Featured Event:
Associate Conference Minister Don Remick says: "Turning Tippers to Tithers is a great program by a gifted and insightful leader. If you haven't had a chance to attend this program I encourage you to bring a team."

Oct. 3, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
First Congregational Church UCC, Randolph, MA
Paul Nickerson new
This one-day workshop, led by Paul Nickerson, is for pastors and teams to focus on how to develop a year-round process of discipleship, financial education and stewardship growth. 
Upcoming Conference Events
Sept. 16, 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Wilson Chapel Lobby, Andover Newton Theological School, Newton
Andover Newton Theological School
An opportunity for 
new and returning seminarians to meet other UCC students, meet Conference staff and learn about the UCC discernment process.

Sept. 19, 10:00 AM - noon
Edwards House Meeting Center, Framingham
An opportunity to network and share experiences with your MACUCC colleagues. There is no fee but advance registration is required.

Sept. 26: CE Basics, Northampton
Oct. 3: New & Old Testaments, Lynnfield
These courses, required for Christian Education certification, are open to all.

Sept. 30, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Edwards House Meeting Center, Framingham
An opportunity for new clergy to meet colleagues and to become familiar with Conference staff and resources. It is also a chance for Conference staff to learn how best to support new clergy.
Marcia McFee
Oct. 17, 8:00 AM - 3:45 PM
Keefe Technical HS, Framingham, MA
A full day of workshops, forums, networking, a marketplace and worship featuring Dr. Marcia McFee.

100 red Pilgrim Hymnals free - South Dennis

Musical Assistant for Sunday School - Topsfield

Is Your Church a 
United Church Mission Church?
Jonathan New
By Jonathan New

We're happy to have welcomed 50 churches this year into United Church Mission (UCM) - the Conference's new wider church funding system that we're hoping will, in time, replace Fellowship Dues and OCWM Basic Support. 

However, in this time of transition, there's still some confusion about how a church becomes a UCM church.

UCC Responds to 
Crisis in Syria
Working with partners inside the country of Syria, and in surrounding countries, the United Church of Christ is providing emergency assistance to the million of refugees who are trying to flee the conflict there. 

Through One Great Hour of Sharing and through specially designated gifts to this critical situation, food, water, blankets, hygienic items, essential medicines, medical supplies and equipment have been and will continue to be provided, just as they are in many other disasters.

100% of gifts designated to "Syria Humanitarian Crisis" will directly go to help Syrian refugees and those who are internally displaced in the Middle East and in Europe. 

A Lesson from Lot: In Case of Fire...
By Estelle Margarones

September is National Preparedness Month and this blog on Wildfires is part of a series corresponding with the Federal Emergency Management Association's weekly themes for the month.

While we don't often think of wildfires as a concern in Massachusetts, they occur more frequently than you may think.  Last year, the Commonwealth saw over 1,500 wildfires and that figure was actually down from over 1,700 in 2013.

Local Buzz
WICKED LOCAL: Graffitied church in Bridgewater turns the tables, organizes street art event for peace

A few weeks ago the Rev. Elizabeth Walden of Central Square Congregational Church in Bridgewater arrived at work to see a giant blue peace sign spray painted on the side of the church ... Walden said she asked herself, as she frequently does in such situations, "What is God saying to me right now?

Justice Opportunities
Registration Deadline Tomorrow!
Worcester Pride
Conference churches are invited to march behind the MA Conference ONA banner in the 40th annual Worcester Pride Parade Saturday, Sept. 12.  

Tues., Oct. 6, 6:00 PM
Worcester Public Library
Join EPOCA, Neighbor to Neighbor and Worcester area Jobs NOT Jails supporters to hear testimonies on why it's time for change and to learn about the Justice Reinvestment Act. 
The Rev. Ms. Jennifer Valentine
called as Pastor, The First Congregational Church of Southampton, UCC
Effective: Sept. 8, 2015

The Rev. Mr. Ray Henderson 
called as Pastor, Lynnfield Community Church Congregational
Effective: Sept. 6, 2015
Events of Interest
Sept. 17 - Sept. 19
Lexington, MA, United Methodist Church

Sept. 24 - 26
Hartford/Windsor Airport Marriott Hotel, Windsor, CT 

Sept. 27, 4:00 PM
Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord, MA
Sept. 27, 3:00 PM
First Churches of Northampton, MA

Oct. 2 - Oct. 3
South Congregational Church, Concord, NH 

Wed., Oct. 14, 1:00 PM
Massachusetts State House, Boston
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