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January, 2011 
The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you,
Whose presence calls forth your best. ~Epictetus

Greetings to YOU and a Warm New Year's Welcome to our new Subscribers!

Did you know that 90% of people fail at their new year's resolutions within the first 30 days?  We make goals that aren't clear enough, we fail to write our resolutions down on paper, we procrastinate, lose focus, or try to go it alone.  Often we place too much emphasis on the negatives,  not positives or just aren't sure how to map out a realistic plan to deal with those inevitable obstacles.   

So will you be among the 10% who actually succeed at achieving your goals and dreams this year?  I encourage you to dream big and don't settle for less.  In working with my private clients, one of the biggest success factors is having an inspiring accountability system in place.

Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching is committed to helping you take ACTION in your life, because nothing will happen if you don't get moving and take that first step.  My passion and mission is to provide inspiration, motivation, practical how-to's, synergy, and accountability to those who are ready to not only make changes, but who want to refine and sustain those changes for that you don't find yourself starting from the same place next year.  You deserve to be healthy, happy, and enjoy your family and friends... to have a life that inspires others and yourself. 

So excited to offer my 9-Step "Synergy Career Success Blueprint" Teleseries with you in March. This is an empowering inner-to-outer approach combining authenticity with purposeful action for career fulfillment, and a great way to move forward in work and life with more clarity, confidence, and creativity.

I'm going to step up with generosity and grace this year, and I'd love for you to come with me.   

Here's to stepping up together in 2011!



Upcoming Events


January 2011
12 "Synergy Success Circle" Lunch Meeting 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at McAlister's Deli.

13 "Synergy Success Circle" Dinner Meeting 5:30p.m. -7:00 p.m. at McAlister's Deli.

14 "Synergy Career Success Blueprint" 
Retreat for RMH 
Marketing Staff  

27 Dynamic Balance Consulting Invites you to enjoy "The Restorative Power of Relaxation"~ a complimentary event from 6-7p.m. at JMU.  Contact Marsha Mays Bernard to register.  
Self Care Affirmation:
"I take loving actions to help create a spirit of community around me." 


Is the "Synergy Success Circle" For YOU?
If you want to... 
*Enjoy Increased Energy, Confidence, and Self-awareness.
*Discover and use your Strengths in new ways. 
*Receive Tips to Working Smarter not Harder.
*Feel a Renewed sense of Clarity and Purpose.
Then the "Synergy Success Circle" has been created just for YOU! 
Great Quotes!

The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is

created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.~Michael E. Gerber


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." ~Walter Goethe


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

~Peter Drucker


When we step forward with the courage to take a risk and the faith to move mountains, miracles happen. ~The Spirit of Hanukkah


You are Important


If each grain of sand were to say: One grain of sand does not make a mountain, There would be no land.


If each drop of water were to say: One drop does not make an ocean, There would be no sea.


If each note of music were to say: Each note does not make a symphony, There would be no melody.


If each word were to say: One word does not make a library,

There would be no books.


If each brick were to say: One brick does not make a wall,

There would be no house.


If each seed were to say: One seed does not make a field,

There would be no harvest.


If each of us were to say: One person does not make the difference,
There would never be love and peace on earth.


You and I do make the difference.
Begin today and make the difference.

~ author unknown



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 Better Together

  by Christina Kunkle, CTA Certified Coach, R.N.


"I can't take this pressure anymore.  Something has to give before I collapse!" cried my overwhelmed client tearfully, holding up a to-do list that filled up the entire legal pad.  "There's so much screaming out for my time and energy that I don't know where to start and the worst part is I'm on my own getting it done."


Can you relate to the struggle of going it alone?  I know I can.  Today's women are busy juggling career and family, focused on trying to take care of everything, and we're often left confused and out of sorts in our personal and professional lives.  2010 is over, but imagine what it would be like to have a healthy circle of support in 2011 with the days of doing it all yourself behind you...where our fierce independence was transformed into the energy of partnership, friendship, & facing challenges together?

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"Synergy Career Success" Quick Tips

Put 2010 in its place - Let go of the past to make room for something New and Exciting!  Celebrate your successes, accept the disappointments, and Move forward into 2011 with the positive expectation that no matter what happened last year, this will be a New YOU Year.


Know Who you want to BE while you DO what you do

So what does the New YOU want to be like?  Tap into your core values and remember what gifts you bring through your work.  There's an impact you are meant to make in this world, which requires care and nurturing because it represents people.  Instead of pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion, be in service to others by setting boundaries and leaning inward for guidance.


Create Space  - Clean up your desk and work areas,file papers and old projects for safe keeping.  Take a look around...Does this space have a focal point that inspires you, like a symbol, plant or picture that makes you smile?or does it drain your energy because of clutter? Maybe it's time to make some elbow room!   


Keep your Power -  As women we often unconsciously give away our power with money.  We especially give this away by undercharging and/or overdelivering.  Do your rates match the valuable goods and services you bring to others?  Remember, It is possible to honor the generous part of you and still make great money.


Block your Time Off - You work hard...You also deserve to play hard and rest well in order to stay rejuvenated and avoid getting sucked dry.  Planning your time off  helps us enjoy balance and freedom we crave.


Don't Struggle...Get help! -Step AWAY from the Do-It-Yourself model and Find a mentor who has similar values and integrity that resonates with you.  Someone who listens objectively and can gently help you see your blind spots.  Is it time to shift out of struggle and into the success you really deserve?


Choose Well - Although we can't always control circumstances, We always have a choice about how to respond to them.  Thoughts become things, so think positive and spend quality time with like-minded people who show they believe in you and want you to be happy.







Group Coaching Coming in March!

9 Step "Synergy Career Success Blueprint" 

  TeleConference Series

Overwhelmed and Exhausted trying to Juggle Work and Life?
Want to enjoy the Focus, Balance and Freedom you deserve?

The "Synergy Career Success Blueprint" has been created just for YOU!

The 9-Step "Synergy Career Success Blueprint" is an empowering inner-to-outer approach combining authenticity with purposeful action for career fulfillment, and a great way to move forward in work and life with more clarity, confidence, and creativity in 2011.

You'll receive:

  • Fresh perspective and appreciation for the present moment
  •  A practical Tool to Work Smarter not Harder with a focused mindset
  •  A Technique that Transforms Panic into Peace when overwhelmed so you can experience confident, calm energy.
  •  A Tip to stay inspired in your work and life
  •  Clarity about Your Unique Strengths, natural gifts and talents
  • A glimpse of what Career Success means to YOU, and a vision for your ideal future... What does it look like?
  • Accountability built in to achieve synergy and gain momentum.


*Less than Half the cost of 1:1 coaching

*Very convenient

*You'll receive mp3 recordings of each call

*You can be anywhere in the world and still participate!

*Group Support with Like-minded people

*Coaching Buddy

*Unlimited Email Support


Interested?  Act Now!  Contact Christina Kunkle to join an "Advanced Notice List" so you'll receive more information and the opportunity to register early.


Space is Limited to 20.


p.s. "Don't wait! The time will never be just right."

-Napolean Hill


p.p.s. "Only a true committment to personal and professional excellence will help you shift from struggle to success in your work and life."-Christina Kunkle 



Synergy Life &Wellness Coaching is poised & honored to serve you in these ways in 2011:
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As a Speaker for an Event or Workshop  [NEW for 2011!] 

"The Synergy Success Blueprint" How to stay Focused, Positive, & moving Forward in Work & Life.

"Better Together" How to create collaboration and a Spirit of Community in 3 Easy Steps. 


One on One Resilience Coaching Synergy = Shortcut...Invest in yourself. Seek out role models and mentors who can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Speak up. Ask for help.  Contact Christina for more info and your copy of the Coaching Program Options Guide.

The"Synergy Success Circle" "The Success Circle has been created to help busy women balance their energy, purpose, well-being and success in their personal and professional lives.  Together Everyone really does Achieve More!

"Synergy In Motion" at the JMU Arboretum and Botanical Gardens!  You've  been asking for an outdoor coaching option~what a wonderful way to get a fresh perspective!  Each session is customized to YOU, and YOUR goals for our time together. 


Hi, I'm Christina Kunkle, the founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching.  My practice is dedicated to helping Professional Women squelch overwhelm and prevent burn out by promoting bounce-back resilience to stay focused, positive, & excited through challenges of work and life.
In addition to one on one coaching,  I facilitate keynotes, workshops, and retreats on topics related to Resilience and Work/Life balance. Do You know of a group that could use some inspiration and practical tips or curious about how coaching works?  Then I'd love to share with you what I believe to be  the most powerful tool for change on the planet!