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    JPII - Vat-St photo  People of Life is the pro-life action campaign of the USCCB  
      Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities.
    Our mission is to activate the 
      Church, its people,
    and its institutions to defend life through a
    program of prayer and worship, public education
    information, public policy efforts, and pastoral care called
      the Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities.
    Our tools are
      education, advocacy, information, media, prayers, and the
      strength of tens of thousands who speak with one voice:
      We are committed to stopping
    the intentional destruction of
      human life!
    Check out the archives below to learn what people
      just like you,
    People of Life, have accomplished.

    Each of us has been tasked by Bl. John Paul II to help  build
    "a great campaign in support of life."

    If you would like to join People of Life with your contribution, please click here.
    Visit us for prayers, resources and much more!