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October, 2010 
"A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."  
 ~Mahatma Gandhi
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Yesterday my 4 year old daughter Dani burst into tears when a game of chase with our playful boxer ended with a scratch down the entire length of her forearm.  After a hug, ice, and wiping her tears I told her how sorry I was that she got hurt and how much I loved her.  From out in the kitchen her brother Ben chimed in "and I love you too, Dani!"  Her tears turned into a half-smile as we added "and daddy loves you, Rocky(our boxer) loves you, grandma loves you, grammy and pop-pop love you, your best friend Avery loves you, etc.  Just then Dani looked up at me and said "I Love Me too~I'm tough and I'll be OK!"  In a flash she was off to play dolls.  I was overjoyed as I absorbed the signifigance of what she had just said.  You see, in that moment her words reflected self-love and resilience, which is something that took me many years to achieve.
Studies show that we speak to ourselves 10,000 times a day and 80% is negative.  We're often self critcal,  focusing on the worse-case scenario saying things like "I don't deserve this." "Nothing ever works out for me." "I'm not good enough." (I admit I've heard these a time or two!) These self-sabotaging beliefs work against us, making it harder to achieve our goals and dreams. 
What do you say we stop being so hard on ourselves by showing some love and appreciation? If you're thinking "that sounds good" but wondering how to do it, you'll be pleased this issue offers a practical tool to help you get started. Print the "Affirmations for Success" worksheet to help "flip" your negative self-talk to positive, and enjoy the beautiful song in the "Voice of Truth Video" by Casting Crowns.   
Be kind to yourself, you deserve it!
p.s. Try this confidence booster: Look in the mirror and say out loud or to yourself, "I am immune to criticism, I am beneath no one, I am fearless."  It may make you laugh, but repeating this mantra will help you stand taller.  (as suggested by Dr. Deepok Chopra)

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October 2010
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Self Care Affirmation:

"Today I will be SERIOUS about having FUN!"

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Great Quotes!
"You've done it before and you can do it now.  See the positive possibilities.  Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive,effective,  
~Robert Marston
"Every time you state what you believe, you're the first to hear it. It's a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. 
Don't put a ceiling on yourself." 
~Oprah Winfrey  
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A Transformational Tool to stay focused on the positive
"If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think." Oprah Winfrey
My approach to wellness coaching is holistic ~ I feel it's vital to strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection for true and lasting changes to take hold. Being aware of our self-talk and the use of positive affirmative statements are wonderful tools for making sure we are gentle and encouraging towards ourselves as we begin to address areas we want to improve...
Here are some suggestions for statements you can begin using to write and keep in your pocket, (or say out loud, or both) until it is more natural than the negative self-talk that tends to creep in. Feel free to "tweak" the statements in any way that works for you...
I choose to believe in my abilities 
I am committed to exceptional self-care
I am worth the resources I invest to be a healthier, happier me!
I will take consistent small steps towards my goals
I can do this and I will not give up no matter what
I am confident and stand in my own strength
I take positive actions towards a healthy lifestyle
I love the taste of healthy foods
I crave fresh, clear water throughout the day
If you catch yourself being self-critical take a deep breath, and replace the self-criticism with a positive, affirming statement. It takes time to change patterns so being kind to your self is the key...
No beating yourself up allowed!!

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As a Speaker for an Event or Workshop
"Bounce Back into Balance"How to Rebound quickly from pressure with grace and ease.
One on One Resilience Coaching
Synergy = Shortcut...Invest in yourself. Seek out role models and mentors who can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Speak up. Ask for help.  Contact Christina for more info and your copy of the Coaching Program Options Guide.
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The"Synergy Success Circle"
"The Success Circle has been created to help busy women balance their energy, purpose, well-being and success in their personal and professional lives.  Together Everyone really does Achieve More!


Hi, I'm Christina Kunkle, the founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching.  My practice is dedicated to helping Professional Women squelch overwhelm and prevent burn out by promoting bounce-back resilience to stay focused, positive, & excited through challenges of work and life.
In addition to one on one coaching,  I facilitate keynotes, workshops, and retreats on topics related to Resilience and Work/Life balance. Do You know of a group that could use some inspiration and practical tips or curious about how coaching works?  Then I'd love to share with you what I believe to be  the most powerful tool for change on the planet!



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