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  • 2015
  • Five Clarifications on the Criteria and Benchmarks for Ending Veteran Homelessness   (12/17/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Police Foot Patrol in Portland Engages Youth on the Street, Reduces Crime, Builds Partnerships
    -- First Lady and Dr. Biden Congratulate Philadelphia for Ending Veteran Homelessness
    -- Council Convenes Last Meeting of 2015, Discusses Family Homelessness

  • First Lady Michelle Obama releases Video Encouraging Landlords to Help End Veteran Homelessness  (11/5/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Aligning Hearts, Heads, and Budgets to End Chronic Homelessness in 2017
    -- Council Confronts Racial Disparities, Including Criminal Justice Involvement and Native American Homelessness
    -- New Opportunity: Program Support for State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships

  • Where Does Your Community Stand on Ending Veteran Homelessness?  (10/20/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Join us for these upcoming webinars
    -- Celebrate #PurpleThursday with these
    -- Five Resources on Domestic Violence
    -- A Movement is Building to End Youth Homelessness.

  • To End Family Homelessness, We Must Address Domestic Violence  (10/7/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Meet our New Regional Coordinator, Joe Savage
    -- Highlights of Our Webinar on HUD FY 2015 CoC Program Competition
    -- Ending Veteran Homelessness Criteria and Benchmarks
    -- Don't Miss the Nov. 13 Deadline for HUD's Extraordinary Administrative Fees Initiative

  • Special Alert from USICH: Further Guidance on What it Means to End Veteran Homelessness  (10/2/2015)
  • The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Veterans Affairs have adopted a vision of what it means to end all homelessness and specific criteria and benchmarks for ending Veteran homelessness in order to help guide communities as they take action to achieve the goal.

    Together, these criteria and benchmarks are intended to help to define the vision of ending Veteran homelessness within communities and to help align local efforts in support of that vision, with a focus on long-term, lasting solutions.

  • New Guidance: Ending Youth Homelessness through a Coordinated Community Response  (9/22/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Register for USICH webinar on FY 2015 CoC Competition on September 29
    -- In Ending Homelessness, We Leave No-one Behind - Deputy Director Richard Cho reflects on the national commitment to end chronic homelessness and why that commitment matters
    -- Show Me Collaboration! How Missouri Works Together to End Homelessness

  • Watch Live: Briefing on State of Homelessness in America  (9/10/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Connecting People to Employment, 6 Resources to Know
    -- Strategies to Link People to SSI/SSDI Benefits
    -- Coordinated Services in Philadelphia Help Veterans Get Back on Their Feet

  • Take Local Action to Break the Cycle of Incarceration and Homelessness Among Veterans  (8/26/2015)
  • Also in this issue:
    -- Webinar recording on non-time-limited housing for youth is now available
    -- A look at a project out of San Diego focused on housing for people who are experiencing chronic homelessness and frequent users of public systems and resources
    -- Read what it's like to be an intern with us, and apply for an intership!

  • Criminalizing Homelessness is not the Solution  (8/11/2015)
  • DOJ releases statement of interest regarding communities making it a crime to sleep in public places and USICH releases framework for developing local action plans to link people living in encampments with permanent supportive housing.
    Also in this newsletter: Linking employment and housing to prevent and end homelessness; 12 ways you can fund rapid re-housing; and July Council meeting update

  • USICH and Federal partners release new guidance on SSI/SSDI benefits for people experiencing homelessness.  (7/14/2015)
  • Also in this newsletter: HUD study shows access to affordable housing can end family homelessness; Medicaid services can support housing stability; and a closer look at Opening Doors: Spotlight on Data

  • USICH Releases Opening Doors, as Amended in 2015  (6/22/2015)
  • On the five year anniversary of the launch of the first comprehensive Federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness, USICH is pleased to release Opening Doors, as amended in 2015.

  • All In to End Homelessness for All Americans  (6/5/2015)
  • The All In City Swing to End Veteran Homelessness brought together HUD Secretary Julián Castro, VA Secretary Robert McDonald, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and USICH Executive Director, Matthew Doherty to talk with local leaders and community partners in Houston, Tucson, and Las Vegas. The Administration stands together to work towards ending homelessness not only for Veterans, but for all Americans.

  • CoC Suite of Resources for Competition  (5/12/2015)
  • USICH and our partner Federal agencies know how hard communities, and their Continuums of Care, are working to build the most effective and efficient systems for ending homelessness and to use Federal resources in support of the strongest practices and strategies.

  • Harnessing Medicaid to Help Solve Homelessness  (5/8/2015)
  • While the data is limited on the specific number of people experiencing homelessness who have gained coverage, we have numerous reports that enrollment in Medicaid and other types of health insurance among people experiencing homelessness has grown significantly. With so many people now able to access health care coverage, the results are in: the Affordable Care Act is working.

  • Council Appoints New Executive Director; Council Update  (4/16/2015)
  • Matthew Doherty is appointed Executive Director of USICH by Council; USICH holds its first meeting of 2015, here's an update.

  • Ending Homelessness Happens Locally  (4/2/2015)
  • Across the country, heroic efforts are underway to end homelessness - for Veterans, for people experiencing chronic homelessness, for families with children, for youth. Providers, people experiencing homelessness, faith communities, businesses, and all levels of government are collaborating to ensure everyone has a safe, stable place to call home.

  • Innovations in Ending Family and Youth Homelessness  (3/5/2015)
  • "We must never accept homelessness as a part of American life." - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro speaks at the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness. There, he announced new HUD guidance on providing services for transgender persons in single-sex facilities, as well as a partnership with True Colors Fund to prevent and end LGBTQ youth homelessness.

  • With 11 Months Remaining, the Goal to End Veteran Homelessness is in Reach  (1/30/2015)
  • Just a few weeks ago, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced the city had effectively ended Veteran homelessness, becoming the first major U.S. city to achieve the goal and doing it a full year ahead of schedule.

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