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DCDT Conference in Mystic, Connecticut
Welcome to Historic MysticTransition in the  21st Century  
October 14-16, 2010 
at the
  Mystic Marriott Hotel
Earlybird rate EXTENDED through September 24!!! 
LeDerick Horne
    This three day event will feature keynote 
    speaker, LeDerickHorne, nationally 
motivational speaker, poet,
    and advocate for
people with disabilities. 
 Top Ten Reasons to Come to Mystic:  
  • An outstanding program!
  • The  chance to network with outstanding colleagues 
  • Visit the Navy sub base and tour the USS Nautilus (the first nuclear powered submarine and the first to complete a trip under the North Pole) 
  • See New England in during "leaf season"
  • Close to Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport  
  • Visit the Mystic Seaport and learn about the American whaling industry 
  • Visit New London and see Fort Trumbull state park (captured by Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War and later the home of sonar development), Ocean Beach Park and the US Coast Guard Academy 
  • Close proximity to two casinos 
  • Too many great restaurants to list!
  • Visit several beautiful New England shoreline towns (Stonington, Mystic, New London)
Mystic Sailboats 
Early Bird Registration will be available through September 24,
at the following rates:
     For CEC members is $209.12.
     For non-members is $250.33
     For student/parent is $157.51
     For Thursday or Friday is $157.51
     For Saturday is $79.53
Additional registration information can be found here. 
Conference registration includes breakfast on all three days and lunch on Thursday and Friday. We invite you to join us at the welcome reception, which will be hosted by DCDT, on Thursday evening.

Thursday and Friday sessions begin at 8:30 am and go through 4:00 pm. Saturday sessions run from 8:15 am and conclude at 12:00 noon.
Reserve your room today at the Mystic Marriott by calling 1-860-446-2600. Be sure to mention the Group Code: DCDT to get the conference rate! Hotel reservations must be made by September 14 to get the $149.00 room rate.
Making travel plans?
Looking for travel information from airport in Providence, RI to Mystic Marriott? Email Nicholas.gelbar@uconn.edu to reserve your van transportation to the conference!
Click here for more conference information
Pizza Pie


Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Strand
 at DCDT Conference 
DiversityThe Human Rights and Cultural Diversity is presenting its first DCDT strand, which we designed to capture your voice, for we are each experts in our own right.
Come join us for a Community Conversation dedicated to better understanding diversity  and transition.
Chauncey Goff opens the strand's four sessions with, Diversity and Transition: The Nature of the Discourse. During this session, he will openly engage you in a discussion about the meaning of diversity, for as Vincent Harper,a HRCD member said, the term diversity may have come to mean everything and nothing and an open and honest dialogue centered on diversity and other alike terms and concepts might better enable the HRCD to promote a future with a clear understanding of what it means to be diverse. Dawn Rowe and Sara Johnston-Rodriguez next will present Diversity and Transition: A Review of Current Practice. Together, they will provide a better understanding of diversity and transition through exploring research-based practices we each might use in our quests to promote transition success. Next, Sara Johnston-Rodriguez will present Critical Issues in Transition Planning: Hearing the Students' Voice. During her session, Sara will allow us to hear the student and parent voice, where we will hear them share barriers and advantages to successful transitions.
Finally, after you have been oriented, provided some basic instruction about research-basedpractices, and heard the student speak of their transition experience, you will experience Audrey Trainor and Marsha Dempsey's Community Conversation. During this conversation, which extends through lunch, you will have the opportunity to share your voice and explore, "How we open access to excellent transition education and opportunity to all students?
As DCDT's Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Committee, I extend a sincere invitation and welcome to all. I invite and welcome you to come and share with us in this our first DCDT strand. Bring your voice, experience, and understanding for you will be a part of a Community Conversation about Transition in the 21st Century.

Chauncey Goff

Community Conversation on Diversity at DCDT Conference
Tired of hearing about achievement gaps and poor outcomes based Diversity Puzzleon racial/ethnic, gender, and other diversity signifiers? Want to do something about it?
Join us for a real conversation about discrimination, transition, and what we can do about it. This extended session begins with a shared box lunch and informal conversation.  We will come together to answer one of the most pressing and difficult questions of our time, How do we open access to excellent transition education and opportunity to all students? Participants will leave this session with inspiration and hope, a group-generated list of strategies, and a network of allies who are committed to equity. Look for this  community conversation session in the program for Friday, boxed lunch and 1-2:30 session "Community Conversation on Diversity."

Leadership Opportunities Available!
Positions Open for the International DCDT Board

DCDT needs your leadership, creativity and experience!  The board has
three elected positions open for the coming year, which commences
July 1st, 2011.  We would like our members to be thinking about  excellent candidates to recommend or nominate for the following positions: 
1. Vice President The Vice President serves as President - Elect in the
event of resignation or absence or inability to serve as the President -
Elect and performs other responsibilities as designated by the President, particularly chairing the Membership Recruitment committee or serving as chair of the Conference Planning Committee. The person elected as Vice-President serves a four-year term. The first year, the electedofficer will serve as Vice-President, and subsequent years as
President-Elect, President, and finally as Past-President.
2. Regional Sub-Division Development Coordinators
Regional Representatives for:
  • Southeast Region (Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico)
  • Southwest Region (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Guam, Mexico) 
These Coordinators shall serve as a liaison to Board officers, the Sub-division officers within their region, and other professionals that share in the delivery of career information to exceptional individuals. They will assist in the recruitment of new members through conversations, presentations, social functions at conferences, and in their own state and regional transition events and conferences.  They will assist on a regional basis with the initiation and maintenance of subdivisions acting as a liaison between state sub-divisions and the national DCDT Board.
The positions above are elected by the general membership. If you would like to nominate someone, or are interested in finding out more about the position, you may email Dale Matusevich, immediate past president, at dmatusevich@doe.k12.de.us. Dale will also be available during our DCDT Regional Conference in Mystic to meet you and tell you more about DCDT board functions and responsibilities. 
Nomination Process
The DCDT Nominating Committee will accept the nomination of any member in good standing with the association, including self-nominations.   All nominations must be accompanied by a short biography of the nominee, five letters of nomination for the nominee from DCDT members in good standing, and written consent from the nominee to serve if elected.   Self-nominations must be accompanied by five letters of nomination from other DCDT members and the self-nomination letter must include a statement of the person's willingness to serve if elected.   To be eligible for consideration, nominations must be received by December 10, 2010.  Nominations can be mailed or e-mailed to:

Dale Matusevich
Education Associate, Secondary and Transition Services
Delaware Department of Education
401 Federal St., Suite 2
Dover, DE 19901-3639

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The mission of DCDT is to promote national and international efforts to improve the quality of and access to, career/vocational and transition services, increase the participation of education in career development and transition goals and to influence policies affecting career development and transition services for persons with disabilities.
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Make sure to check the DCDT Facebook page for ride share opportunities when  traveling to the conference.

The Division on Career Development and Transition Opportunity to Host the  
2012 DCDT REGIONAL Conference
DCDT logo
DCDT is soliciting letters of intent to host
 the 2012 DCDT REGIONAL Conference! 
Are you interested in showcasing your state? Would you like to increase your DCDT State Chapter membership?
Do you want to earn extra funding to support your DCDT State Chapter? Then this is the time!!!
Letters should include your intent to submit a full proposal to DCDT for the conference hosting. Please include the following information in your letter:

1.   City hosting the conference.
2.   Name of 2-3 hotels with enough capacity for 400 sleeping rooms  
      and the conference room rate.
3.   Hotels must include enough conference space (either in the hotel in
      or in conference center) for 15 break out sessions (minimum), a
      grand ballroom (for meals/keynote) and space for exhibitors.
4.   DCDT conference is typically the 2nd or 3rd week in October.
      Please confirm these dates are available.
5.   Names of those on conference planning committee.

Please send the letter of intent to the DCDT Board Members, care of Mary Morningstar mmorningstar@ku.edu by October 10, 2010.

DCDT values every member and is continually trying to determine additional activities and resources that can benefit our membership. Please let us know if you have suggestions for activities, publications, or member support strategies by emailing us at dcdtmembership@yahoo.com
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Linda Maitrejean, Marketing Chair