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Robert Hayes-McCoy
Robert Hayes-McCoy

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  • September 2010 edition
  • Articles include:
    How important it is for you to edit from the top.
    What makes a great leader?
    Charity Appeal Letters
  • Golds Galore Edition
  • My copywriting was used in a huge number of gold award winners
  • Summer 2010 edition
  • This ediiton contains a free Ebook gift titled: Great Poetry for Great Events.
  • Spring 2010
  • Articles:
    What makes a good email subject line and what makes a bad one?
    A dozen deadly guidelines for writing effective online communications
  • Happy New Year Issue 2010
  • Articles:
    Keep Calm and Carry on
    Six Proofreading tips to help you catch those 'HORRABLE' mistakes
  • June 2010 edition
  • Special Bear Edition Summer 2009
  • Articles:
    "Copywriter fed to the bears for failing to communicate with 20% of readers."
  • Summer 2009 edition
  • Articles:
    3 tips on how to get your emails read
    Harness the power of Free Google Alerts
  • Spring 2009 edition
  • Articles:
    What to do with your hands when giving a speech
    Are you still using full stops in your headlines?
    The real truth about Charley Haughey's (Former Irish Prime Minister) millons - where the money came from.
  • Christmas 2008 edition
  • Articles:
    New ebook on Persuasive speeches - how you can write them
  • Nov 2008 edition
  • Articles:
    Read the entire first chapter of my book, titled: Persuasive Direct Marketing - what you say and how you write it.
  • Autumn 2008
  • Articles:
    Follow the kids to school - when to mail?
    A short lesson in creativity - you can be creative
  • Summer 2008
  • Articles:
    Giving a speech and coping with nerves
    Mosquitos in Ireland
  • Spring 2008
  • Articles:
    How do professional fundraisers ask for money?
    Can people read what you write - 40% of people in Ireland have difficulty reading
  • Christmas 2007
  • Articles:
    Raising the bar in digital marketing
    Grammer without grief
  • Autumn 2007
  • Articles:
    You should always aim for a consistently high number of 'YOUs' in your marketing letters
  • Summer 2007
  • Articles
    A hidden jewel of information for direct marketers in Ireland.
    These are chatty times for copywriters
  • Spring 2007
  • Articles
    The award winning 'mini cup of coffee' campaign
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