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January 2014
The facts speak for themselves
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This objective of this newsletter is to clarify and debunk the world of electronic advertising.  If this does not interest you or is not in your line of work, please kindly unsubscribe below.  We certainly don't want to clutter your inbox with irrelevant material.

The facts speak for themselves


Paperitalo Publications is starting a new year off right by giving businesses the opportunity to view all that advertising in our digitally native publications has to offer. Through www.paperitalolab.com, we have created an interactive website to show the potential benefits of online advertising.

The steps are simple and the impact is huge.

 www.paperitalolab.com enter your email and let the fun begin. After entering the website, the pages go as followed: purpose of the website, about us, background, contact form, and advertising objectives. Navigating through the site is as simple as clicking next, back, and background.



About us simply states some of the advantages of advertising with Paperitalo Publications, which include:   

* There are 20,000 touches daily through our online publications.
* Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience.
* We have 20 monthly newsletters.
* Our company has the only pulp and paper radio show worldwide.

Background shows you an in depth look of the professional objectives, history and standards of the company.

If you wish for further information or do not have the time to explore further, fill out the contact form and we will answer any questions.

Finally, advertising objectives gives our professional understanding of effective advertising through a 10-point list to go along with our advice regarding what to do.

It is incredible how far reaching online advertising in the pulp and paper industry can be. If you look for yourself, the facts speak for themselves.      


Please contact any of the following for further information:  



Curt Gifford


Helen Roush



Jim Thompson


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 "Paperitalo" (pop-er-ree-towel-o) is Finnish for "Paper House."  We produce and distribute, electronically only, many publications dealing with all matters in the pulp and paper industry worldwide.  You can see a list of these here.  Additionally, we broadcast live, and in podcast form, from  Pulp and Paper Radio International.

Our print publications are the highest ranked publications in the pulp and paper industry worldwide according to alexa.com.  We publish our and our major competitors' Alexa rankings each Monday here.

We currently experience around 20,000-plus clicks, or as we like to call them "touches", every day from around the world.  This means on average, every minute of every day, slightly more than 14 people choose to click on to one of our publications or podcasts.
Paperitalo Publications, a subsidiary of
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Publisher & Editor--Steve Roush

Sales Manager--Curt Gifford

Senior Sales-- Wayne Bucher

Regional Sales--Art Burgess

Senior Communications Coordinator--Helen Roush

CEO & Executive Editor--Jim Thompson

Vice President, Operations--Allison Gifford
Talo Analytic International, Inc.
4018 Keeneland Court
Duluth, Georgia 30096