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These archived newsletters allow you to refer back to favorite information, helpful links and weekly videos.  Enjoy and share your expanded awareness with your friends plus Facebook, Twitter and similar social networks.
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Wall Street  (5/8/2010)
  • It is not the material world that will fulfill your desires. You must first realize that you are God in form. Everything else will then follow.
  • Top Down  (5/1/2010)
  • Living from the top down with reference to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs creates a spiritual foundation to you life.
  • Light Orbs on 2012  (4/24/2010)
  • The Whole Light Beings talk about creating NOW what you expect to experience in 2012.
  • Reverse Polarity  (4/17/2010)
  • The Whole Light Beings talk about what happens when you reverse your polarity in a dual dimension.
  • Erase Fear  (4/10/2010)
  • How can you erase fear forever?
  • Identity  (4/3/2010)
  • Do you identify with yourself as God in form?
  • Health  (3/27/2010)
  • Health care reform is not the issue. Health reform is the focus.
  • Spiritual Survival  (3/20/2010)
  • Does your present job put you in survival mode? Can you survive spiritually where you are working?
  • Tie Together  (3/13/2010)
  • How does God, creation and humanity connect in the Omniverse?
  • Dark Side  (3/6/2010)
  • Embrace your dark side. It is the most intimate attribute calling for your love.
  • Five Circles  (2/27/2010)
  • Five circles of life show how closely we are all connected.
  • Do You Feel The Web of Your Life?  (2/20/2010)
  • A tribute to Sandra Leicester who passed from this dimension on February 7, 2010 - the Goddess in Overalls.
  • ZS  (2/6/2010)
  • In tribute to Zecharia Sitchin and his lifetime of revealing work.
  • In Honor of The Goddess in Overalls  (1/30/2010)
  • In tribute to Sandra Leicester as she readied to pass from this dimension.
  • Being The Glory  (1/23/2010)
  • The Glory of your Essence resides within The Eternal Presence of You. Access and live from this Essence.
  • Voice of the Omniverse  (1/17/2010)
  • The Whole Light Beings speak to you about your presence within the Omniverse in infinity.
  • Wanting  (1/11/2010)
  • Still the wanting of your mind for fifty years to find the peace of silence within (Rumi)
  • Feeling Absolution  (1/2/2010)
  • Allow yourself to feel the sense of absolution while completing the Ritual of Absolution.
  • A Song of Hope  (12/20/2009)
  • Sandra sings us a song of hope mirroring the Blue Spiral of Hope over Norway; plus, Holiday Specials continue through January 2010.
  • Blue Spiral  (12/13/2009)
  • Comments from the Light Orbs on the Blue Spiral over Norway, plus loosing the attachment to "being spiritual".
  • Shadows  (12/6/2009)
  • Your perceived shadow is only present because you stand between you and the Light within you. Plus, what is the Light Body?
  • Home  (11/29/2009)
  • Home for the Holidays - Home Is Where the Heart Is - where IS your heart? Where IS your home? Plus, answers to the question, "Why do I feel life was easier before I 'knew'?"
  • Your Attention  (11/22/2009)
  • Your attention creates your reality. Where is your attention right now? Plus, additional information on The Presence of Your Essence.
  • The Presence  (11/15/2009)
  • The Light Orbs bring the grace of the Initiation into the Presence of Your Essence. Plus, a special article on giving.
  • Angelic Human Awakening  (11/8/2009)
  • The Angelic Human is the God-man aligning with the message that he or she carries into this incarnation. Plus, experience the Angel Fire Transmission to open the heart's doors to the angelic realm.
  • Pirates   (11/2/2009)
  • Pirates know who they are and live their lives within that authenticity. Plus, response to the belief that you must help others find the light.
  • A Tale of Joy  (10/26/2009)
  • The marvelous story of Joy as she finds herself during energy work. Plus, the description and purchase button for Echoes of the One Heart DVD.
  • Echoes  (10/18/2009)
  • The Light Orbs show us their emergence from the vortex of creation - echoing from the One Heart. Plus, response to the belief that the Bible is the one word of God.
  • This Is God  (10/12/2009)
  • A visual representation of the various aspects of the One Source. Plus, response to the belief that one must remember events from one moment to another.
  • The Violet Flame  (10/5/2009)
  • The Violet Flame Invocation set to music with the visual violet flame. Plus, response to the idea of surrendering.
  • A Hand of Sand  (9/29/2009)
  • The story of holding your hand open to hold the sand of life. Plus, a link to Bruce Lipton's interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard.
  • Reading Your Story  (9/23/2009)
  • Reading the fictional novel entitled "Your Life". Plus, a link to the stroke of light experienced by Jill Bolte Taylor.
  • Light of AH  (9/13/2009)
  • Experiencing the Light of the Angelic Human. Plus, a description of Circuitry Alignment as a belief re-set button.
  • Mother Nature Breaks the Law  (9/7/2009)
  • A visual description of the difference between man-made laws vs. nature's principles. Plus, a link to the Kiva lending site.
  • Source  (8/31/2009)
  • A visual representation of Source loving Itself. Plus, the work of Nancy Strachan in Rwanda.
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