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MESSAGES - Love, Hope and Healing in Spirit
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Hollister Rand is dedicated to providing specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world.  In her monthly newsletters, Messages - Love, Hope and Healing in Spirit, Hollister shares how those we love remain active in our lives while continuing to live beyond what we call "death."
This archive contains past issues of Messages.  We hope that you are encouraged and comforted by the information for connecting with those you love.
For more information about Hollister's work, please visit her website at 
She may also be reached by email at
Thank you for visiting the Messages archive.  May the love that never dies be a comfort to you now and always.
  • Archived Articles
  • In this section you will find articles covering various aspects of spirit communication. Some of these have also been published in magazines, newsletters and e-zines.
  • HOPE - The Key to Living in Changing Times
  • In these times of uncertainty in a world of change, those in Spirit want us, most of all, to have hope.
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