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  • Issues of ICA News Online
  • ICA News Online-- July 2016
  • This issue features the "Mammoths & Mastodons" installation, "Shakespeare's First Folio" exhibit, ICA's annual subsidized survey, programs at Malabar Farm and Cowan's Auctions, and an encapsulation workshop for Octavofest '16.
  • ICA News Online-- April 2016
  • This month ICA is pleased to announce the return of our Executive Director, Albert Albano, from a prolonged absence, and highlights another iconic costume object from the Rock Hall, and the Malabar Farm curtain project.
  • ICA News Online-- January 2016
  • In this issue ICA highlights 2 iconic Springsteen objects from the Rock Hall and 6 free community programs being offered in January and February.
  • ICA News Online-- October 2015
  • Find an update on the Viktor Schreckengost pachyderms project, plus program news including the 2015 Alliance for Response Forum, ICA's Annual Meeting, and Claire Curran our new Assistant Objects Conservator.
  • ICA News Online-- July 2015
  • ICA has been busy working on 4 public projects involving prominent artworks by Viktor Schreckengost, treating a 1774 map of the Southeast, and we have 2 education programs & 2 grant opportunities posted.
  • ICA News Online-- April 2015
  • Read about the completion of the Allen Memorial Art Museum ceiling project, 3 free public programs/events, meet our Pre-program intern, and learn about CAC's cultural benefit to our community
  • CIFF39 & CMA Program Newsflash
  • ICA - Art Conservation is serving as a community partner for the film "Eadweard" during 39th Cleveland International Film Festival.
    Also, ICA Paper Conservator, Jamye Jamison will Present a program about collecting works on paper at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
  • ICA News Online-- January 2015
  • This issue features ICA's involvement with an exhibit on the Super Bowl by the Pro Football Hall of Fame along with news of several ICA educational programs for students and adults.
  • 2013-14 Report to the Community
  • ICA produced an electronic annual report for fiscal year 2013-14, which includes information on important projects, programs and initiatives that took place throughout the year.
  • ICA News Online-- October 2014
  • Highlights in this issue include treatment of the iconostasis at Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church, and information on education & outreach programs at Archwood Early Learning Center and the Happy Dog tavern.
  • ICA News Online-- July 2014
  • In this issue, we discuss our ongoing projects at the Allen Memorial Art Museum and the Free Stamp. Other topics include our mold prevention and remediation workshop, our student programs, and our subsidized survey.
  • ICA News Online-- April 2014
  • In this issue, we look at the new happenings in the neighborhood, an Egyptian coffin, and the beginning of our treatment of Claes Oldenburg and Coosje VanBruggen's Free Stamp.
  • ICA News Online-- January 2014
  • Highlights this month include Heather Galloway's course at CWRU on the materials and techniques used in the creation of artworks, upcoming event at the Happy Dog, and our 2013 Annual Meeting.
  • ICA News Online-- October 2013
  • In this issue, we look back on the successes of the year, and forward towards our upcoming events!
  • ICA News Online-- July 2013
  • Topics include ICA's examination of the Allen Memorial Art Museum's ceiling and all the happenings in our great education and outreach department.
  • ICA News Online-- April 2013
  • Topics include ICA's sponsorship of the film 'Renoir' at the Cleveland International Film Festival, Wendy Partridge's treatment of Fransisco Zurburan's portrait of St. Francis of Assisi, and ICA's advisory role in CCPL's recent installation of new artwork to their branches.
  • ICA Newsflash: March, 2013
  • ICA - Art Conservation is supporting the Cleveland International FIlm Festival by sponsoring the film "Renoir"!

    Also, the Ohio Museums Association will be holding a museum advocacy workshop at the ICA.
  • ICA Newsflash: February, 2013
  • ICA - Art Conservation has collaborated with other arts and culture organization to create a project for the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's Creative Culture Grants! Please support our project!

    Also, ICA has annouced its support of the Cleveland International Film Festival.
  • ICA News Online: January 2013
  • ICA - Art Conservation is pleased to present its first virtual exhibit, "The Silent Treatment"!
  • ICA Program Newsflash
  • Paper Conservator Jamye Jamison holds a workshop at Gray's Auctioneers, and ICA - Art Conservation is still accepting applications for the annual subsidized survey!
  • An Invitation to ICA's 2012 Annual Meeting
  • Please join us Wednesday, November 14th, 4:30- 7:00pm at the Progressive Insurance Visitor Center, as we celebrate another great year at ICA.
  • ICA News Online-- October 2012
  • This newsletter includes a message from our Executive Director, an update on the Spirit of Education mural, and information on our Octavofest events.
  • ICA Program & Subsidized Survey Newsflash
  • ICA News Online--July 2012
  • Topics include ICA's recent community involvement, the completion of the massive conservation campaign of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, and our recent interns and educational programs. Also, the announcement of ICA's first public exhibition!
  • ICA News Online--April 2012
  • Topics include exciting new projects, ICA's involvement with the Ohio Museums Association's 'Iconic Experiences' conference, and Heather Galloway's new status as Fellow in the American Institute for Conservation.
  • ICA News Online--January 2012
  • Topics include the conservation of two Joseph Haber Mural for the Village of Bratenahl, the awarding of our annual subsidized survey, and our recent support from the Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation.
  • ICA News Online--October 2011
  • Topics include continuing work on the Romare Bearden mural, Octavofest, a mural project at West Virginia University, and the treatment of a series of 19th century maps for the Cleveland Public Library.
  • ICA News Online--July 2011
  • Topics include work on a massive Romare Bearden mural, treatment of a German expressionist stained glass window for the Cranbrook Art Museum, and the new faces at the ICA.
  • ICA News Online--May 2011
  • Special bonus issue! A description of four awards ICA has recently received.
  • ICA News Online--April 2011
  • A special issue focusing in detail on the largest collaborative conservation project in ICA's history, the preservation of two murals by African-American artist Elmer Brown.
  • ICA News Online--January 2011
  • Topics include the launch of a new membership benefit structure, conservation of tiles from ancient Antioch, ICA's senior paintings conservator traveling to Europe to conduct research, and the awarding of our annual free collection survey.
  • ICA News Online--October 2010
  • Topics include an education program participant deciding to go to conservation graduate school, the launch of our redesigned website, Octavofest book and paper celebration events, our fourth annual subsidized survey, Ohio Connecting to Collections next steps, and one year on Facebook and YouTube.
  • ICA News Online--July 2010
  • Topics include recent field work in Singapore and Texas, educational programming milestones, Ohio Connecting to Collections Regional Meetings, and a donation of pigments to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
  • ICA News Online--April 2010
  • Topics include using digital technology to replicate historic fabric, conserving art in Singapore, the launch of the redesigned AMIEN website, and the completion of our library/archives project.
  • ICA News Online--January 2010
  • Topics include a profile of the ICA in a National Trust publication, the receipt of a record number of applications for our annual free survey program, the completion of two grant-funded projects, and ICA's recent marketing and development efforts.
  • ICA News Online--October 2009
  • Topics include new Facebook and YouTube pages, positive press coverage, AMIEN consultation days, Ingenuity Fest 2009, and the 3rd annual ICA Subsidized Survey.
  • ICA News Online--July 2009
  • Topics include lightfastness testing in Europe, the launch of an ICA CafePress shop, Cool Cleveland visiting the Conservation Center, ICA receiving an architectural preservation award, and our upcoming 60th anniversary celebration.
  • ICA News Online--April 2009
  • Topics include ICA connecting with Ohio legislators, lightfastness testing, May Day and Preservation Month, and more "days in the life" of the ICA.
  • ICA News Online--January 2009
  • Topics include an AMIEN mural project in Slavic Village, a visit to the Conservation Center by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, and an election-year conservation project at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center.
  • ICA News Online--October 2008
  • Topics include pro bono assistance from the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Eisen Management Group, sponsoring book purchases for the research library, AIC-CERT, and a few "days in the life" of the ICA.
  • ICA News Online--July 2008
  • Topics include the treatment of the Kelsey Museum's archaeological watercolors, the fašade restoration receiving two design awards, the conservation of a landmark Cleveland sculpture, and our second annual Subsidized Survey program.
  • ICA News Online--April 2008
  • Topics include the completion of our fašade restoration, the return of a Joan Mirˇ mural to the lab, GoodSearch and other support opportunities, and receipt of a capacity building grant from the Ohio Arts Council.
  • ICA News Online--January 2008
  • Topics include the conservation of public art from the Valleyview Housing Project, a new ICA/Ohio Preservation Council partnership, AMIEN's first birthday, and a host of upcoming programs and initiatives.
  • ICA News Online--October 2007
  • Topics include membership, the success of our "Reading the Book" symposium, the Ohio Preservation Council 2007 Symposium, and ICA "friend raisers."
  • ICA News Online--July 2007
  • Topics include the launch of our redesigned website, the conservation of an 80' Saul Steinberg mural, laboratory tours, and our fine art storage facility.
  • ICA News Online--April 2007
  • Topics include the launch of our architectural division, the conservation of a National Underground Railroad Freedom Center textile artwork, the awarding of two free on-site collections surveys, and Monthly Consultation Day.
  • ICA News Online--January 2007
  • Our inaugural issue! Topics include our many initiatives for the coming year, upcoming and successfully completed educational programming, and the launch of AMIEN.
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