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The Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ produces a wealth of FREE resources for leaders and friends of our churches.

This is the place to find archived editions of those newsletters. Enjoy!

  • EverFlowing Streams
  • Mission & Justice Newsletter
  • Feb. 2016  (1/21/2016)
  • New Climate Intern Joins Conference, Do Not Stand Idly By: Gun Safety and the President's Speech, Racial Justice: The Plight of Refugees, Addressing Homelessness
  • Dec. 2015  (12/11/2015)
  • Advent Waiting and Gun Violence, Pray For Peace This Weekend, AMERICA AFRAID, A Time to Come Together: Racial Justice Training, Sonic Relief: Concert to Benefit Syrian Refugees, more
  • Nov. 2015  (11/18/2015)
  • Not Terrorists; Not Tourists: Refugees are Human Beings
    New Conference Program Offers Racial Justice Training, Conversations to Congregations
    Human Dignity and Racial Justice
    New Web Page Highlights Syrian Crisis
    Refugee Resettlement
    Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend
    Reaching out to the Invisible Homeless
    ReachOut Worcester
    Equal Justice Initiative
    Palestine Missionary Victor Makari Visiting
    Sharing my Head in Tears
    An Alternative Christmas
  • Oct. 2015  (10/16/2015)
  • Call for Increased Support for Syrian Refugees
    Subverting the Gospel of Guns: A 2-Day Summit
    Racial Justice Training
    Coming Out in Support of Transgender Rights
    Support Comprehensive Sentencing Reform
    When You Hear the Term "Reproductive Justice", What Comes to Mind?
    Journey to Israel and Palestine
    Congo Week is Oct. 18-24
    The Conservative Case for Marriage Equality
    New Collecction of Essays on Climate Change
    Develop your Food Ministry Skills
  • Sept 2015  (9/25/2015)
  • Creation is at a crossroads
    8 trained to facilitate conversations on race
    Urgent: Affirm the importance of resettlement and support for Syrian refugees
    Support transgender legislation
    Racial justice training
    My prison outreach transformed me
    Stand up for families without homes
    A mighty river of justice: events
  • August 2015  (8/14/2015)
  • The Just Peace Church
    Racism: Racial Prejudice Plus Power
    Save the Date: Hearing on Jobs/Jails Bill
    Join the Struggle for Good Government
    Labor Day Sunday
    Christians and the Holy Land: What Does the Lord Require
    Widening the Welcome
    Church Statement in Opposition to Mass Incarceration
    Worcester Fellowship: Needs, News & Thanks
    A Congressional Agenda and Increased Attacks on Immigrants
    Anti-Immigration Legislation
    Fall for Freedom Charity Golf Tournament
    UCC Public Policy Advocacy Guide
    The Sounds of Port-au-Prince
  • July 2015  (7/17/2015)
  • Are we Over the Rainbow Yet?
    Conference Passes Justice-Related Resolutions
    What the UCC General Synod Adopted on Just Peace in Israel/Palestine
    UCC Responds to Burned Churches in the South
    Churches, Conference Leaders Respond to Church Shootings
    Interfaith Youth Initiative
    Farewell from our Climate Intern
    Transgender Rights
    Haystack Awards for Justice and Witness
    Be Prepared for a Church Emergency
    Widening the Welcome 2015
    Songs for Syria
    I'm a Christian; Therefore I support Same-Sex Marriage
    A Treasure in Clay Jars
  • May 2015  (5/12/2015)
  • A Stumbling Block for Justice: Synod Resolution 16
    UCC Leaders Call for Accountability in Baltimore
    Walking the Long Road with Nepal
    National Open and Affirming Gathering!
    Proposed Resolution: Dismantling Discriminatory Systems of Mass Incarceration
    People Make Choices. Choices Make History.
    UCC Criminal Justice Network Launched
    Now More Than Ever...A Moment of Truth and Action
    Bills Would Create MA Innocence Commission
    Haystack Nominations Sought
    Support LGBT Organizations on Give Out Day
    UCC and Church World Service Speak out on Delay of Immigration Actions
    Cultivating Faith and Hope in an Age of Climate Crisis
    Bread of Life: Faith Based Food Programs
  • April 2015  (4/9/2015)
  • Praying with our Legs: On Pilgrimage Against Fracked Gas
    A Vision of the Beloved: Building Solidarity in the Age of Ferguson
    We Cry Out Our Cry of Hope
    UCC Criminal Justice Gathering to Precede Ecumenical Advocacy Days
    Immigrants Day at the State House
    Low Wages: The Fight for 15
    Spirit and Healing in a Violent World
    House Bill will Assist Elders, Others
    Mass Interfaith Power & Light Events
    NOHO Pride
    Faithful Readiness: Preparing for Disasters
  • March 2015  (3/19/2015)
  • February 2015  (2/12/2015)
  • January 2015  (1/16/2015)
  • December 2014  (12/19/2014)
  • November 2014  (11/21/2014)
  • October 2014  (10/15/2014)
  • September 2014  (9/12/2014)
  • June-July 2014  (7/9/2014)
  • April 2014  (4/4/2014)

  • Pastoral Excellence E-News
  • A newsletter for Clergy Communities of Practice and New Clergy Groups
  • Pastoral Excellence News, May, 2013  (5/25/2013)
  • The Road from Here: The PEP Program
  • PEP E-News November, 2012   (11/8/2012)
  • "On the Self-image of Ministers" by David Lose. The "performative" model of ministry which has served the church well for the past couple of centuries may not be relevant in a culture where many church members grew up unchurched.
  • PEP E-News October, 2012  (10/1/2012)
  • "Healthy Practices for Practicing Balance" by David Edman Gray. Achieving a healthy work-life balance eventually comes down to personal responsibility and discipline. We must make the right choices, and our choices must be influenced by our attitudes and values.
  • PEP E-News September, 2012  (9/5/2012)
  • "Is E-mail the New Parking Lot?" by Susan Nienaber. Has email replaced informal, face to face conversation? If so, when is this potentially useful tool a hindrance, or worse, an inappropriate means of communication?
  • PEP E-News June, 2012  (5/29/2012)
  • "The Danger in "Getting By" by Larry Peers. The question is not only "Can just getting by sustain us?" We must also ask "What possibilities are we missing?"
  • May, 2012 Edition  (5/2/2012)
  • "Asking More of Laypeople" by L. Gregory Jones. Influential laypeople yearn for deep relationships with Christian institutional leaders. We can nurture those relationships by entering the worlds where laypeople live, think and work -- not seeing them primarily as church volunteers and funders.
  • April, 2012 Edition  (3/30/2012)
  • "Fail to Learn" by L. Gregory Jones and Kelly Gilmer. The challenge to Christian leaders to rethink our failures.
  • March, 2012 Edition  (3/2/2012)
  • "God's Potters," an interview with Jackson W.
  • February, 2012 Edition  (1/31/2012)
  • "Thinking Theologically About Using Social Media," by Verity Jones.
  • January 2012 Edition  (1/9/2012)
  • December 2011 Edition  (11/29/2011)
  • November 2011 Edition  (11/1/2011)
  • Strengthening the Ministry of Lay Staff by Ann A. Michel
  • October 2011 Edition  (9/26/2011)
  • Pruning for Sustainable Design by L. Gregory Jones
  • September, 2011 Edition  (9/1/2011)
  • Using Facebook Appropriately as a Ministry Tool; upcoming events
  • August edition  (8/16/2011)
  • Clergy Community of Practice updates; upcoming events
  • May edition  (5/26/2011)
  • Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Endowment Campaign kickoff ... Clergy Conference on Star Island ... Teaching the Fire Clergy Retreats
  • March edition  (3/9/2011)
  • Families Remain Important as Their Makeup Changes
  • December edition  (12/1/2010)
  • Ten Misconceptions about Church Vitality and Growth by Eugene A. Blair.
  • October edition  (10/27/2010)
  • Your "Money Autobiography" - a resource to assist you in reflecting on the story of your life in relationship to money.
  • September edition  (9/30/2010)
  • Will you seek to serve the people with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love?

  • Send Forth Ripples of Faith
  • The Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Endowment Campaign Newsletter
  • November 2012  (11/21/2012)
  • Planned Gift Annuity Extends Eleanor Hubbard's Support to Leadership Development Programs
  • September 2012  (9/10/2012)
  • Final Act of Generosity Focuses on Strengthening the Church ... New Resource Helps Educate Lay Leaders About the Powerful Benefits of the Pastoral Excellence Program
  • May 2012  (5/14/2012)
  • Rev. Karin Case: A Commitment to Programs that will Support the Church: For the Next Generation
  • March 2012  (3/28/2012)
  • Generous giving by laity in our congregations to the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Endowment Campaign...Chris Barensfeld: Sustaining the Church - Now and in the Future
  • February 2012  (2/15/2012)
  • Clergy Support Campaign in Numbers and Dollars...Rev. Angela Menke Ballou: The Promise of the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Campaign
  • December 2011  (12/7/2011)
  • Benefits of Making a Gift of Stock or Other Appreciated Assets...David Shumway Sees Future of Church in Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Campaign
  • October 2011   (10/24/2011)
  • Is a Gift Annuity Right for You? ... Rev. Dr. Paul Shupe: Pastoral Excellence Program Helps Support Vibrant Ministries!
  • September 2011   (9/20/2011)
  • Rev. Carole Baker: An Opportunity for Pastoral Education, Collegial Support! ... Wrap-Around Capital Campaign ... Special Offer! Personalized Special Offering Bulletin
  • August 2011  (8/24/2011)
  • Campaign kickoff ... Rev. Jan Gregory-Charpentier says PEP has allowed me to be a better pastor! ... Personalized special offering bulletin available
  • June 2011  (6/7/2011)
  • Dick Harter: Saying 'Yes' to Sustaining Pastoral Excellence
  • May 2011  (5/19/2011)
  • Pastoral Excellence Sustainability Campaign Helps Build Strength in Ministry, Youth Participation
  • November 2010  (11/18/2010)
  • The Pastoral Excellence Campaign has begun!

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