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February 2013
The Power and Energy of Advertising
Don't forget the spoken word
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This objective of this newsletter is to clarify and debunk the world of electronic advertising.  If this does not interest you or is not in your line of work, please kindly unsubscribe below.  We certainly don't want to clutter your inbox with irrelevant material.

The Power and Energy of Advertising


Certainly the power of the written word is indisputable. Were this not so, why would companies spend millions and millions of dollars each year to advertise in newspapers, magazines, trade and industry journals (online or in print), on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.? A well-crafted, well-placed ad in the right publication gives a new or established company or service the exposure necessary to catapult them to the top of their clients' and prospects' mind. Paperitalo Publications has the power to bring you the exposure you are seeking in the world of pulp and paper. Our readership at Nip Impressions and PaperMoney are top-ranked in the industry by the Worldwide Alexa Rankings.


Don't forget the spoken word...

Similarly the spoken word has the power to create excitement and energy.  Every year, companies vie for spots on prime time television, the various bowl games and sports playoffs. Local and national radio stations get prime dollars from advertisers for the exposure and the energy created for their business by well-placed 15- and 30-second commercials. Similarly, Paperitalo's latest venture into Internet radio has generated a steadily growing following among your peers in the paper and pulp industry. Join us at Pulp & Paper Radio International at  www.pnpri.com and consider placing a test commercial with us.


The Theme for discussion in March is Water Usage and in April is Fiber Supply.


Please contact me for specific information about advertising with us at Paperitalo Publications:

Donna Schmid

Director of Sales




Skype: donna.schmid64

Pulp & Paper Radio International's new Bio series is proving popular.

Our first biography was on David Ashcraft, a well-known industry leader.  If you know someone we should interview, or if you are interested in sponsoring this series, one show or many, just contact us below.


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 "Paperitalo" (pop-er-ree-towel-o) is Finnish for "Paper House."  We produce and distribute, electronically only, many publications dealing with all matters in the pulp and paper industry worldwide.  You can see a list of these here.  Additionally, we broadcast live, and in podcast form, from Pulp and Paper Radio International.

Our print publications are the highest ranked publications in the pulp and paper industry worldwide according to alexa.com.  We publish our and our major competitors' Alexa rankings each Monday here.

We currently experience around 4,000 clicks, or as we like to call them "touches", every day from around the world.  This means on average, every minute of every day, slightly more than two people choose to click on to one of our publications or podcasts.
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