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 Volume 3    Issue 9                                                                                      September, 2010
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Why do I want what I want?
The Calm Starts With You
A Moment of Clarity (video)
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How does Rally co-driving prepare you for improving performance in teams and executives?

I am a Rally Co-driver in several series in the Western Hemisphere.  You can read about my racing history at my rally website. When I am competing, it is my job to corral all the best performances from myself, the driver, the mechanics and any other members of the crew supporting us for the weekend.  As you can imagine, as in any racing, egos are strong, tensions are high, and the atmosphere is ripe for interpersonal conflict.
I have a track record of co-driving for racers of any caliber (National Champions to first event novices) and delivering results that exceed their expectations. 
For the rest of my living, I coach executives in leadership and team dynamics; teams in developing higher levels of trust, understanding and camaraderie; and individuals in making changes supportive of getting what they want in life.  In this arena too, I have a reputation for delivering results that exceed their expectations.

HDClarity is an e-zine for those wanting to develop more of that trust, understanding and camaraderie in their work environment, and their life in general.  A smoother running team is a more profitable team.  It get things done faster, for less cost.  If you'd like to discover methods for developing High Definition Clarity in your daily life, please read on.
"And now the last question" said the rooster, "Do you always want what you think you want?" 

                                                                            Maurice Sendak
                                                                            (in Kenny's Window)
Why do I want what I want?

When we are infants, we learn to express our wishes very simply: We cry until we get what we want. "I want..." is learned early in language development. And when we are 2, 3, and 4 years old, our wants are simple and pure. We want food, comfort, hugs, warmth, love, elimination of diaper rash, etc.
But say you're now 35 and you want a BMW 550i--black with silver pinstripe and your initials on the driver's door. (Read more.....)
The Calm Starts With You.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

                                                                            --Viktor E. Frankl


Have you ever been in one of those situations where tensions explode? What starts out as a minor distraction escalates rapidly to finger-pointing, accusations, and punishment? The "drama triangle" has multiple players in both the Persecutor and Victim corners, and all hell breaks loose.
Who's in charge? Who can stop this? (Read more.....)
A Moment of Clarity (video): Finger Pointing or Fix the Processes?

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"There is a clear and present danger.....when you are neither clear nor present."
Saving civilization (or your team) one conversation at a time,

Kim DeMotte, Corporate CoDriver
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