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Nurse Triage Tips


Nurse triage stops med only claims from converting to lost time claims. At the time of the injury is reported the triage nurse directs injured employees to the right type of treatment such as:

  • Is emergency treatment needed or can the injury be treated the next day or in a few days?
  • Is self-care a good option and if so, describes the care to the injured worker.
  • Help the employee to locate a medical provider in the employer's PPO.
  • Gather client-defined information and occasionally fill out the First Report of Injury. 

Everything you need to know about medical care coordination is at your fingertips in our WC Book chapter on reporting the injury.  Order your book today and learn how to implement  a nurse tirage progam as part of your injury reporting program..  


Manage Your Workers Compensation Program: Reduce Costs 20-50%, includes chapters on nearly every aspect of setting up & implementing a WC program. Think of it as a "how-to" teaching tool, guiding you step-by-step, to achieve your fully functioning workers compensation program. 




Exploding Toilets Injure Two Federal Workers        
Bathroom breaks have new meaning after two federal employees from the GSA suffered serious injuries after toilets blew into tiny shards of porcelain. What caused the rare and bizarre accident?  

Proper Claim Reporting Parameters for Self Insured Employers
SIE for workers comp take on the role of claims management in exchange for the cost savings self-insurance brings. What 18 parts are in a first report?  And does your adjuster make the grade?  

Five Benefits of Medical Expertise At Time of Initial Injury
Employers who do not have medical clinics on site are turning to nurse triage companies to benefit both the employee and the employer. How? Read on.  

Five Clues an Injured Employee is Dragging Out a Workers Compensation Claim
Certain employees are not only injury prone but purposely using their WC knowledge to their own advantage. How can your adjuster get these "Career Claimants" off workers comp for good?  Red flags ahead.  

Guidebook to Cut Workers Comp Costs       
Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce a comprehensive desk reference. Avoid the common program pitfalls, and learn the difference between success and failure. Now available with custom company logo. 

The Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle Could Reduce Injuries and Be Key to Employee Health
Genetics play a small role in chronic disease, but the modern diet is undoubtedly making people sicker. What simple ways are US employers finding to combat chronic disease, cut costs, and have a healthier workforce.? Chiropractor David C. Radford MS-ACP advises.  

Drug Company Settled Substandard Allegations with $40 Million Fine
GSK divides a large fine between 37 states and the District of Columbia due to production at their former Puerto Rico location What pharm. products were on the substandard list? Find out.  

NIH Employees Removed for Violating Hatch Act
What did the employees do to be removed by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) from employment. What does the Hatch Act prohibit?  

Managing CALIFORNIA Family Rights Act and FMLA Complianc 
Attorney Martha J. Cardi untangles a scenario about how FMLA and state laws interact in a domestic partnership with multiple illnesses to demonstrate how the timing of multiple leaves can have a huge impact.  

Massachusetts Employers Indicted for Alleged Workers Compensation Scam
The owner of a Lowell, Mass., staffing company allegedly under reports the size and scope of his business operations in order to avoid paying workers compensation costs.  

One Way *New* New York Workers Compensation Treatment Guidelines Can Help Employers
Back, neck, knee, and shoulder injuries account for the majority of serious claims.  Learn the NY Workers Compensation Board's new guidelines.  Is a physician on-site inspection necessary?  

Ohio Woman Must Repay More than $13K for Working While Collecting Comp
An investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation revealed an Ohio bus driver was working while also receiving workers comp benefits.  How was she punished?  

Irish Meat Processing Plant Fined for Severe Head Trauma Injury
A 33 year old worker using a hazardous electric pallet truck suffered severe head injuries after the stacked packing crates collapsed on him at Linden Foods, Ltd. What went wrong?





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