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Account Handling Instructions

Account handling instructions describe how your claims are handled. Every insurance adjuster across the country who handles your claims has your account instructions. Some carriers have special names for their account instructions. But the bottom line is: To work effectively with your TPA or carrier, you must be familiar with your account instructions!


Many companies tailor their account instructions to include company-specific protocol. For example, if you use the Work Ability Form, ask the adjusters to provide a similar form to the doctors treating your employees or insert a link to your Work Ability Form into your account instructions.


F Don't have a copy? Email your broker or your carrier for a copy now. 


View sample pages and learn more about the Account Handling in Chapter 3 in the 2012 Workers Compensation Management Program book to design a workers compensation management program.  


Claims will never be avoided, and since you are the employer, risk manager, claims coordinator, whatever your title may be, you need to know who to reach out to with questions. Personalize your relationship with them and the better and quicker they will work for you.

The industry must address wellness and preventive medicine without prescriptive rights, according to the ACA.  Chiropractors must improve their results by thoroughly questioning the history of the present illness, past medical history, family history and social history. How can chiropractors find their place in conservative primary care? 

Your adjuster wants to make you happy while directing and controlling the claim.   A sharp adjuster welcomes your input and information you provide to assist in managing your claims. You can create a strong working relationship by implementing these seven guidelines.

New hip implants appear to have no advantage over traditional implants, suggests a review of the evidence in a report published the British Medical Journal.  And some evidence shows that new implants may be associated with higher rates of revision surgery. Read on.

Advisen and Amaxx have teamed up to produce this comprehensive but easy to understand desk reference. Avoid common program pitfalls with this lesson plan to cost containment which is the difference between success and failure. New material in 11 chapters! This 183-page step-by-step manual is available with your company logo.
The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Metalico Rochester Inc. for alleged repeat and serious violations of workplace safety standards following the death of an employee at its 50 Portland Ave. recycling facility in Rochester, N.Y.

The purpose of the form is to provide all employees the opportunity to review any and all injuries or illnesses that occurred at their place of work during the previous year. The form (300A) is available on DIR's Web site.  Learn more.

A factory worker in Greater Manchester lost two fingers in a machine used to punch handles in plastic bags, a court has heard, according to a Health and Safety Executive report. The HSE investigates. 

WorkSafeBC spokeswoman Roberta Ellis said employers now have a third option to protect workers that does not include hiring more employees or erecting barriers, according to The Canadian Press. How is WorkSafeBC changing British Columbia's gas-and-dash laws and why? 

There is good and bad news. Alberta employers mitigated inflationary trends through long-term investments in safety and return-to-work programs so that overall injury trends remained stable, leading to positive expectations for 2012.  What is the bad news?
New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.

Don't gamble when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid Compliance!  

Gould & Lamb, LLC gather together some of the industry's most respected leaders and experts to provide attendees with 2 full days of compliance education and training, as well as an exciting look into the future of Medicare/Medicaid Compliance.

RIMS Conference and Exhibition is the largest industry conference. If you are new to workers compensation or experienced there are seminars to teach cost containment techniques to work comp managers at your level.

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