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Transitional Duty Tips


Successfully returning employees to work is one of the best ways to reduce workers compensation costs because ... the longer an employee is out of work, the more the claim will cost! Medical bills will increase, and so will lost wages. 


Several Tips for Transitional Duty are:

  • Have the employee work their regular shift so no transportation or childcare problems occur.
  • Consider paying full earnings temporarily, even for partial work hours, to avoid paying lost wage benefits.
  • Obtain employee's feedback about the transitional duty position.

Everything you need to know is at your fingertips in our WC Book chapter on return to work.  Order your book today and learn how to implement  Transitional Duty Programs. 


Manage Your Workers Compensation Program: Reduce Costs 20-50%, includes chapters on nearly every aspect of setting up & implementing a WC program. Think of it as a "how-to" teaching tool, guiding you step-by-step, to achieve your fully functioning workers compensation program.   

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Questionable Response to Heat Illness in Amazon Warehouse 

An eastern PA newspaper breaks a story making national headlines about brutal work conditions inside online giant Amazon's warehouse in the Lehigh Valley. The disturbing report inside.

4 Strategies to Dispute a Claim
Most claims are compensable and accepted when presented. But how does an employer dispute compensability in a 'questionable' claim?  

6 Ways to Smooth Sailing with your Adjuster
The best ways to reduce workers comp cost is to reduce claim cost.  Having quality claim handling is key to reducing claim costs.  How can you help improve your adjuster's results?  

Ways to Ensure Prescription Medication is Appropriate
Often the medications given have nothing to do with the employee's injury. An aging and unhealthy workforce is the challenge. What is the solution?  

MSP Compliance and the Late, Great Jerry Garcia   

As the late, great Jerry Garcia would say, "What a long strange trip it's been." This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Patel Memo, the memo that launched the MSP. How far have we come?  

FMLA and Mass Maternity Leave Law Integration Nightmare Scenario
Think workers comp is hard to manage? Try FMLA, state and other leaves of absence, then add in WC issues for a nightmare scenario. Attorney Martha J. Cardi explains.  

Getting Employees and Employers to Take Obesity Seriously
Obesity is a harmful and expensive national epidemic affecting a large percentage of the workforce. David C. Radford, DC, MS breaks down this sensitive topic and how employers can help.  

Guidebook Helps Cut Workers Comp 20%-50%    

Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce  this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference. Avoid the common program pitfalls, the difference between success and failure, and purchase this 155 page step-by-step manual today. Now available with custom company logo.  

Fibromyalgia and Reflux Could be Just a Matter of What You Put in Your Mouth
As many as 1 out of 20 people may have a form of gluten intolerance. Could common symptoms lead to the wrong diagnosis and unnecessary costs?  

CALIFORNIA UPDATE Almaraz/Guzman Law is Now Final
Last year, the California Supreme Court denied review in Milpitas v. Guzman, and more recently the Court denied review in SCIF v. Almaraz. Almaraz/Guzman law is now final. What was the issue?  

Minnesota DLI Unveils Workers Comp Ombudsman Program
Minnesota has established a new Office of WC Ombudsman to provide WC advice and assistance to employees and small businesses. Learn how to request services and benefits.  

OSHA Fines New Hampshire Gun Powder Manufacturer 1.2 million
A deadly explosion killing two Black Mag LLC employees has resulted in 54 workplace safety and health citations with penalties totaling $1.2 million from OSHA.  What did the investigation uncover?  

British Street Light Worker Fined for Toddler Injury
A 1 year old was injured when part of a streetlight was dropped by a workman in Hackney, a court has heard. How could this accident easily be prevented?  

British Columbia Launches New Asbestos Web Site
Asbestos ranks as the leading work-related death and illness in British Columbia. WorkSafe announced its first comprehensive web site on asbestos-exposure prevention in Canada.  Read on.  

Distracted Driving a Significant Risk for British Columbia Workers
WorkSafeBC is working with The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to reduce the risks of distracted driving in BC, according to a report from ICBC. What is being done?  

New Zealand Worker Convicted for Collecting Comp While Getting Disability Certificates
New Zealand's Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) welcomed the conviction of Kerol Ann Smith-Goodwill who pleaded guilty this month to defrauding ACC for almost a year.





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