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This page provides links to all previous ENGAGE e-Newsletters and e-Blasts.
ENGAGE - NYS Commissioners working across systems together with youth and families - is a brand that includes the following four cross-systems Council on Children and Families initiatives:  
  • ENGAGE - Issue 12  (9/12/2012)
  • Olmstead Plan, National Recovery Month and More!  (8/23/2012)
  • KWIC Webinar, Race to the Top...  (8/15/2012)
  • NY Sibling Survey, 2014 Health Care and More!  (8/9/2012)
  • MRT Update, Sibling Survey, 2014 Health Care Poster and more.
  • OPWDD Commissioner Notes Progress, Grant Opportunities, KWIC Webinar ...  (8/1/2012)
  • OPWDD Updates, a grant resource, Collaborating for foster youth and more.
  • KWIC Webinar, Health Care Law, Women in Government, and More!  (7/23/2012)
  • HHS Partnership Webinar in Spanish, 2013 Fellowship Recommendations, KWIC Come Map with Me! Webinar, and information on Medicaid Eligibility Expansion.
  • e-Blast, KWIC Webinar, Radio Interview, OPWDD...  (7/18/2012)
  • Learn about KWIC Custom Regions, listen to informative kinship radio interview, MRT updates and more...
  • Medicaid Redesign, NDSC, Community Cafes  (7/9/2012)
  • The Medicaid Redesign Team has updated information on Supportive Housing Allocation. Public comments are requested by the State Education Department's Office of Special Education and SAMHSA issued a new report on drug use.
  • Chronic Absenteeism and more  (6/25/2012)
  • The Council on Children and Families released a KIDS COUNT brief on the Risk of Chronic Absenteeism Among Students in New York State. SAMHSA has developed a Suicide Prevention Toolkit for High Schools.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - MHF Grant, FPA Credential and more  (6/5/2012)
  • The Mental Health Foundation has a grant available. Families Together in NYS is accepting applications for the New York Family Peer Advocate Credential.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Kinship Reports Now Available  (5/24/2012)
  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation released a report on Kinship Families. HRSA announced training grants and funding is available for projects focusing on mental health needs of young adults.
  • e-Blast Statewide Health Insurance Exchange  (4/26/2012)
  • The Governor issued an Executive Order establishing a NYS Health Exchange. New skills Achievement Commencement for students with severe disabilities. OPWDD is addressing training for direct support professionals.
  • e-Blast - Annoucing Social Media  (4/3/2012)
  • The ENGAGE team is excited to announce the addition of Twitter and Facebook to our ENGAGE communications tool box. By way of example, and with a primary purpose of ENGAGE being to strengthen cross-systems communications, using Twitter allows us to share information with you more frequently.
  • e-Blast - NY Youth Works Program  (2/29/2012)
  • Learn about the NY Youth Works Program. The NY Youth Works Program is designed to provide tax incentives to businesses hiring and training unemployed, disadvantaged, inner-city youth.
  • ENGAGE - Issue 11  (2/17/2012)
  • Announcing the Families Together Annual Conference, updates on 1115-People-First-Waiver, QUALITYstarsNY brochure, tax credits for families and much more.
  • E-Blast - SAMSHAs Co-occuring Disorders, Promoting Recovery, Supporting Housing, Homeless Survey  (1/5/2012)
  • This issue contains information on supportive house, co-occurring disorders, promoting recovery, homeless survey and more.
  • ENGAGE - Issue 10  (12/22/2011)
  • This issue contains information on a transition survey, FTNYS Annual Legislative Luncheon, a collaborative youth summit, a social-emotional development report, funding opportunities and much more.
  • e-Blast - Permancy Options, NYC Funding Opportunity, RFI, FASD Brochures & More  (11/23/2011)
  • This e-Blast contains information on the NYS Kinship Guardian Assistance Program, NYC Out-of-School-Time funding opportunity, Family Peer Advocate Credential, OPWDD RFI and more.
  • e-Blast - Child Poverty, Family-to-Family Supports, and more  (11/15/2011)
  • This issue contains information on the new Supplemental Poverty Measure, Family-to-Family supports, resources for families with incarcerated parents, and grant opportunities for seriously ill children.
  • ENGAGE - Issue 9  (11/4/2011)
  • This issue contains information on the signing of the Autism Bill, MRT Final Recommendations, Teen Alcohol Risk Screening Guide, Managed Care Fact Sheets and much more.
  • e-Blast - Medicaid, ADHD Awareness, Red Ribbon Week  (10/18/2011)
  • This e-Blast contains information on Regional BHO meetings, NYS Medicaid Infrastructure Grant, ADHD Awareness Week, Grad Nation Communities, Red Ribbon Week and more.
  • e-Blast - Citiziens Chat, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Policy  (9/28/2011)
  • This e-Blast contains announcements on Governor's Cuomo's new website - Citizens Chat, Domestic Violence Awareness Day, National Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Week, and much more!
  • e-Blast - Storm Relief, Youth Suicide, BHO Notices, MH Staff Training Forum  (9/16/2011)
  • This e-Blast includes announcements on Governor Cuomo's Household Appliances Grant Program, Youth Suicide Prevention Training and Mental Health Staff Training, as well as BHO conditional awards.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 8  (9/9/2011)
  • This issue contains information on FASD, YOUTH POWER! Job Openings, community service awards, federal statistic report, A Medical Guide for Youth in Foster Care, information on the availability of YASI training, OASAS holding public hearings on 5-Year Comprehensive Plan.
  • e-Blast - Useful Resources, Suicide Prevention Awareness  (8/18/2011)
  • This e-Blast contains information about our new Text-to-Join functionality, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the release of the 2011 Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT Data Book and much more.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 7  (8/1/2011)
  • This issue contains information about children with dual diagnosis, the Dare to Dream America Program, low-income home cooling program, Parent Corps, Wraparound Training opportunity and much more.
  • e-Blast - Parenting Education, COPS, Scholarship, KWIC  (6/15/2011)
  • This e-Blast contains an article on cross-systems learning and collaboration to advance the Regents eight-point agenda; a new data tool available on KWIC that allows users to create custom county regions and aggregate data for those regions; information regarding 2011 PEP Mini Grants; guidance on COPS; as well as the availability of a scholarship fund for children of the fallen.
  • e-Blast - Medicaid, PIRC, Fellowship  (5/25/2011)
  • This e-Blast contains an update on the Medicaid Redesign, Elimination of the Sole Federal Funding Stream for Family Engagement in Education, as well as information on a Fellowship on Women and Public Policy.
  • e-Blast - Community Transformation Grants  (5/17/2011)
  • This e-Blast announces the new SAGE Commission website, the availability of 75 Community Transformation Grants, and National Foster Care Month.
  • e-Blast - Mental Health Awareness Day  (5/4/2011)
  • May 9th is Mental Health Awareness Day. The NYS Education Department is
    soliciting Input to aid policy updates on establishing financial need.
  • e-Blast - Child Abuse Prevention Month  (4/20/2011)
  • In New York State, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Efforts to raise awareness about keeping children safe can be found across the state.
  • e-Blast Week of the Young Child  (4/11/2011)
  • April 10th-16th is the Week of the Young Child. The purpose of this designation is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the value of early childhood programs and services across our great state.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Children's Exposure to Violence  (4/6/2011)
  • The U.S. Department of Justice and Health and Human Services have jointly released, "Evidence-Based Practices for Children Exposed to Violence: A Selection from Federal Databases." This publication summarizes findings and evidence from federal research reviews, studies and program evaluations to help localities address children's exposure to violence and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Autism Awareness Month  (4/1/2011)
  • April is Autisim Awareness Month. Visit the Autism Society and NYacts websites to learn more about autism spectrum disorders and services.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 6  (3/23/2011)
  • This newsletter includes articles about: the release of the 2010 Touchstones/KIDS COUNT Data Book, News from our family and youth partners, Community Café Training, Cyberbullying and Suicide, Social Emotional Learning, Violence Prevention and Social Emotional Development.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Medicaid Provider Information  (2/8/2011)
  • This e-Blast shares information about a monthly Medicaid Update newsletter providing timely information on all kinds of Medicaid activities.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Medicaid/Mentoring  (1/11/2011)
  • Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announces Medicaid Website. January is National Mentoring Month.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 5  (12/29/2010)
  • This newsletter highlights the redesign of the Kids' Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse (KWIC), bullying prevention, suicide prevention webinar, and a federal funding opportunity.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Parent/School Collaboration Survey e-Blast  (12/22/2010)
  • An invitation to participate in a survey that will examine parent-school collaboration as it relates to parental and child characteristics.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - Magellan Health Services and BBI Webinars   (11/24/2010)
  • Magellan Health Services and the Building Bridges Initiative present a
    December Webinar Series focusing on behavioral health issues affecting children and youth.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast - YouthPower! NYC & LI Regional Forums  (11/16/2010)
  • YOUTH POWER!, a partner in the child-serving agencies' Commissioners' cross-systems efforts, announces a series of Regional Youth Forums around the state.
  • ENGAGE e-Blast Introduction   (10/21/2010)
  • This first ENGAGE e-Blast is our latest communications tool designed to help our subscribers stay informed of timely cross-systems events and information.
  • Issue 4 Correction - Suicide Prevention Article  (9/21/2010)
  • The NYS Suicide Prevention Resource article from the fourth issue of our ENGAGE Newsletter contained incorrect information. The article stated that "Nationally, on average, almost 3,000 people commit suicide daily." We mistakenly added the word nationally, when this article was speaking globally.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 4  (9/16/2010)
  • This newsletter includes information on: the expansion of Mental Health Services in Brooklyn; Bigelow Corners; the NY Bridge Health Insurance Plan; NYSPEP; the upcoming SEL Summit; Suicide Prevention in NYS; NYacts.org; the Building Bridges Initiative; the upcoming Latino Summit, as well as a link to the new ENGAGE Cross-systems Event Calendar.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 3  (7/29/2010)
  • This newsletter includes information on: the hiring of new regional youth partners; the myBenefits.ny.gov resource; cross-systems training; the Promise Zones; grants to support behavioral health; and the Clinic Plus-Probation Joint Initiative.
  • ENGAGE Newsletter - Issue 2  (5/28/2010)
  • This newsletter includes information on: the Parenting Education Initiative; the Systems of Care Webinar Series; Respite Mini-Grants Opportunity; Dept. of Labor Eduator Academy; Insurance/Managed Care Panel Discussion-Save the Date; Dori Duke Fellowships for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.
  • Introductory ENGAGE Newsletter  (4/7/2010)
  • This newsletter includes an introduction describing the purpose of the newsletter, initiative updates, a respite survey and information about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
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