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Training Initiatives

The goal of training is to teach workers compensation concepts to management. Like fire drills, when a work-related incident occurs, every supervisor and employee must demonstrate exactly what to do, where to go and how to obtain help. 

  • Implement a training seminar (no more than one hour) to introduce and reinforce injury management concepts to your management and to disseminate new workers' compensation materials.


  • Schedule an in-service session for supervisors to learn correct post-injury responses following a work-related incident.
  • Convene small-group employee training sessions to discuss post-injury response training and integrate new roles and responsibilities into the work culture.
  • Have employees sign an in-service acknowledgement indicating they have received post-injury response training.  

If you are a workers comp manager, broker, agent, association manager, consider our NEW  2012 Workers Compensation Managment Guidebook as a resource to implement and design a workers compensation management program? 



Your employee is coming to you for help, but you are essentially powerless. Or, you are the agent and your client is upset that the carrier you recommended will not cover this particular comp claim. What do you do? Here is some advice for when you are caught in the middle.


Whatever your title may be, the name of the claims game comes down to reserves. Reserves are the tangible part of what an injury costs you.  The art of reserving a file for life expectancy is part science, part estimation, and part experience. Aim high and read on.

What is a "med-legal" conference? There are situations where the injury to the employee is unique, and the seriousness and/or complexity of the injury is not fully understood by either the workers comp claims adjuster or by the defense attorney.  It is in situations of this nature that a conference between the defense attorney and the doctor is needed.


Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference. Avoid the common program pitfalls, the difference between success and failure, and purchase this 155 page step-by-step manual today. Now available with custom company logo.

A Corrections Officer from New York Mills is facing fraud charges after authorities say he wrongfully collected workers compensation benefits from the State.


The independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission has upheld willful and serious citations and $137,200 in fines for a dangerous situation that could have resulted in fatalities. 


Stamping out fraud! US Attorney Benjamin Wagner announced that Chief US District Judge Anthony Ishii sentenced a 44 year-old California worker to one year in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, for four counts of mail fraud and two counts of federal workers compensation fraud.


A TX jury found Sheriff Robert Roberts guilty of misuse of official information, retaliation, and official oppression. The guilty verdict stems from the sheriff's attempt to retaliate against two nurses in Kermit, Texas, who filed anonymous complaints about a physician. What? 
The Department of Labor's Partners in Action pledge was launched in 2011 as part of the Government's National Action Agenda to reduce harm at work. It asks signatories to work towards achieving zero harm in New Zealand workplaces.

Fishermen across South Shore and Southwest Nova Scotia are urged to practice safety as the fishing industry pays the highest premiums in the area as well as making up a quarter of the workplace injuries and deaths.  Some of these injuries are serious and tragic, but many of them are common sprains and other injuries resulting in work time lost. Learn more.


New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.
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