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Communicating Post Injury Response Procedures

Communicate the reactive side of workers compensation management, such as post-injury response procedures and a transitional duty program by following simple protocol.     


First Day Phone Call made when the employee returns home, or to the facility, from the medical provider to express concern about their welfare.

Get-Well Cards show your care and interest in the employee's welfare.

Claims Communication Diary to document employee comments, your observations, and overall progress.


Use Weekly Meeting Guidelines when you meet face-to-face with injured employees to ascertain ongoing issues and solutions related to the injury and discuss transitional duty progress.  


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Ten Things Workers Say about Workplace Bullying

If the fear of work involves more than just that towering pile of assignments on your desk, you may not be alone.  Read more about a survey from CareerBuilder.com about this hot topic. 

Subrogation investigations and claims can come from injuries where employers least expect. Do not be so quick to attribute the injury to employee error.

What a pest! These workers comp claims may sound like minor first aid, but in some cases they can really "string" and be serious. How to prevent and handle these more than buggy claims.

Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference. Helps employers avoid the common program pitfalls, the difference between success and failure, and purchase this 200-page step-by-step manual today. Now available with custom company logo.

Encouraging results about the joint effort between businesses, unions, and government, but is it enough? The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Doing more than the bare minimum lowers costs, reduces litigation, prevents fraudulent claims. and gets the proper benefits faster to the honest workers. Here's how.

OSHA has their eye on and recently cited Spincraft in North Billerica for 38 alleged violations of workplace safety.

The Clinton County (New York) District Attorney's office recently announced an arrest associated with workers compensation and insurance fraud.

OSHA recently cited Central Transport International Inc. for 17 safety, including four repeat, violations at one facility. Read on. 

Three men are exposed to asbestos fibers during a demolition according to the HSE. More on the investigation findings and easy steps that would have prevented this.

The killing of a convenience store employee in Saskatchewan this year has spurred the provincial labor federation to support a petition to change regulations for retail employees working alone.

A Scottish laborer broke two ribs after falling off the edge of a temporary staircase after a colleague removed the guardrail.  More from the HSE.

New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.
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