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Here are our archived newsletters, a potpourri of information about health issues, book reviews and client feed back. Please take a look and let us know what you would like to see more or less of.  
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  • Care Animal Clinic Newsletter
  • October, 2015  (10/18/2015)
  • Halo for the blind, Measuring activity in cats, Pelvic massage.
  • July, 2015  (7/12/2015)
  • It's flea season, how to reduce the risk of tickborne diseases. Plus Shoulder rolls
  • April, 2015  (4/4/2015)
  • Apps for Emergencies, Massage for Cats and Dogs, Grooming
  • February, 2015  (2/6/2015)
  • In Cabin Flying, Tail Wag Direction, Teeth
  • November, 2014  (11/28/2014)
  • Ipod for Dogs with noise phobias, Tapeworms ugh
  • October, 2014  (10/18/2014)
  • Lumps can be parasites under the skin, Monarchs fly south, Ear Exams.
  • August, 2014  (8/9/2014)
  • Tight back muscles, blue-green algae, dog vacations...
  • May, 2014  (5/11/2014)
  • Bike Basket, Bladder Stones, Exotics as pets and more
  • March, 2014  (3/22/2014)
  • Early Canine Bloat Symptoms, Back Up, Six Legs!, Mushi gets a forever home
  • February, 2014  (2/1/2014)
  • Bunnies Can Bloat, Wheat Grass as a Treat, and Massage as a Therapy...
  • October, 2013  (10/19/2013)
  • Food allergy testing in cats, Mutt Muffs, Where are my feet, and Beaner makes a burrow.
  • It's August, 2013  (8/11/2013)
  • Home made toothpaste, Freestyle with Tinkerbelle and Ember, Kale is good for all.
  • June, 2013  (6/22/2013)
  • Neem Spray Stops Walking Ticks, Common Food Allergens, and a recipe for being Skunked.
  • May, 2013  (5/24/2013)
  • Simethacone Stops Gas, The Amazing Cat Foot...
  • April, 2013  (4/27/2013)
  • Under the tail, elimination is important. Dognition getting to know your dog better. Gulp, all about digestion.
  • March, 2013  (3/27/2013)
  • It's time to spring forward with: healthy feet, ideas for indoor cats, Helpem Up Harness for old dogs and how dogs move on a leash.
  • February, 2013  (2/16/2013)
  • Dental Month is here, Dogs and Carbohydrates, The Genius of Dogs
  • January, 2013  (1/26/2013)
  • Flexi leash fights off attacking dog, Painful anal sacs can cause lameness and or painful back symptoms, more
  • December, 2012  (12/23/2012)
  • A swollen face, Holiday concerns, and staying warm while sleeping.
  • November, 2012  (11/23/2012)
  • Hunting and trapping in State Parks, Photos with Santa, Dropcam for watching pets and the winter weather predictions from Judy.
  • October, 2012  (10/28/2012)
  • Head massage, food puzzles, Cat Daddy on Animal Planet.
  • September, 2012  (9/23/2012)
  • Tui-Na a type of massage therapy for animals, GoDogGo tennis ball launcher for dogs, Starbucks offers a dog treat, and more....
  • August, 2012  (8/25/2012)
  • Canine Vestibular Disease, Reducing undercoat of the cat, Birds and Bloom Magazine, and more
  • July, 2012  (7/27/2012)
  • Hotter than you think for feet on the ground, Cat baths to decrease allergens.
  • June, 2012  (6/24/2012)
  • Those darn ticks!, A reduction in the fox population increases the rodent population that carries Lyme Disease. and more....
  • May, 2012  (5/20/2012)
  • Dust Bath for a cat, Muscles of the Thigh of a Dog, Happy Veterinary Day.
  • April, 2012  (4/22/2012)
  • Heartworm Season for Dogs and Cats, Back Stretch for Dogs and Cats, Chimpanzee movie from Disney opens this week.
  • March, 2012  (3/24/2012)
  • It is Heartworm Season with new recommendations for dogs. Palpating the thigh muscles, and more...
  • February, 2012  (2/11/2012)
  • How cats walk tells us a lot about how cats are feeling, Skills to know when visiting the vet, A shared video of a cat comforting a baby....
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