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  • DCDT Meeting Schedule  (3/29/2012)
  • Details on the DCDT meeting schedule at the upcoming CEC Conference, a save the date for the DCDT Conference in October and a link to the Spring Newsletter.
  • Follow us on Facebook  (2/7/2012)
  • DCDT now has a Facebook and Twitter account!
  • Please Vote!  (1/20/2012)
  • NC-DCDT Spring Conference  (1/16/2012)
  • Details and registration information for the NC-DCDT spring conference.
  • Leadership Opportunities Available  (11/7/2011)
  • DCDT Wants Your Feedback  (10/21/2011)
  • DCDT October News  (10/7/2011)
  • 2011 DCDT Conference-Don't Miss Out  (9/26/2011)
  • Saturday-only registration option available for $50.
  • DCDT Conference Early Bird Registration  (9/16/2011)
  • Early Bird Registration Ends September 23rd!
  • DCDT Conference Scholarships Available  (9/6/2011)
  • The University of Kansas, School of Education and Department of Special Education is sponsoring registration for up to 9 full-time doctoral students to the DCDT Conference.
  • DCDT International Conference in Kansas City!  (8/3/2011)
  • This blast highlights available excursions at the 2011 DCDT Conference in Kansas City.
  • DCDT July News  (7/25/2011)
  • This blast covers details of the 2011 DCDT conference in Kansas City
  • DCDT Board Opportunities  (6/7/2011)
  • This blast details the open DCDT board positions for 2011.
  • June DCDT Blast  (6/6/2011)
  • This blast details the awards nominations.
  • May 2011 Email Blast  (5/11/2011)
  • This blast provided information on NSTTAC's updated evidence based practices, VECAP Educational Series and a conference announcement.
  • Copy of DCDT Call for Proposals!  (5/4/2011)
  • The blast provided information on the DCDT Call for Proposals for the October Conference.
  • DCDT Call for Proposals!  (4/13/2011)
  • This blast provided information on the DCDT Call for Proposals and the DCDT meetings at the CEC Conference in April.
  • March 2011 Email Blast  (3/24/2011)
  • The blast provided information on the changes proposed to the constitution, the Pat Sitlington Research Award, DCDT October Conference Announcement, PALS/GALS Government Relations and the Transcen Webinar.
  • September 2010 Email Blast  (9/15/2010)
  • This blast provided information on the October conference, available position on the DCDT board, and information about the Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Strand at the DCDT conference, and an announcement about an opportunity to host the DCDT conference.
  • August 2010 Email Blast  (8/19/2010)
  • This email blast shared registration, hotel, and travel information about the Mystic Conference and provided information about DCDT's new facebook page.
  • 2010 DCDT Conference  (6/29/2010)
  • This blast contained information on the upcoming DCDT conference in Mystic Connecticut.
  • DCDT Events Schedule at CEC in Nashville  (4/7/2010)
  • This blast provides a listing of all of the DCDT events to be held during the CEC Conference in Nashville.
  • Election March 2010 Email Blast  (3/15/2010)
  • This blast contains instructions on how to vote in the 2010 DCDT election, candidate information, and an announcement that the Spring DCDT Newsletter is now available to members.
  • February 22 2010 Email Blast  (2/22/2010)
  • This blast contains information about the upcoming DCDT awards, elections, updates from NSTTAC, and info about the NC Transition Conference.
  • February 5 2010 Email Blast  (2/5/2010)
  • This blast contains information about upcoming state and regional transition conferences, webinars, and a free NLTS2 training opportunity.
  • December 2009 Email Blast  (12/4/2009)
  • This blast contains a list of new books related to transition, upcoming state transition conference and webinar information, updates from our Youth and Parent Representatives and information from NSTTAC.
  • RFP for 2011 DCDT Conference  (11/16/2009)
  • This blast contains information about Letters of Interest to host the 2011 DCDT conference, information about the Texas Transition conference, and DCDT Awards and Open Positions.
  • Deadline Extended Email Blast  (9/29/2009)
  • This blast provided updated early bird conference registration information.
  • Special Events Announcements  (9/9/2009)
  • This blast shared information on some of the special events that will happen at DCDT..
  • September 2009 Conference announcements  (8/31/2009)
  • This blast includes information about the 2009 DCDT conference including registration, hotel info, special events, a preconference workshop, and the conference schedule.
  • August Email Blast  (8/3/2009)
  • This blast contains information about the Pat Sitlington Research Award, the Savannah Riverboat Cruise, the DCDT Cookbook, NSTTAC Updates, and new health related transition materials.
  • Preconference Workshop Announcement  (7/29/2009)
  • This blast provided registration information for the DCDT preconference workshop on Summary of Performance.
  • May Email Blast  (5/29/2009)
  • This blast provided information about the DCDT Award Winners, Updates from National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC), information on the IDEA Partnership's National Community of Practice (CoP) New Tools and Opportunities, an article by Student Representative, Paul Vogel, and information on a new Partnership Users Guide to the NSTTAC Evidence-based Collection on Secondary Transition.
  • April Special Announcement 3  (4/23/2009)
  • This blast provided information about the NLTS2 Database Training Seminar, The George Washington University Graduate Transition Special Education Certificate Distance Education Program, and TransCen's new webinar series, The Way to Work.
  • April Special Announcement 2  (4/20/2009)
  • This blast provided a reminder to submit presentation proposals for the DCDT Conference in Savannah, October 29-31, 2009.
  • April Special Announcement 1  (4/16/2009)
  • This blast provided information on submitting to submit topics to the Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR) for recommendations on future disability research topics.
  • DCDT Events @CEC Blast-March 2009  (3/27/2009)
  • This blast contains information about DCDT Events and Sessions at the 2009 CEC Conference including the DCDT Morning Coffee Opener, the DCDT Award Presentations, the DCDT General Business Meeting, the DCDT President's Reception, and the DCDT AWARD WINNERS SHOWCASE.
  • February Email Blast  (2/18/2009)
  • This blast contains info on elections, the 2009 DCDT conference, the DCDT Events at CEC, Parent Info, and Governmental Relations Committee Updates
  • December Email Blast  (12/5/2008)
  • This blast provide information about the call for proposals for the upcoming 2009 DCDT Conference, and two other upcoming Transition Events.
  • November Email Blast  (11/6/2008)
  • This Blast provides information about the nominations for Elections and Awards and registration information on the NLTS2 training.
  • October Blast Final  (10/6/2008)
  • This Blast includes information about the upcoming NLTS2 Training, Legislative updates, profiles of new DCDT Board Members, and much more.
  • September Blast Brewing Best Practices  (9/11/2008)
  • Updates about registering for the Milwaukee Brewing Best Practices Conference including hotel reservations and rates.
  • Brewing Best Practices- Special Edition Blast  (7/16/2008)
  • This blast lists all the information about registering for our upcoming October Conference in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • June Blast   (5/27/2008)
  • This blast contains info on scholarships, the DCDT newsletter, our journal (CDEI) and regional updates.
  • March Blast  (3/24/2008)
  • This blast lists info on our constitution updates, membership drive and regional updates.

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