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You are invited to read past issues and learn more about Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage, bodywork and health.  If you are interested in more details, visit our website, www.AlchemyHealingArtsCenter.com.
Thank you for reading, and remember to take good care of yourself today.

 Laura & Amelia
Laura Inman Mitchell, LMT, CST and  Amelia Mitchell LMT
owners and lead therapists at Alchemy Healing Arts Center, LLC

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  • Summer Winners
  • Our Caregiver Contest Winners and a bit of summer left.
  • Whispers
  • Reiki Wednesdays and Book Sale
  • June 2013
  • May 2013
  • March 2013
  • Listening
  • The skill of listening, reminder - giving back to the community opportunity, last chance for holiday special.
  • 2012 Holiday Newsletter
  • News from Mia in Spain, holiday special, and we have opened in our final, new, location - Suite 13A.
  • Lots of News - Amelia is back and We've Moved
  • Join us in celebrating, Amelia has returned from her Sabbatical in good health.

    We are also excited to share the news of our new location. We have moved to 107 Ridgely Avenue, Suite 13B, in West Annapolis.
  • Early Holiday Newsletter
  • The holiday season is here, and we want to wish you and yours peace and joy and all the blessings of the season.
    Also - HSA and FSA info, Oncology Massage
  • Amelia's Sabbatical
  • While many of you have heard the news of Amelia's Sabbatical, we wanted to be sure we had reached all of her clients with this information.
    Intentional Language, Amelia's Blog, Laura and Mia are covering Amelia's practice during her sabbatical,
  • Celebrating Mothers
  • to all the Mothers out there - we send you many blessings and lots of love
  • Spring Newsletter
  • Deduct what? Yes, you can often deduct your Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork sessions as a qualified healthcare expense..
    Migrane Relief is possible with CranioSacral Therapy
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    It is Spring - is it time for a Cleanse?
    Upcoming Workshop
    What people are saying
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  • Remember elementary school, cutting out all those Valentine's for all your friends and classmates? Are you still connected with any of those friends?
    We find we are, all of a sudden, due to the phenomenon of Social Networking.
  • Wishing you peace and joy
  • Give the gift of Wellness and Relaxation this year, and save up to $170, Therapist Schedules, Facebook, Moisturizing information, and something you might not know about Mia.
  • Thrive for the Holidays
  • Workshop announcement - Move beyond Survival and Thrive with Full Body Presence
  • Power of Gratitude
  • Using your FSA or HSA for your sessions.
    How HIPAA impacts our client therapist relationships and the Theracane.
  • Sustaining Health
  • Eat Organic- especially regarding the dirty dozen
    Consider simple choices. Ask Laura how the abdominal organs can affect your shoulders, neck, mid-back or even low back, and our Therapist schedule.
    # See our Therapist schedule f
  • Autumn Arriving
  • Welcome to Mia, The Fuzz Video, recent reviews.
  • The Ancient Healing Technique of Walking
  • Symptoms of Depression addressed with massage, CST for Newborns, short sessions.
  • Mother's Day
  • Wishing all the Mothers in our lives a very special day filled with Ease, Joy and Alchemy.
  • Enhancing your Spring with Detox and Babies!
  • Amelia has developed a Detox Massage protocol that is a wonderful health and wellness support. Babies! We love them! Babies and children are free of the "stories" and compensations patterns that adults often pick up along the way.
    April 2010
  • A Different Point of View for Valentine's Day
  • A time to feel like you are back in high school and wanting others to affirm their love and your value? Or, a time to remember your beauty, divinity and blessings.
    February 2010
  • Wishing You Joy
  • Ease: A state of freedom and gentleness
    Joy: Great delight or happiness
    Alchemy: Power or process of transforming something ordinary into something of deep value
    December 2009
  • Many Blessings to You and Yours Today
  • Thanksgiving 2009
  • A Moment of Ease, A Quick Read
  • Lymph Drainage and some Fun
    November 2009
  • You First - Really I Mean It - You First!
  • This is a concept that I often find myself discussing with clients, and with my own inner voices. "Me first? Are you kidding? I am a mom, a therapist, a business owner! I don't have time for me. I have to do the dishes!" When I don't take care of myself, I frazzle at the edges. I get tired, frustrated and not so fun to be around. My intuition and vibrancy are diminished. I am not fully me.

    And, I think the reason I am here is to be me. Fully Amelia. To be that, I must put on my oxygen mask first, and then assist others. Then, I truly have the capacity to care for others, as well as simply be a loving mother and friend.
    July 2009
  • How Can Your Session Be Better?
  • I recently spoke to a group of business colleagues in Annapolis and spent some time sharing how one can really extend the value and effects of a bodywork session.

    My focus is to create a great session every time. That is why Dr. Upledger's quote above spoke to me. I do trust the universe and accept what information comes in for me, and then I drop any agenda and follow what my client's body is asking for.
    March 2009
  • How about Full Body Presence?
  • At what other time of the year do you need Full Body Presence, lots of healthy resources, and the ability to have healthy boundaries more than Thanksgiving with the family?
    November 2008
  • A Grateful Heart
  • Over the last few years I have developed my own summer ritual. It is one of appreciation; a time when I consciously note all that I am grateful for and appreciative of in this life.
    August 2008
  • Your Resource and Energy Supply Kit
  • Today I invite you to consider what you have in your resource supply kit that supports, energizes, soothes and nourishes you. Is it an early morning walk that grounds and centers you for your day? Or is it an evening routine that quiets and settles your energy? What do you need most in any given moment, especially under stress or when you are tired?
    June 2008
  • Tight Bra Syndrome
  • Or why you might want to skip the underwire and take your bra off when you get home.
    May 2008
  • How Do You Reward Yourself?
  • Which leads me to the question of the moment. When you have meet a goal, an accomplished change, large or small; how do you reward yourself?
    January 2008
  • Take A Moment For a Deep Breath
  • Take a deep breath and pause to remember the light will return.
    December 2007
  • The Gift Of Wellness
  • Gife and Receive the Gift of Wellness
    Holiday 2007 Special Gift Certificate Offer
  • Want More Energy?
  • Are you struggling with Healthy Boundaries? Do you need more energy to get through the day? Are you often worrying about the future or reprocessing the past?
    November 2007
  • Open House
  • Chesapeake Holistic Health Center Open House Invitation
    Ocotber 2007
  • Avoiding Burnout - Taking Care of Yourself?
  • How do you avoid burn-out? This summer's travel reminded me of how important my own self-care is; bodywork, nature, exercise and quiet meditative time are my resources.
    September 2007
  • Healing From the Core
  • Scholarship Announcement
    June 2007
  • Introduction, Expansion and Classes
  • Starting this month, I am pleased to announce the expansion of Nurture the Essential, bringing us to the Chesapeake Holistic Health Center in addition to our offices in Hillsmere.
    June 2007
  • What is Lymphatic Drainage?
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a gentle technique that supports one of the body's most important systems. Our lymphatic system detoxifies and regenerates our body's tissue, filters out toxins and foreign substances and maintains a healthy immune system
    March 2007.
  • Nurture the Essential
  • This is the premier issue of Nurture the Essential, my email newsletter for clients and friends. It is my hope that you are interested in continuing to receive news, information and specials from me each month.
    January 2007
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