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Bring Labor Unions on Board

Injury coordinators
can include a primary implementor as well as supervisors, mid-management, and legal and medical people.

Talk to labor unions early in the process. Discussion topics can include seniority, supplemental pay, and transitional duty. Find out the financial disincentives of employees staying out of work and discuss solutions. Obtain their buy-in by incorporating their opinions into the process whenever feasible.  

Identify "collateral source benefits" - those perks your company or union offers which may enrich an employee who is not working and develop work-around strategies to facilitate return to work.


Learn more about our book "Reduce Your Workers Comp 20% to 50%" covering how to assess your workers compensation program, design program materials, and roll out a program to your organization.  


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The stereotype of workers comp being a total pain can be true in some cases, but for the most part, claims are legit, paid, and the worker RTW.  There are always some exceptions though. Read on.

How and where do you get started making the workplace safer? Better yet, when? The answer is RIGHT NOW. And here's how. 
The workers you already have can be your most important capital and resource. So why not focus on how to better use that talent in the New Year? 
This is a comprehensive, easy to understand "how to" book describing cost reduction techniques. Avoid the common program pitfalls, and use the book as a lesson plan. Available with custom company logo.
Unfortunately the medical clinic is not always on the Employer's side.  While uncommon, if you do meet a questionable physician, here is how to know.  
Often overlooked is the on-going battle to control workers comp cost for prescriptions. How can a PBM help?

Something stinks! A Los Angeles metal shredding facility settles an environmental protection lawsuit on air pollution laws and pays a hefty fine. 

OSHA has placed a Georgia based company in its Severe Violator Enforcement Program. Learn more about the investigation.
Call security if you see an online job post from C.P. International Security Inc. New York AG Eric Schneiderman files a lawsuit against a company for a fraudulent security guard employment scam.  
Not again!  A gas and oil company, Jay-Bee Oil and Gas failed to correct previous violations, and they are cited again by OSHA for potentially harming employees. 

Thanks to a billion dollar plan, "WorkCover and NSW Public Works will maintain consistency on construction and maintenance projects and safety." Read more on the joint commitment.

Do not let your "guard" down. The HSE found that no guards on bakery equipment led to terrible crush and skin injuries. 
Use this book as a lesson plan and workbook. It provides basic to more advanced cost containment techniques about building commitment, employee communications, integrating with your TPA, return to work, medical cost containment, settlements, safety, and much, much more . . .
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