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New Goals for a New Year

It is a new year, and it is time to review and document all elements of your safety program annually and update if appropriate.  Are the needs and objectives of the program being met? Review all existing safety programs, if applicable, and identify gaps. 

Establish attainable program goals. While
zero injuries/illnesses are the ultimate goal, that may not always be realistic. Start with an achievable goal, such as "30% below Bureau of Labor industry rate" and build from there. It is helpful to review loss history to look for trends. "Near misses," where an accident didn't occur, but could have, are a good indication of inadequate hazard controls

Depending on how OSHA is administered (federal or state program) you should check OSHA for the latest record-keeping regulations.


Everything else you need to know for about managing your  workers compensation costs can be found in the 2012 Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20% to 50%, covering how to assess your workers compensation program, design program materials, and roll out a program to your organization. 


Do you ever wonder what your workers compensation adjuster does all day? Read what activities and priorities are included in an Adjuster's typical day.

Learn about important provisions and benefits of pending legislation. FECA covers almost 3 million federal employees and postal workers.

Are organizations prepared for increases in whistleblowing claims? A recent survey is revealing greater concern for an increase this year as the SEC is receiving up to a 100 tips a day.
Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference. Avoid the common program pitfalls, the difference between success and failure, and purchase this 155 page step-by-step manual today. Now available with custom company logo.

Two recent decisions, and an outline posted on the WCB website, indicate that there is a shift in New York workers comp towards employer return to work offers. Learn more.

Concerns have been raised that the ILO is not doing enough to protect the rights of precarious workers to join a union and participate in meaningful collective bargaining. An international symposium was recently held to address the issue.

Serious consequences for the former owner of the country's largest asbestos abatement training school for committing environmental crimes according to a recent ruling by the EPA.

OSHA recently cited Candler Concrete Products Inc. for multiple safety and health violations following an inspection of its Gainesville plant.

In Indiana, every employer who has one or more employees, whether full time or part time is required to carry workers compensation insurance. There are some exceptions. 

Missouri's Labor Department's On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program recently noted that Ambassador Steel of Kansas City has earned a spot in the elite Missouri workplace safety program (SHARP).

Steer clear of seatbelts says a Saskatoon Court after a recent ruling that buckling up may actually be more dangerous for bus drivers, according to a report from the Canadian OH&S News. Why?

Chinese-run copper mining companies in Zambia routinely flout labor laws and regulations designed to protect workers' safety and the right to organize, according to the group Human Rights Watch.

New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.
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