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September 2014              Vol. 6, Issue 9 

This month, instead of a written article, I'm publishing an audio talk entitled, "Depression and the Fundamentals of Healing."  It's a 38 minute long description of what I see as the fundamentals of working with and uprooting depression.  If you've been reading this newsletter for a while, the points will be familiar, but they are put together pretty concisely...which I'll consider a success as I've been told I can be a bit verbose.  I hope you enjoy it.

As we enter the end of summer, may you all be met with appropriate challenges, and abundant support. 
Best wishes,


Depression and the Fundamentals of Healing

Here is the link to this audio talk, which presents what I see as the barebones essentials to understanding and healing depression. 


Click the icon above to go to the recording.


(You can save a copy to your computer by right clicking on the audio bar--i.e., that shows the progress of the recording--and then clicking "save audio as...") 



My Book is Available:

Anxiety and Depression:  42 Essays on Overcoming the Wild Moods

My book,

Anxiety and Depression:  42 Essays on Overcoming the Wild Moods (2011), is for sale as a paperback or Kindle.


It is a collection of short essays, focusing on the challenge of managing, and ultimately, uprooting depression and anxiety.  You can find a few sample articles here, and can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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About Marty

I am a San Francisco psychotherapist who helps individuals struggling with anxiety and depression to not only manage theseMarty L. Cooper, MFT "wild moods," but eventually learn how to overcome them.  I work comprehensively with mental, emotional, bodily, and spiritual dimensions and anxiety and depression, all of which are necessary to overcome the chronic quality of anxiety and depression.

If you are interested in exploring working together in psychotherapy, please contact me at:


(415) 937-1620,