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April 22, 2014

CAM2 Inks Deal with ENI USA, R&M


April 1, 2014

Shell Announces Price Increase


March 20, 2014

- PQIA issues Don't Buy on Orbit

- Smitty's Adds Two to its Management Team


March 3, 2014

- CAM2 Acquired by Jack Baker and other investors

- Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. Acquires United Petroleum Company



Eastman to Acquire Aviation Turbine Oil Business from BP

January 16, 2014 

Thwaites and Vintage Acquire Ownership of LSC


December 18, 2013

- Western Marketing Achieves Highest Chevron Lubricant Recognition- - Winning the Eagle Award Two Consecutive Years Running


- News12 Presents an Eye Opening, Three Part Series about Bad Motor Oils on Shelves



December 12, 2013  

- News12 Presents an Eye Opening, Three Part Series about Bad Motor Oils on Shelves



December 10, 2013

- Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. Acquires Bel-Ray Company, Inc.

- Retail Prices Can be Telling




- Retail Prices Can be Telling

- Chevron Announces October 2013 Inductees to the Delo Sponsored Million Mile Club  




- Warren Oil Start Up New Grease Plant

- Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Used Oil Collection Service Territories in the Great Lakes Region

- Mobil 1 Proves Performance with Live Engine Teardown 




- Michigan Orders Another Bad Motor Oil off Its Shelves



- Clean Harbors Announces Acquisition of Evergreen Oil

- Michigan Takes Action to Protect Car Owners From Bad Oil. Orders City Star/Star Petroleum Motor Oils and ATFs off the Shelves!



- More Prices Increases; Price Increase Summary



- Shell Announces Lubricant Price Increase 

- Chevron Recognizes Glockner Oil Company for Strong Lubricant Sales Performance 



- GH Berlin - Windward Acquires Industrial and Commercial Lubricants Business of the Sandri Companies



- Valvoline Partners with Badger Lubrication Technologies


- CITGO® Lubricants Receives GE Jenbacher Approval for Pacemaker® GEO LFG LA 40























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April 22, 2014



Pennzoil is Making a Splash with Pennzoil Platinum and Utra Platinum with PurePlus Technology
When surfing channels this past weekend I had to stop at a new commercial showcasing Pennzoil's new PurePlus Technology; it was different. The ad sent the message that Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum motor oils are now made with PurePlus technology. Instead of motor oils refined from crude oil, the ad makes it clear that Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum synthetic motor oils are born from base oils that come from clean natural gas. And that motor oils made with this technology represent the next generation in performance.
So here we are; gas-to-liquid base oils have finally, officially, and as many anticipated, entered the US market in the bottles of a brand leader. It will be interesting to see how the competition responds to some of the claims.

Check out Pennzoil's PurePlus webpage for more and to see how Pennzoil says Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum motor oils with PurePlus technology stack up against the competition.  


Chevron Introduces the "PitPack" Easy-Dispense Motor Oil System 


Chevron Products Company, a Chevron U.S.A. Inc. division, maker of the Havoline® brand of advanced engine oils, today introduced its new Chevron PitPack easy-dispense motor oil system. The unique packaging and delivery system helps professional motor oil installers more efficiently store and deliver oil to customer vehicles.


The PitPack system can reduce landfill waste by up to 89 percent by using 6-gallon plastic bags and recyclable corrugate boxes of motor oil rather than individual plastic quart bottles. This package can reduce a car's time needed in a service bay by dispensing motor oil quickly from the boxes via a high-flow, no drip tap. Chevron's PitPack rack also has a unique shelf design to keep fluid spills from reaching the floor and allows for easy clean up in fast-paced shop environments.


The up-right PitPack rack system takes up approximately half the space of the equivalent volume of quart cases, allowing businesses to provide the broad range of Havoline®, Delo® and Supreme products. It is a bulk-type alternative for locations where adding another tank is not viable and space for a 55-gallon drum is not available. This solution helps professional installers manage the complexity associated with the growing number of premium products (synthetics, synthetic blends, and high mileage).


Port Consolidated Inc., a Chevron 1

st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer, has already seen the benefits of the PitPack system. According to Michael Griffith, vice president for the company, "The PitPack system is a win for Port Consolidated, a win for our installers, and a win for the consumers. As a distributor, we benefit from an increased ability to penetrate accounts with specialty lubricants and a reduction in delivery frequency as opposed to typical case goods. Our installers benefit from better inventory control, lower cost of goods, and faster turn times. Additionally, the end users like the fact that they are doing their part to help the environment by doing business with a facility that reduces waste."


Dave Schletewitz, Havoline North America Brand Manager at Chevron, added, "The PitPack system can deliver significant operational efficiencies, at a lower cost than dealing with quart packages, all with strong environmental benefits. This 8-box rack system significantly reduces plastic waste by holding the equivalent of 192 plastic quart bottles in its 100% recyclable corrugate boxes. It's a win-win for businesses looking to improve profits, efficiency and their environmental stewardship - and a win for consumers who want to spend their dollars with businesses that are committed to reducing waste in their community."


There will be 20 motor oil products available across the Havoline®, Delo® and Supreme brands, and product orders can be made through the regular channels.


For more information on the PitPack™ easy-dispense motor oil system, go to:





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