Don't take chances, "Take Control!" To have good results in the control of a workers comp claim, it is important that everyone involved including the workers compensation claim coordinator, the floor or field supervisors, mid-management, medical personnel, legal, senior management and even the employees know what roles and responsibilities are in the management of the workers comp claims.

Time for a wake up call! For the first time, the National Sleep Foundation asked transportation professionals about sleep habits. The release of the NSTB survey results coincided with National Sleep Awareness Week in early March and the start of daylight savings The NSTB is fatigued by this safety problem and seeks solutions to prevent accidents.

OSHA recently cited Navillus Contracting Tile Inc. for alleged repeat and serious violations of safety standards at a work site in Brooklyn, New York. The Manhattan-based masonry contractor was cited following an incident in which an employee fell 80 feet to a lower level from the top of a 118-foot-high scaffold. Read on.

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Administrator/CEO Steve Buehrer late last month unveiled new measures to improve the safety of medication prescribed to Ohioans recovering from workplace injuries and limit the practice of doctor and pharmacy shopping.

A pair of construction companies has been fined a total of ($103,000) after a British man was killed when a steel beam weighing more than a ton fell on him while it was being unloaded from a lorry. Construction safety is a problem worldwide. Read more.

New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.

Don't gamble when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid Compliance!  

Gould & Lamb, LLC gather together some of the industry's most respected leaders and experts to provide attendees with 2 full days of compliance education and training, as well as an exciting look into the future of Medicare/Medicaid Compliance.

RIMS Conference and Exhibition is the largest industry conference. If you are new to workers compensation or experienced there are seminars to teach cost containment techniques.

In this widely acclaimed SEAK program, the nation's leading workers' compensation professionals, occupational physicians, occupational nurses, and attorneys will join together to discuss cutting edge issues. 
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