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Medical Provider Brochure


As part of coordinating medical care, customize and distribute a brochure to medical providers explaining your company's transitional duty program and the benefits to both your employees and company.


Have treating physicians visit your operation to view physical requirements. Encourage doctors to suggest transitional duty tasks based on those physical requirements and limitations.


Monitor medical bills to determine if those medical bills are reduced to the state-mandated fee schedule. In some cases, consider paying the doctors MORE to get the best quality care and have doctors spend MORE time with your injured workers. 


Encourage them to be part of your team. Ask them to stay for coffee and donuts and invite your employees to meet the doctor. 


Read more on Medical Care Coordination in our NEW  2012 Workers Compensation Management Guidebook as a resource to implement and design a workers compensation management program. 


It is never too late to start thinking about how to be more proactive when it comes to handling your insurance losses. You can implement a program or plan any time, provided you roll it out to the right people and your employees or workers understand the initiatives and reasons behind it. It is never too late to start thinking about safety, and how it impacts your bottom line.

It is time to address a topic about causal relation in a workers comp case. What does the treating doctor say in the medical records? Does either employee have a history of neck pain from another source? What else should be considered? The more information gathered the better. Read on.

 If you are going to sell business insurance to the business community, you need a strong basic understanding of WC insurance. Selling and servicing workers compensation insurance can be challenging for any agent, even experienced ones. The successful insurance agent will be the agent who can explain the advantages of all types of business insurance including workers compensation.

Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference. Avoid the common program pitfalls, the difference between success and failure, and purchase this 183 page step-by-step manual today. Now available with custom company logo.

The authors of this letter are journalists, columnists, bloggers and content publishers for the workers' compensation industry across the United States. We are a politically and professionally diverse group and support Charles ( Sandy ) Blunt. 

The U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration recently announced that federal inspectors issued 374 citations, orders and safeguards during special impact inspections conducted at 18 coal mines and two metal/nonmetal mines last month. What did they find?

In NY workers comp, "return to work" measures (RTW) can achieve unprecedented savings - for the employer and the employee but only if the employer takes the initiative. Employer involvement is many times more effective than what a carrier, TPA, consultant, etc. can provide especially with restoring a worker to employment.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Prolerized New England Co. LLC. In this case, the procedures were incomplete and not clearly communicated, training was inadequate, and the procedures were not reviewed to ensure that they were effective and understood by the employees. What happened?

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports it cited serious safety violations for electrocution and hazards of dangerous chemicals in Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

A lifting operation goes wrong and results in permanent injuries for one modular company's worker.  The company is fined. More from the HSE. 

New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.

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