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The "Employee Brochure"      

The Employee Brochure is the first piece of information employees receive about their roles and responsibilities in the Improvement Program.

People may argue providing information encourages employees to file claims but research shows just the opposite - that claim filing is reduced with frequent communication. Communication decreases the number of employees getting an attorney, and keeping employees in the claims process loop shows employees the company treats them fairly.


Include the following in your Employee Brochure:  


  • List the benefits employees can expect to receive under workers compensation.
  • Discuss the role played by medical providers so employees have a clear understanding of how doctors are used in this process.
  • Outline a basic action plan to prepare employees to respond correctly to work-related injuries.
  • Outline what injured employees are entitled to and be sure to deliver those benefits on time.
  • Write employee brochures at a language level the employees can easily grasp. Translate communication into whatever languages your employees speak.

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    Manage Your Workers Compensation Program: Reduce Costs 20-50%, covering how to assess your workers compensation program, design program materials, and roll out a program to your organizationOrder your copy today!  




    Occupational Low Back Pain Part II Workplace Solutions   

    Workplace Involvement is important in both primary and secondary prevention of OLBP. Authors: Brian Anderson DC, CCN, MPH and David Radford DC advise.

    Occupational Low Back Pain Part III: Treatment Options
    Authors: Brian Anderson DC, CCN, MPH and David Radford DC, discuss the all-important topic of treatment options for those suffering from OLBP.  

    Six Things Employers Can Do to Reduce Lag Time
    Keep track of the numbers! Lag time is an enemy to every claims adjuster out there.  It can affect every aspect of the claim, most importantly the compensability.

    Six Lifting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    One of the most common causes of workers comp claims is the improper lifting of a heavy object by an employee. It is also one of the easiest workers comp claims to prevent. 

    WCRI Provides Research to Industry
    WCRI's Executive Director, Dr, Richard Victor, shares his impressions of the WC industry with us. WCRI, based in Cambridge, Mass, provides the public with research on workers comp public policy. Our interview ahead.

    Physical Therapy Management
    The results based approach to physical therapy aligns the interest of the employer and the insurer with the physical therapy facility. Read on.

    Reduce Workers Comp 20%-50%

    This 150-page book shows you how to assess your Workers Compensation program, design program materials, roll-out a program to the organization, and monitor and manage the program once implemented. Insurance Agents/brokers can have it customized in bulk.

    Buffalo is in New York...   

    Information is the most essential ingredient in compensation claim management. Where does Information originate? Attorney Ted Ronca expounds.  

    Los Angeles Employer Canned with Fraud Charges
    A South LA, California grocer is accused of buying EBT cards from welfare recipients at a cut rate to buy groceries to stock store shelves. 

    Oklahoma AG Files Charges against Pair in Workers Comp Schemes
    OK Attorney General Scott Pruitt's Workers Compensation Fraud Unit files fraud and criminal offense charges after complaints are made.  

    Workplace Stress Increases Dramatically for Australian Workers
    A new national survey of Australian workers in 2011 found they are under more pressure than ever before. Why?  

    Physicians Suppose to Give Canadian Transport Board Pilots Medical Records
    An investigation into a deadly plane crash exposes vulnerabilities into pilots' health reporting according to the TSB.  

    Help I am So Injured I Can Only Work Two Jobs
    An Australian dock worker (or is he a security guard?) is found guilty of workers comp fraud after a WorkCover investigation.

    Manitoba Work Comp Bureau Reminds Employers to be Up to Date on Paperwork
    Many employers in Manitoba use the services of employer representatives to help manage interactions with the WCB. Who can be an employer representative?





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    Lowering Workers Comp Costs for Employers

    Rebecca Shafer, Attorney & Risk Consultant