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February 2016               Vol. 8, Issue 1  


A bit belated, but Happy New Year!  Maybe it's just me, but doesn't 2016 still feel a bit science fiction-ey? 

In this issue of TYM, I'm passing on not an article (next month I'll send thoughts about the relation of faith and depression), but a link to the interview and q&a I did with Psyched in San Francisco.  It's about 40 minutes long, and covers a number of questions that were sent in by Psyched readers.  I hope you enjoy it.
Best wishes,



P.S.  In addition to this webinar, you can find many of my newsletters, and some articles not posted from Tame Your Mood, at the Psyched in SF site, found here.   

"Questions about Depression": 
Webinar interview with Psyched in SF 

Here is the link to my webinar interview and q&a (approx. 40min) with Psyched in SF's Traci Ruble.  We cover the following questions, which were sent in by the readers of this great blog:
  1. Have you noticed a kind of depression that is related to "eco-depression" or the environment?
  2. How do you relate to a depressed friend or family member that is both helpful and unhelpful?
  3. How can I, as a 15-year depression sufferer, take care of myself?
  4. How can I distinguish if what I am feeling is sadness or depression?
Click on the link below to be taken to the free recording.  (You'll need to enter your email, but don't worry, they're the trustworthy type over at Psyched):

My Book is Available:

Anxiety and Depression:  42 Essays on Overcoming the Wild Moods

My book,

Anxiety and Depression:  42 Essays on Overcoming the Wild Moods (2011), is for sale as a paperback or Kindle.


It is a collection of short essays, focusing on the challenge of managing, and ultimately, uprooting depression and anxiety.  You can find a few sample articles here, and can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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About Marty

I am a San Francisco psychotherapist who helps individuals struggling with anxiety and depression to not only manage these  "wild moods," but eventually learn how to overcome them.  I work comprehensively with mental, emotional, bodily, and spiritual dimensions of anxiety and depression, all of which are necessary to overcome the chronic quality of anxiety and depression.

If you are interested in exploring working together in psychotherapy, please contact me at:


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