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Our loyal readers selected these 15 articles on reducing workers compensation costs as the ones they liked the best and found the most informative. If you missed them, find out why they were chosen.


LEAKAGE: Most Popular

4 Types of Workers Comp Leakage You May Not Have Heard of Yet

Errors in payments, usually referred to as "leakage," are a major issue for any insurance company involved in workers compensation claims.


Leakage Audits Find 18 Types of Workers Compensation Claim Leakage

Leakage in workers compensation is defined as the difference between what was paid on the claim and the amount the adjuster should have spent on the claim.


Leakage - 6 Ways Insurance Companies Control It in Workers Compensation Claims

When you review your broker's or insurer's website, there is one subject in workers compensation that most brokers and insurers never mention - leakage.


Getting Through the Maze of Medicare Set Asides to Lower Workers Comp Costs

LowerWC.com interviews industry experts on important and sometimes complex workers compensation issues, such as Medicare set-asides a topic those in the industry can never know too much about. Michelle Leon-Perez, director of Strategic Services for Gould & Lamb (an Amaxx Resource Center advertiser) answers some key questions.


Five Things Employers Must Know About Medicare Set-Aside Custodial Administration

LowerWC.com interviewed Christie Luke, vice president of operations at Gould & Lamb, in Bradenton, FL about custodial administration arrangements for Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs). She starts off  with the basics.


Rising Healthcare Costs and How Medical Bill Review Can Save Employers Money

Medical costs have increased 21% 2004 to 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Media sources cite medical increases for injured workers rising as much as 50% percent in the same time period.


General Liability TPA Should Have Specific Plan of Action (SPOA)

In the never-ending quest to lower business costs, employers must consider using a fully integrated general liability service provider with solutions unique to the business.


7 Things Claim Office Supervisors Wish Adjusters Did Better

Every adjuster has an individual style when it comes to handling claims. Just like snowflakes, no two adjusters are exactly the same.


6 Things Adjusters Wish Their Clients Knew

When adjusters daydream about work, many dreams are about how much easier life would be if their clients - the employers - knew what they know.


Reducing Narcotics Abuse in Workers Compensation

Narcotic spending accounts for 34% of workers compensation medication expenses, according to the 2010 Progressive Medical Drug Spending Analysis.


5 Types of Benchmarking for Workers Comp Claims

Benchmarking is the process of either comparing your company's results with the results of similar companies in your industry or comparing your own results for a current time period with a prior time period of the same duration.

7 Ways to Stop Those Minor Lost Time Claims

Many companies simply do not offer light duty. Instead, they say to their injured workers, "If you are not 100 percent then you are no good to me." How can employers change this attitude?


Six Types of Employee Screening to Lower Workers Comp Costs

There are many adages about circumstances just not adding up. Two favorites are "Don't judge a book by its cover," and "Things aren't always what they seem."


17 Ways to Prepare for Workers Compensation Litigation

Statistics prove litigated workers compensation claims cost the most. We use the broad definition of litigation to include claims where the employee hires an attorney, regardless of how the claim is settled, whether by agreement, workers compensation board decision, or in the courts.


6 Ways Medical Treatment Can Be Stopped or Disputed in a Work Comp Claim

Every state is different with different statues to follow regarding when and how medical treatment can be terminated. Check with your adjuster or insurance carrier to verify how these suggestions apply specifically to your workers compensation claims.


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