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JUNE 2008
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NLTS2 Training Seminar Cancelled
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The NLTS2 Data Training Seminar originally scheduled for June 24 - 26 has been canceled because of an insufficient number of applicants.  This IES all-expense paid seminar was designed for 30 participants and only about half that number had applied.  Training in the use of NLTS2 raw data is essential to be able to conduct rigorous analysis.  If you were one of the applicants or are interested in a future training, please contact NLTS2 through their website at www.nlts2.org/contact us so that interest in learning how to use NLTS2 data can be gathered and provided to the National Center for Special Education Research at IES.
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New Transition Resource for Parents

After the School Bus Stops Coming... It's Not As Scary As You Fear! Entitlements to Eligibilities-for Young Adults with Disabilities - Elucidated and Explained

This comprehensive article (PDF) was written by a parent who was overwhelmed by all of the different services and systems she faced as her son approached the transition from school to adult life. It provides an overview of adult services, descriptions of various employment and housing options in Maryland, and has many valuable resources linked throughout. This article is a wonderful resource for parents and professionals alike.

Greetings once again from your friends at DCDT. We have lots of updates for you this month. Please take a moment to read the
latest updates on conferences, practices, and resources in our new and improved DCDT Email Blast and share them with a friend or colleague.

Thanks for reading and have a great Summer!!!

DCDT Regional Conference in Milwaukee in October

Join us on October 16-17, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for "Brewing Best Practices in Transition".  This two-day event will features sessions on writing transition IEP's, Indicator 13, effective transition curriculum, self-determination, transition assessment and many more topics. 

Contact Dr. Cindi Nixon at cnixon@fmarion.edu or Dr. Tom Holub at tholub@edgewood.edu for more information or click here to download a copy of the  DCDT Conference Registration Form.

See you in Milwaukee!!

New Scholarship Funds Available
The Joshua O'Neill and Zeshan Tabani Enrichment Fund offers financial assistance to young adults with Down syndrome who wish to continue to enrich their lives by enrolling in postsecondary programs or taking enrichment classes that will help them to enrich life through employment, independent living skills, life skills or another way.  Up to five (5) grants of up to $1000 are awarded annually.  The deadline for the 2008 applications is July 18, 2008.  This fund is administered by the National Down Syndrome Society.  Please contact Erin Geller with any questions.

The April DCDT Network Newsletter is now ONLINE!
The DCDT Network Newsletter is now available in a PDF format. The decision to publish electronic newsletters was made after careful consideration of the needs of our members and our organization's resources. The content of the newsletter continues to include timely matters in need of members' attention, news clips from our organization's regional divisions, and other items of interest. If a member does not have regular access to the internet and PDF documents, please contact Past President, Kris Webb (see address and telephone number below) and add your name to the print version mailing list. This option is a courtesy made available to members who prefer the traditional newsletter format.

Kristine Wiest Webb, Ph.D.
Associate Professor: COEHS
Director: Disability Resource Center
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL  32224

Spotlight on the Southeast Region
sunny road imageSubmitted by Kathe Wittig,
Southeast Regional Representative
FLORIDA: Florida DCDT in collaboration with the Florida Special Needs Association (a division of Florida Association for Career and Technical Educators) just hosted the 15th annual state conference, VISIONS XV, Open the Gate to Opportunity, at the Radisson WorldGate Resort in Kissimmee, FL. The keynote speaker was Randy Snow, a Fortune 500 speaker and one of the most successful gold medal wheelchair athletes in history. FSNA and DCDT presented awards to outstanding programs, professionals, and students at the Awards Luncheon.  The DCDT Award winners were:
Outstanding Educator
Ms. Theresa Morosco
Ida S. Baker High School
Cape Coral, FL
Outstanding Business Partner
Mr. Henry Falcon
Sweetbay Supermarkets
Plant City, FL
Outstanding Student
Mr. Rodney McFadden
Atlantic Technical Center
Coconut Creek, FL
Transition Champion
Mr. Patrick Mulvihill
The Transition Center at the University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
"Dreams Can Come True" Memorial Award
Debra Husted
 Outstanding Student
Mr. William "Drew" Davis
Newsome High School
Lithia, FL

President Marcia Boone reminded all DCDT members to save the dates October  29-31, 2009 for the 2009 DCDT International Conference in Savannah.

President Scott Gaines reported that:
ˇ    In March 2007 Membership was 48 members.  As of January 2008 Membership is at 54 members.
ˇ    A transition coordinators meeting was held in November, 2007 to cover new areas of the New IDEA.  Over 100 transition coordinators attended.
ˇ    A DCDT Pre-conferece was held a day before our CEC state conference.  We had over 125 in attendance.
President Joan Lovegren-O'Brien reported that the Virginia DCDT chapter continues to be a strong voice in transition across the state and nationally.  It has grown almost 10% this year and includes a diverse group of individuals, including: parents, teachers, administrators, university personnel, service agencies, VA Department of Education, VA Department of Rehabilitative Services, university students, VACTE-SND members and others.  Many VADCDT members attended and presented at the International DCDT Conference in Orlando in October.  We have been a productive chapter this year, as indicated in some of our 2007 - 2008 activities/goals:

1. Assisting our members in professional development activities through scholarships
2.Expanding and utilizing the mentorship program for new transition personnel throughout the state
3.Hosting our annual Summer Institute (July 31 - August 1, 2008) ~ Connect 4 Success
4.Developing our new website:  www.vadcdt.org
5.Attending, presenting and supporting the Virginia Transition Forum in March 2008
6. Partnering with VACTE-SND at the Transition Forum for the VACTE-SND ~ VA DCDT Social

We would also like to introduce our well-deserved state award winners who were presented plaques at the Transition Forum in March:
Employer of the Year
Christiansburg Wal-Mart, Brian Tickle, Manager
Leader of the Year
Beth Somers, Department of Rehabilitative Services
Practitioner of the Year
Cheri Greenfield, High School Teacher, Rockingham County
Student of the Year
Jocelyn Beckler, Turner Ashby High School

For more information about any of our programs or initiatives, please contact Joan Lovegren-O'Brien.

DCDT Government Relations Committee Seeks Input
The DCDT Government Relations Committee Seeks Your Input and Comments on NCLB Regulations

As you know, the Department of Education released new proposed regulations on No Child Left Behind (see CEC Policy Insider 05-09-08 to read talking points for public comment). The Government Relations Committee is drafting its response and recommendations about these proposed regulations  to further inform  DCDT's Executive Board and CEC's Policy Director. Of special interest to DCDT government relations committee members are the proposed regulations regarding graduation rates and how NCLB and requirements may be aligned with IDEA's indicator 14 postschool outcome requirements. Please send your suggestions, recommendations, and/or questions regarding the proposed regulations to Donna Martinez, DCDT's Government Relations Committee Chair.

You are also encouraged to submit your own comments to the proposed NCLB regulations. Deadline for submitting comments is June 23, 2008. Submit your comments through Federal eRulemaking Portal  or via postal mail, commercial delivery, or hand delivery. The Department will not accept comments by fax or by e-mail. In addition, please include the Docket ID ED-2008-OESE-0003-0001 at the top of your comments.

To learn more about submitting your comments electronically go to http://www.regulations.gov. If you mail or deliver your comments about these proposed regulations, address them to Zollie Stevenson, Jr. | U.S. Department of Education, 400, | Maryland Avenue, SW., room 3W230, Washington, DC 20202-6132.
We invite you to share those comments with the Government Relations Committee as well. To learn more about policy and legislative issues, how they affect you, your school, and your students, and help guide DCDT's advocacy on your behalf join the CEC_DCDT Government Relations Committee group at:  CEC_DCDT-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Job Development and Job Placement Certificate Program
TransCen, Inc., in conjunction with the University of Maryland (UMD), is proud to offer a certificate in Job Development and Job Placement.

This unique one-year, four-course (12 credits) program will be offered online via UMD's website, and will feature nationally recognized instructors delivering dynamic content filled with the latest in best practices. The program is designed for professionals who work in community rehabilitation programs.
A limited number of full tuition awards are still available for those individuals who meet the eligibility requirements.
Click here for more information.

compter keyboard imageCDEI Goes ONLINE
The Hammill Institute on Disabilities and SAGE team up with DCDT to provide a new home for CDEI e-content.
Career Development for Exceptional Individuals (CDEI) is now available on the SAGE Journals Online (SJO) platform at http://cdei.sagepub.com.
As one of the many benefits of membership in DCDT, you are able to access the electronic version of the CDEI online. If you have not previously activated your account, please follow the steps below.
1. Go to the CDEI site at http://cdei.sagepub.com.
2. For first time user, click on the "Journals Online" tab then click on "Activations/Acct Mgr" link on the left side of the page.
3. On the resulting page, click on the activation link "Activate Your Editor/Society Member Subscription"
4. You will be prompted to enter your Member Number and select your society (DCDT) from a pull down menu.
5. After you enter your Member Number, select your society, and click "Submit," just follow the simple instructions on the screen. On the "Instructions" page, be sure to check your personal data, enter a username, and password, and click submit to confirm the activation. Do not click the Journal Title link until the confirmation process has been completed.
6.Once complete, return to the electronic journal homepage and select the journal cover for access to the current issue or click "Current Issue."
7. To select an issue from the archive, click "Select an Issue from the Archive," located in the middle of the screen
8. To search for articles, either click "Search for Articles" or use the quick search located at the bottom of the screen.
To activate your account, you will create a username and password to use when returning to the site. If you forget your username or password, go to the "subscriptions" link on the left side of the page and look for the link "What to do if you forget your User Name and/or Password." You will be asked to provide some information about yourself. Upon confirmation of the information, the username of password will be emailed to you. If you require technical assistance, please contact the SAGE Journals Online technical assistance located on the top of the web page under "contact us."

DCDT Honors Award Winners and Past Officers
shaking hands imageAt the close of DCDT's annual meeting held during the CEC convention in Boston, a host of transition professionals were recognized and celebrated for their work with individuals with disabilities and DCDT.

Read what their nominators said about our amazing award winners by reading about the event in the next newsletter or on the DCDT website.

DCDT Award winners included:

Iva Dean Cook Teacher of the Year Award
LaRon Scott of Virginia
(Iva Dean Cook received Mr. Scott's nomination packet, and sent a congratulatory message that was shared during the ceremony)  

Employer of the Year Award (Large Employer Category)
Philip Kosak of North Carolina

Employer of the Year Award (Small Employer Category)
Positive Vibe Café of Virgina

Marc Gold Innovative Practices in Transition Award
Sharon Slover of Illinois

Donn Brolin Award
State/Province Leadership & Services
Donna Mundy of Florida

Patricia L. Sitlington Research in Transition Award
Debra Neubert of Maryland

Oliver P. Kolstoe Award
Margo Izzo of Ohio

The following officers were recognized for their enormous contributions to DCDT, and each officer was presented a plaque in appreciation for completed service. Officers who were acknowledged included:

Colleen A. Thoma, President 2007-2008

Jane Williams, Treasurer

Dan Dalun Zhang, SE Representative

Christy Bartholomew, Student Representative

Amy Pleet, Parent Representative

Audrey Trainor, Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Chair

Robert Loyd, Publications Chair
DCDT values every member and is continually trying to determine additional activities and resources that can benefit our membership. Please let us know if you have suggestions for activities, publications, or member support strategies by emailing us at dcdtmembership@yahoo.com. 

Warm Regards,

 DCDT logo
Meg Grigal, Marketing Chair