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Welcome to the archive for past issues of the Tame Your Mood Newsletter, a monthly offering of thoughts about managing and overcoming anxiety and depression. 

TYM is published by Marty L. Cooper, MFT, a psychotherapist practicing in San Francisco, focusing on the treatment of depression and anxiety from a mindfulness perpective (see www.mlcooper.com for more information).
  • June 2008: Skillful Dependence: The Courage to Take Support
  • --A discussion of the difference between "skillful" and "unskillful" dependence. "In psychotherapy, I think of the movement towards 'skillful dependence' as largely a matter of making small declarations of one's needs, and then taking the risk of allowing others to support you."
  • May 2008: Learning to Love Conflict
  • --"Who fully and whole-heartedly loves the experience? Not many, in my experience. But I do believe that it's possible to meet conflict as a friend and not an enemy--or at least a tolerable but unwelcome visitor--and that the rewards are great in forging, or refining, this kind of peaceful acceptance of conflict."
  • April 2008: Letting the Universe Answer Questions
  • --Here is a discussion of the difference between real inquiry into an issue, and questions which are actually masked emotions.
  • March 2008: Anxiety and Personality: Where the Roots are Rooted
  • --An article on the personality traits underlying chronic anxiety, and some thoughts on how to organize a plan of "recovery."
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