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Welcome!  This is the Winspiration (tm) newsletter archive page for My Wonderful Life Coach(tm) at Valerie Dwyer Group. 
Founded by Serial Entrepreneur,  Coach, Mentor, Author and Inspirational International Motivational Speaker, Valerie Dwyer, these enterprises continue to champion, encourage, inspire people to achieve their true potential, especially through starting and growing their own enterprises.
Award winning Valerie Dwyer has the life experiences to prove her belief that 'Everything is Possible'(tm). From this foundation she has developed a unique and successful approach 'Fast Forward Future'(tm) to personal individual achievement as well as new and established small enterprise, larger enterprise and corporate business development.
Valerie's newsletters are long but informative, highlighting a raft of news and opportunities in one handy location. Readers regularly review and go back to the newsletters so that they do not miss anything and this is the reason for setting up the archive.
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My Wonderful Life Coach (tm) at Valerie Dwyer Group

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