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  • 2014
  • eNEWS May 2014
  • From Classic Control to Complex Mechatronics Design

    From the Contents:
    From Classic Control to Complex Mechatronics - Webinar
    Teach Controls with NI myRIO
    'Mesa Vibratoria' Helps Prepare Peruvian Engineers
    Platforms for Control Research Validation
  • eNEWS April 2014
  • State-Space Control Design and Control Systems Research

    From the Contents:
    State-Space Control Design with the Quanser Active Suspension system - webinar
    Quanser Courseware Available Online
    Elizabeth City State University Adds 'Qs' to its Lab
    Quanser Shake Table Helps Validate Sloshing Research
  • eNEWS March 2014
  • The Modern Undergraduate Lab

    From the Contents:
    The Modern Undergraduate Lab - Global Trends and Case Studies
    QUARC 2.4: Enhance Your Models
    Queen's Students Test the Digital Control Courseware
    Active Suspension Helps Researchers in Brazil
  • February 2014 eNEWS
  • Control Systems for Your Teaching and Research Lab

    From the contents:
    Earthquake Simulation and Analysis Hands-On
    Get a Preview of the New Digital Control Courseware
    Real Time Control Getting Voice
    Quanser Telepresence System in Surgical Robotics Research
  • January 2014 eNEWS
  • Control Software for Your Teaching and Research Lab

    From the contents:
    Getting Started with QUARC
    Purdue's Controls Course Adapts to Changes
    Faster and More Simple Control Design in LabVIEW
    How to Make Two Programming Languages to Talk
  • 2013
  • November 2013 eNEWS
  • Control Systems and Mechatronics Engineering in Action

    From the contents:
    3 DOF Helicopter Engages MIT Students
    Mechatronics Engineering in Action
    Reliable Testbed for Fault-Tolerant Control Research
    Enable Helps Academia Integrate NI Solutions
  • October 2013 eNEWS
  • From Control Teaching to Open-ended Research

    From the contents:
    Making Sense out of the "Flipped" Campus
    Engaging and Effective Controls Education
    From Control Teaching to Open-ended Research
    Quanser Hexapod Helps Develop Seismic Isolator
  • September 2013 eNEWS
  • How to Enhance Your Teaching and Research in the New Academic Year

    From the contents:
    Build a World-Class Lab on a Budget
    Education Platform for Controls from Quanser & NI
    Is the Undergraduate Lab of the Future Here Yet?
    How the Quanser 3 DOF Helicopter Elevates Unmanned Vehicle Research
  • Summer 2013 eNEWS
  • How Quanser's Flexible Courseware Increases Teaching Effectiveness

    From the contents:
    Courseware That Easily Aligns With Your Course
    What Happens When Quanser & National Instruments Join Forces?
    Students Develop New Flight Control Platform With Quanser Systems
    The Multiple Challenges of Educating Engineers in the 21st Century
  • Spring 2013 eNEWS
  • Ways to Improve Effectiveness of Teaching Controls

    From the contents:
    QUBE-Servo: A New Way to Teach Introductory Controls
    A Control Lab That Improves Your Teaching Effectiveness
    Professors Pinpoint Key Advantages QUARC Gives Their Students
    How QNET Trainers Help You Prepare Students for Real World
  • February 2013 eNEWS
  • How Controls Professors Around the World Teach Difficult Concepts

    From the contents:
    Why Shake Tables Make Concepts Easy to Grasp
    LabVIEW Courseware your Students Will Enjoy
    Six Ways to Enhance Teaching Controls
    QUARC 2.3: How Real-Time Control Has Evolved
  • January 2013 eNEWS
  • Why Quanser's Unmanned Vehicle Systems Are Circling The Globe

    From the contents:
    How Concordia University's UVS Lab Satisfies Both Teaching and Research Needs
    What In The World Are Top Professors Doing In Their UVS Labs?
    LabVIEW For Control Design. Easier. Faster.
  • 2012
  • Fall 2012 eNEWS
  • Why Flexibility Is Important When Buying Lab Equipment

    From the contents:
    Why More Flexibility Means More Functionality
    What Makes Quanser Linear Experiments So Popular With Teachers?
    Linear System Flexibility Helps Advance Researcch Project
  • Summer 2012 eNEWS
  • Four Tips to Upgrading Your Lab

    From the contents:
    Quanser: A Simple Way to Build the Ideal Lab
    NI LabVIEW Users Can Easily Build Their Dream Lab
    Upgrade Your Lab, Upgrade Your Students
    MATLAB/Simulink Users Can Save Development Time
  • June 2012 eNEWS
  • Why More Control Labs Use HIL Techniques for Teaching and Research

    From the contents:
    Quanser: HIL Prepares Students for Industry
    Why HIL Motivates Undergrad Students
    LabVIEW-based Labs to Motivate Students with HIL Experiments
    More Research Accuracy, Less Cost
  • May 2012 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Harvard University: Hands-on Robotics for Undergrad Students
    Build a Great Robotics Lab Incrementally
    Small Robots, Big Results
    Elevate Your Robotics Lab's Efficiency
  • April 2012 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    University of Waterloo: Quanser Tools Help Achieve Winning Results
    How Valuable Are Student Competitions?
    How to Win the Quanser Challenge
    Students Succeed with their FIRST Robot
  • March 2012 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Cornell University: Shake, Rattle and Roll to Graduation
    Are Your Students Up for a Quanser Challenge?
    Bring DC Motor Control Concepts to Life
    Teaching Students to Control a Real Robot
  • February 2012 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    One Control Labs Serves Many Needs - Feature Story
    Focused on Untegration: More Ways to Engage Undergraduate Students
    Focused on Collaboration: Industry Tools That Help Engineer Innovation
    Focused on Excellence: Collaboration in India Draws international Attention
  • January 2012 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Global Engineers are the Future - Feature Story
    Focused on Integration: Quanser and NI offer cost-effective solutions
    Focused on the Future: A Bird's Eye View of Quanser Initiatives
    Focused on Youth Outreach: Quanser anf FRC Turn on Young Minds to Engineering
  • 2011
  • December 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Pilot Data Help Ensure Project Funding - Feature Story
    Focused on Control Labs: Get More out of NI Hardware and Software
    Focused on Robotics: High School Kids Experience Engineering
    Focused on Collaboration: Magnet of Information and Inspiration
  • November 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Graduating Credible Engineers - Feature Story
    Focused on Innovation: Innovative Ways to Teach Control
    Focused on Teaching: Better Learning Outcomes
    Focused on QUARC: New Framework Enhances Usability
  • October 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Advancing Haptic Rehab Research - Feature Story
    Focus on Community: Rotary Experiments Inspire Engineers
    Focused on Teaching: Is "Do It Yourself" an Alternative?
    Focused on QUARC: QUARC 2.2: Improved Communication
  • September 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Making C/C++ and MATLAB Talk - Feature Story
    Focus on Teaching: Helping Grow Global Engineers
    Focused on QUARC: QUARC 2.2: 64-bit Platform Support
    Focused on Research: Smart Robots Reduce Human Risk
  • August 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Re-engineering Biomedical Education - Feature Story
    Conference Highlights: A Tattoo from Austin
    Focused on QUARC: Build Models Much Faster
    Focused on Innovation: Technology that Drives Education Forward
  • July 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Modern Control Lab Improves Teaching and Recruitment - Feature Story
    ASEE 2011 - Focused on Teaching: Helping Students Understand the Theory
    ACC 2011 - Focused on Research: More Control for Robotic Research
    Conference Highlights: From the Perspective of a Quanser Engineer
  • June 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Challenging Students to Find New Solutions - Feature Story
    QUARC Spotlight: Hands-on Opportunity to Master QUARC
    Focused on Research: QGV on a Search and Rescue Mission
    Focused on Collaboration: See it All on a VisWall
  • May 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Bringing Latest UAV Technology to Classroom - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools: Lab Equipment Serves Both Students and Researchers
    Focused on Robotics: Rehab Robot Ready for Trials
    QUARC Spotlight: Think of All the Time You Will Save
  • April 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Theory in Action at the University of East London - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools: A Smart Solution You Can Control
    Focused on Robotics: A Helping Hand for Teaching and Research
    Quanser Around the World: Bringing Expertise & Solutions Closer to You
  • March 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Reality Check for Civil Engineering Freshmen - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools: Motivate Students with Familiar Tools
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Hexapod Meets Haptics
    Focused on Outreach: Why Employers Favor Competitions like FIRST Robotics
  • February 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Helping a Professor to Accelerate his Research - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools: Rotary Experiments in Lectures and Labs
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Concordia UAV Course Attracts Students
    Industry Spotlight: Helping Government Foster Creativity
  • January 2011 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Hands-on Introduction to Robotics for Students - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools: Curriculum Meets ABET Standards
    Focused on QUARC: Guided Tutorial of Control Design Software
    Industry Spotlight: Space Elevator Powered by Quanser Amplifier
  • 2010
  • December 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    The Engineering Prof's Swiss Army Knife - Feature Story
    Roadtrip Diaries: Engineering Lab Feels Like Science Center
    Advanced Teaching and Research Tools: Stateflow Helps design UAV Mission Controller
    Most Inspirational Story for 2010: How Good is a Denso Robot at Ping Pong?
  • November 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    University of Toronto Research Lab Meets its Goals - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools for Your Classroom: Textbook with Virtual Experiments
    Teaching and Research Tools for Your Lab: Mechatronics in a Compact Kit
    Focused on QUARC: At the Heart of a Unique Subterranean Lab
  • October 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Preparing Effective Global Engineers - Feature Story
    Teaching and Research Tools: New Peripherals Make Your Labs More Efficient
    Focused on QUARC: More Flexibility for your Lab
    Focused on Partners: Moving Engineering Education Forward
  • September 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Attract More Students with Hands-On Labs - Feature Story
    Teaching Tools: Why You and Your Students Benefit
    Advanced Teaching and Research: 12 Things You Should Know about UVS
    Focused on Outreach: Inspiring Future Engineers
  • August 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Partnership on Haptics Research Leads to Surgical Breakthrough - Feature Story
    New Teaching Tools: Stretch your Budget with New Peripherals
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Simulate an Earthquake in Your Lab
    Focused on QUARC: Accelerate Control Design with v2.1
  • July 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Building a Lab Through Systematic Expansion - Feature Story
    New teaching Tools: Hands-on Tools with New Possibilities
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Unmanned Vehicle Initiates Indoor Flight
    Focused on Virtual Labs: Fit an Industrial Experiment in Your Lab
  • June 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    The Key to Better Research Results - Feature Story
    New Teaching and Research Tools: Your Feedback Improves Hexapod
    Focused on QUARC: Master QUARC with Help from Mr.Q
    Industry Spotlight: Government Leaders Recognize Quanser's Innovative Edge
  • May 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    The World Needs Global Engineers - Feature Story
    New Teaching and Research Tools: New Power Amplifiers: Smaller. Lighter.
    Focused on QUARC: Try Before You Buy
    Industry Spotlight: Teaching a Robot to Play Ping-Pong
  • March/April 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Ways to Optimize Engineering Departments to Prepare better Engineers - Feature Story
    New Teaching and Research Tools: Portability Hand-in-Hand with Performance
    Focused on QUARC: Targets for Hard Real-Time Performance
    Focused on Unmanned Systems: Follow the Leader
  • February 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Students in China Cheer for QUARC - feature Story
    New Teaching and Research Tools: Better Real-Time Performance with Personality
    Focused on QUARC: Communication Made Easy
    Industry Spotlight: Ontario Premier Performs Remote Surgery
  • January 2010 eNEWS
  • From the contents:
    Harvard SEAS on Teaching Robotics (Feature Story)
    Teaching and Research: Focus on Innovation: Peek into our Gadget Room
    Focused on QUARC: Test Drive QUARC with a Virtual Plant
    Industry Spotlight: Quality in Motion
  • 2009
  • December 2009 eNEWS for archive  (1/6/2010)
  • From the contents:
    Shaking Things Up for Cornell's Freshmen (Feature Story of the Year)
    Blog of the Year: Bringing UVS Research Indoors
    Video of the Year: Hexapod + Haptics = Driving Simulator
    Quarc Spotlight: Save 60% on Control Design Software License
  • November 2009 eNEWS  (11/24/2009)
  • From the contents:
    Graduating Credible Engineers (Feature Story)
    Quarc Spotlight: Quarc 2.0 - Limited Time Offer
    Teaching Tools - Learning to Captivate Students
    Advanced Teaching and Research - Can Your iPod Fly?
  • October 2009 eNEWS  (10/22/2009)
  • From the contents:
    Better Engineers Start in the Lab (Feature Story)
    Teaching Tools: An Old Classic Motivates Modern Students
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Unmanned Systems for Indoor Missions
    QuaRC Spotlight: How You Can Enhance Your Research
  • September 2009 eNEWS  (9/22/2009)
  • From the contents:
    Re-engineering Biomedical Education (Feature Story)
    New Teaching Tools: Maximize Teaching Impact
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Teleoperating the Earthquake
    QuaRC Spotlight: VIsualize Your Simulation
  • August 2009 eNEWS  (8/18/2009)
  • From the contents:
    Bridge the Gap with Matlab/Simulink and Hands-on Labs (Feature Story)
    New Teaching Tools: Ready to Fly in No Time
    Advanced Teaching and Research: Wow Students with Virtual Simulation
    Industry Spotlight: New Engineering Toy
    QuaRC: Expanded Hardware Support
  • July 2009 eNEWS  (7/24/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - Teaching and Research in a Control Lab Powered by LabVIEW (Feature Story)
    - Engineering Education: Test Drive in Austin
    - Advanced Research: Search and Rescue Mission in the Lab
    - Industry Spotlight: Helping Prepare Surgeons
    - QuaRC: Flexible Communication
  • June 2009 eNEWS  (6/24/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - Help your Students Make the Difference (Feature Story)
    - Engineering Education: Skills and Tools for Success
    - More Highlights from ASEE 2009: Engineering Labs of the Future
    - New Mechatronic Controls Collection: Ultimate Driving Sensation
    - QuaRC: Is your HIL Card Supported?
  • May 2009 eNEWS  (5/20/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - The Key to Better Research Results (Feature Story)
    - New Mechatronic Controls Collection: Magnets for Better Students
    - New Advanced Research: How Does it "Feel" to Drive a UGV?
    - Industry Spotlight: Quanser: One to Watch, Analysts Say
    - QuaRC: Dynamic Switching of Models
  • April 2009 eNEWS  (4/16/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - The Future of Engineering (Feature Story)
    - New Mechatronic Controls Collection: Mechatronics Supports Robotics
    - New Advanced Teaching and Research Tools: Collaborative R&D - That's What We Do
    - Industry Spotlight: Long-Distance Signing Helps Government
    - QuaRC: One-PC Hard Real-Time Solution
  • March 2009 eNEWS  (3/23/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - One Professor's Winning Formula (Customer Story)
    - New Mechatronic Controls Collection: Mastering Control=Mastering Mechatronics
    - New Advanced Teaching and Research Tools: Almost Lighter Than Air
    - Industry Spotlight: Industry Projects to Inspire New Experiments for Teaching and Research
    - QuaRC: Haptic Driving of a Truck
  • February 2009 eNEWS  (2/13/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - Reality Check for Civil Engineering Freshmen (Customer Story)
    - New Undergraduate Teaching Tools: Expanding the Collection of Shake Tables
    - New Advanced Teaching and Research Tools: The Magic of Gyroscopes
    - Engineering Education Spotlight: Bridging the Gap
    - QuaRC: Choose the Channel Easily
  • January 2009 eNEWS  (1/19/2009)
  • From the contents:
    - Engineering Better Research at University of Toronto (Customer Story)
    - Teaching and Research Tools: A New State-of-the-Art Haptic Device
    - New Developments: Control Innovation at its Best
    - QuaRC Spotlight: Get Ahead of Real Time
    - QuaRC: Design and Implement Controllers Easily
  • 2008
  • December 2008 eNEWS  (12/10/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - An Inside Scoop on Top-Ranked Schools
    - Teaching and Research Tools: Celebrating Quality and Success
    - New Developments: Simulate an Automobile in Your Lab
    - Industry Spotlight: Research Helps Lower Manufacturing Costs
    - QuaRC Speeds Up Control Development
  • November 2008 eNEWS  (11/13/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - Reading University, UK (Customer Story)
    - Teaching and Research Tools: Are Your Students Prepared?
    - New Developments: A Mission Can Save Lives
    - Industry Spotlight: Rehabilitation with Video Games
    - Using Wincon? Get QuaRC
  • October 2008 eNEWS  (10/14/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - Prairie View A&M University (Customer Story)
    - Tecaching and Research Tools: Advantages of Robotics Curriculum and Open Source Devices
    - New Developments in Aerospace Research: Teaming up Unmanned Vehicles
    - Industry Spotlight: Practice Makes Perfect
  • September 2008 ENews  (9/18/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - University Consortium on Instructional Shake Tables (Customer Story)
    - Make your Control Lab More Exciting
    - Teaching Gets Easier: Course Project in a Curriculum
    - Show me the Money
    - Out of this World
  • August 2008 eNEWS  (8/12/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - University of the West Indies (Customer Story)
    - Undergraduate Control Labs: Six Plants on One Platform
    - Intermediate Control Labs: A Light-Weight Solution with Big Punch
    - Advanced Research: Leader in the Medical Technology Research
  • July 2008 eNEWS  (7/16/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - Utah State University: World-Class Mechatronics Control Lab
    - Conference Notes
    - Question + Answer = Quanser
    - New Tools for Teaching and Research
  • June 2008 eNEWS  (6/19/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - Milwaukee School of Engineering: The Most Heavily Used Laboratory
    - Students in Sweden Simulate a Labyrinth
    - UAV Research Draws Media Attention
    - The First Visual-based Rotary Challenge
  • May 2008 eNEWS  (5/26/2008)
  • From the contents:
    - Queen's University: Bringing All Engineering Students to One Lab
    - At the Forefront of the Robotic Surgery
    - The Quanser Difference
    - QuaRC, New RCP Software Released!
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