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 Volume 4   Issue 3                                                                                                   March, 2011
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Sorry, I Can't Hear that Email
The Temporary State of Enemy-ness
A Moment of Clarity (video): I only want to help....
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Time for Change 



I think to some degree, we all resist change.  Our Knower/Judger's got everything worked out...knows the route to work....where the coffee machine is....how many steps to the Men's room....all the comfortable things in life humming along on auto-pilot.


Change either happens TO us, or we INITIATE it. 


In today's world, change is happening TO us all the time.  Our employers want more output from us.  Banks don't lend money (unless you don't need it).  We discover Air Traffic Controllers are SLEEPING when they're supposed to be watching over us like shepherds.  To these (and all unexpected) changes I counsel Eckhart Tolle's three responses...


  • Engage enthusiastically,
  • Enjoy Passively, or
  • Accept.

All other responses tend to sap your personal resources and make you look childish in front of your boss/wife/kids.  My experience is that while engaged in some self-pity or flagellation, anger or frustration something ELSE changes or goes awry.  And the day goes to Hell in a handcart.


But the change I'm talking about today is the kind we INITIATE.  Every once in awhile, a change of scenery gives our Learner/Researcher some fuel.  While the K/J can be stressed about all the comfort zone stuff, self-induced change can make us sharp.  Altered perspective opens our filters to new data.  Possibilities multiply.


So, with that I announce the World Headquarters of Corporate CoDriver has downsized and upgraded.  I've moved out of the office I've been in for the past 11 years into a smaller suite in the same complex.  I'm just 100 yards from my old office, but the difference is night and day.  I've got huge windows that over look the complex where I can watch the nesting pair of Red Tail hawks play.  It's got beautiful furniture and and nice brick walls. I havenew professional neighbors (lawyers and the like!).  My creative juices are flowing! 


So what are you stuck in that making a simple lateral change might spur your Learner/Researcher into action?  Think about it seriously.  You can learn where the coffee machine is in new surroundings.  You'll meet new people.  Make new connections.  See things differently.  


For those who ever have to mail something here...or actually find this little slice of productivity heaven, the new address is at the bottom of this missive. 



What's a Clarity Summit?  It's a chance to initiate CHANGE if you see change as a component of letting go of the struggle.  It's a weekend away from your Knower/Judger world with time and resources to see new data...make decisions....get clear. 


Your next "aha" moment could come at the next Clarity Summit. What's getting in your way?  Find out May 6-8 at the Moonrise Hotel in beautiful University City, MO.  Click here to learn more.

"One great use of words is to hide our thoughts."


Sorry, I Can't Hear that Email 


 Email useage

This past week I had the pleasure of keynoting an organization and conducting an in-depth breakout session on the subject of communication. One attendee specifically chose to attend my breakout because she had a problem and was hoping I had the answer. She's a member of a very experienced department (average age about 50 with an average tenure of 20 years) that had just been graced with a new manager-and things were not working out. (Read more.....

The Temporary State of Enemy-ness.

 Toilet paper from underneathToilet Paper from top


Can you imagine toilet paper being the root cause of someone's murder? Well, structurally, I can. (Read more...)


A Moment of Clarity (video):  I only want to help.... 

Click to view video

How does Rally co-driving prepare you for improving performance in teams and executives?
I am a Rally Co-driver in several series in the Western Hemisphere.  You can read about my racing history at my rally website. When I am competing, it is my job to corral all the best performances from myself, the driver, the mechanics and any other members of the crew supporting us for the weekend.  As you can imagine, as in any racing, egos are strong, tensions are high, and the atmosphere is ripe for interpersonal conflict.
I have a track record of co-driving for racers of any caliber (National Champions to first event novices) and delivering results that exceed their expectations. 
For the rest of my living, I coach executives in leadership and team dynamics; teams in developing higher levels of trust, understanding and camaraderie; and individuals in making changes supportive of getting what they want in life.  In this arena too, I have a reputation for delivering results that exceed their expectations.

HDClarity is an e-zine for those wanting to develop more of that trust, understanding and camaraderie in their work environment, and their life in general.  A smoother running team is a more profitable team.  It get things done faster, for less cost. 

If you'd like to share some of these insights for developing High Definition Clarity in your daily and business life, please forward this email.
"There is a clear and present danger.....when you are neither clear nor present."
Saving civilization (or your team) one conversation at a time,

Kim DeMotte, Corporate CoDriver
(877) 245-8250


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