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June 14, 2013



Valvoline Partners with Badger Lubrication Technologies


Ashland Consumer Markets, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. announced that Badger Lubrication Technologies is now an authorized distributor for the complete line of Valvoline high-performance lubricants, automotive chemicals, coolants and some additional items, including filters and wiper blades. Badger Lubrication Technologies will primarily distribute these products throughout Wisconsin.


In addition to supplying quick lubes, automotive service centers and car dealerships serving the passenger car market, Badger Lubrication Technologies will also market and sell the full line of premium Valvoline lubricants, coolants and chemicals to the commercial and heavy-duty market, such as truck and bus fleets, mining and construction equipment, and government vehicles. This includes the Valvoline Premium Blue full line of oil, which is the only engine oil approved and endorsed by Cummins Inc.* for testing, development and factory fill.


"Badger Lubrication Technologies offers a high level of service, including equipment installation and repair, said Tom Gerrald, vice president of Valvoline's Installer Channels. We look forward to leveraging the long-term distribution relationships and exceptional service of our new channel

partner to deliver high-performance Valvoline products."


About Valvoline:


Valvoline, a brand of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), is known around the world for its high quality consumer, commercial and industrial lubricants. The Valvoline family of products also includes Eagle Oneappearance products, Car Britecar restoration products, Zerexantifreeze, SynPowerperformance products, MaxLifeproducts created for higher-mileage engines, and NextGenmotor oil created with 50 percent recycled oil. Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM is a leader in serving the quick lube market in the United States.


CITGO® Lubricants Receives GE Jenbacher Approval for Pacemaker® GEO LFG LA 40  

CITGO Lubricants launched its Pacemaker GEO LFG LA 40 gas engine oil with the exclusive GE Jenbacher seal of approval. Designed for biogas operating conditions, Pacemaker GEO LFG LA 40 provides advanced engine protection from contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, halogens and siloxanes.


"Few brands survive the rigorous testing required for GE Jenbacher approval, so we are very proud that our product received it," said Karl Schmidt, general manager of petrochemicals and lubricants for CITGO Petroleum Corporation. "Operators can be confident that our Pacemaker LFG LA 40 will protect a variety of their engines while reducing their operating costs."


According to CITGO, this revolutionary oil has been field-tested and proven to extend drain intervals relative to other major brands. It increases the run time of the engines before extensive overhauls, resulting in significantly less downtime and reduced overall maintenance costs. Pacemaker GEO LFG LA 40 adds to an already robust list of gas engine oil products, solidifying CITGO Lubricants as a major player in the landfill and digester gas segment.



About CITGO Lubricants


CITGO Lubricants manufactures a wide range of oils, fluids and greases for use in on-highway and off-highway fleets, equipment and vehicles, as well as agricultural, industrial gas, metalworking and railroad applications. The company offers customized lubricant solutions that improve productivity and efficiency. These products are available through local and regional distributors and at CITGO Fast and Truck Lube locations. For more information, visit or call 1-800-331-4068.



A JobbersWorld
Pop Quiz!
JobbersWorld ran a "Pop Quiz" in last week's issue. We asked a few questions about the engine shown to the right.

The questions were: 

1- What is the name of the company that manufactured this engine?; 2)  How many horsepower does this beast put out?,  3) What type of oil is used to service this engine?  In addition, we included a bonus question asking; Where was this picture taken?      

Whereas we received hundreds of responses, (some of which admittedly were meant to be humorous), JobbersWorld was shocked by the ability of some of our readers to get it right! With that said...  


The Winner is - Ryan Story! 

Ryan Story Rax Inc.

Ryan Story of Rax Inc. nailed it! Ryan got all three questions and the bonus question right.  


Whereas JobbersWorld expected a lubricant marketer or major oil company to be the first to ring in with the right answers, the winner came from one of the leading suppliers of back-office software to lubricant marketers.  And there is little wonder why. In addition to his talent as a software developer for Rax Inc., Ryan Story is a graduate of Iowa State and a flight instructor in single-engine aircraft. And beyond that, like many pilots, Ryan has a passion for planes and it showed when so quickly aced the pop quiz.


Since 2012 Ryan has been employed by Rax, Inc., a software company for the petroleum industry. He has extensive experience in developing Rax's mobile application (MobileVS) for Salesman. Ryan also has enhanced the EDI interface between Visual Supplier and Exxon/Mobil, Castrol, Shell and PetroCanada, as well as other facets of VS.


JobbersWorld tips its hat to you Ryan; your knowledge of lubricant software and aircraft engines is notable... Job well done!


JobbersWorld also extends a Job Well Done to two others that submitted correct answer to the pop quiz, and they did so within an hour of Ryan's slam dunk.    


Eugene Faulk of J&J Oil Company

The second to get it right was Eugene Faulk of J&J Oil Company, in Athens, AL. Eugene is the General Manager of J & J Oil Co.  J & J Oil is a marketer of BP, Marathon, and Texaco products in North Alabama. Eugene has worked in the petroleum industry for almost 40 years.   


When asked how he knew the answers to the pop quiz, Eugene responded by saying, "Google." While it was clear Eugene was making it sound simple, in speaking with him, it is also clear he is someone who works hard to find solutions to problems. As a post script, Eugene said; take a look at the YouTube video of this engine starting up. "It's an awesome sight".  

Aníbal Ruiz S.Lubricantes Internacionales de Honduras

But the real surprise came shortly after the first two. This is when we received an email with the correct answers from Aníbal Ruiz S. Aníbal is with Lubricantes Internacionales de Honduras S.A de C.V., a Chevron distributor.   


Interestingly, Aníbal said the first hint about the make and model of engine was the "wooden prop." He dated it to be around 1920. And although at first glance he thought the engine was a P-51, he said, "on closer look it was clearly a Liberty 12A." Yikes! Aníbal, did we make this pop quiz too easy for you by showing a wooden prop attached to a hunk of iron? Clearly you know your stuff and Chevron and Lubricantes Internacionales de Honduras S.A should be proud to have you selling for them!


Born and raised in Guatemala, Aníbal has a degree in mechanical engineering. He has 25+ years of experience in the lubricants business, 20+ years with Chevron/Texaco, and 2.5 years working with LUIHSA, a Chevron marketer in Honduras as sales manager. While with Chevron/Texaco, Aníbal traveled extensively through the Caribbean and Central America looking after the company's lubricants business in those countries. Anibal was the first Certified Lubrication Specialist in Latin America in 1997.  While work is important, Aníbal says "I have been married for 24 years to my lovely wife with two grown children, Jose and Carol. I live halfway between Guatemala City and San Pedro Sula, going home to Guatemala on the weekends to spend time with my wife, kids, 2 cats, 3 dogs and my 2011 Mustang GT."


JobbersWorld continues to be impressed by the experience and expertise that resides in the fine people active in our industry. It's clear that whether it's a 1918 Liberty 12A aircraft engine, hydraulic roof supports in a long wall mine, or grease used in a stern tube stuffing box of a container vessel, if you ask the right people in our industry, you will get the right answers.



Now to the answers:


1- What is the name of the company that manufactured this engine?

The engine shown is a Liberty 12A produced by Packard in the United States. It's a 12 cylinder, liquid-cooled aircraft engine that entered the market in 1918. In addition to Packard, this engine was manufactured by several other companies during and after WWI, including Buick, Ford, Cadillac, Lincoln, Marmon. In fact, as an interesting piece of history, the Liberty 12A aircraft engine is credited for driving the formation of Lincoln Motor Company. But that's another story.


2)  How many horsepower does this beast put out?

It has a displacement of 1,649 cu. in, and is rated at 400 to 420 horsepower. This puppy was produced in large numbers for use in De Havilland DH-4, Douglas N-2, Curtis Falcon planes, and others.

3) What type of oil is used to service this engine?

Specific to the engine in the picture, those maintaining it at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome say, "This Liberty uses synthetic 20W-50 viscosity engine oil." This, however, is because it was rebuilt" If it was started without the total rebuild, "we would use a non-detergent type oil to prevent freed buildup within the engine from blocking oil passages."


BONUS QUESTION: Where was this picture taken?

Cole Palen's Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, 9 Norton Rd., Red Hook, NY




Pinnacle Resources, Inc., a privately held lubricants manufacturer with over 30 years in the industry is seeking a regional sales manager. Primary job functions include the marketing of bulk finished lubricants and chemicals across Southeastern United States. Work from home office is allowed and travel time is based on performance. Responsibilities include:

- Establishing and managing accounts.
- Development of sales and profitable growth for both commercial and industrial lubricants.
- Being well organized and representing the company in a professional manner while maintaining an excellent level of customer service.

Qualified personnel please contact



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