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Loving yourSelf Foundation is an initiative to inspire you to form an inner connection to love yourSelf. I hope it becomes your magic wand for achieving the gentle transformations that you desire in your life.
We offer the Loving Therapies - holistic and complementary solutions for a personal healing session to integrate your mind, body and energy to gain a sense of completion and fulfillment in all areas of life.
We offer our Loving Workshops if you feel like entering the gateway of personal growth and spiritual advancement. The intention is to make you aware that You can love yourselves. You can awaken to love and allow yourselves to live in the place of joy where positive changes happen automatically and thus spiritual unfoldment takes place within you by design.
HypnoBirthing - Loving Babieschild birth education classes if you are interested in exploring the opportunity of welcoming your baby into your world in a relaxed and peaceful manner.
Do look through the Loving Movies and join the club for your invitation to the screenings of various inspirational and heart felt films every month.
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