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Sharp & to the Point Archives for 2016
  • Retail #7-2016
  • Including - In-the-Spotlight: On Your Mark: About Marking Knives; Happy Toolidays: Your List of 75 Hock Tools $50 or Less.
  • Retail #6-2016
  • Including - Q&A: Will a Hock Blade Fit a Lie-Nielsen Plane?'; Advancing Handtools: 6 More Schools that Teach You how to Make Your Own Wooden Handplane; Photo Album: Dan Kratville's Chef's Knife Odyssey.
  • Retail #5-2016
  • Including - In-the-Spotlight: Scraper Planes You Want to Know, Use & Love; Advancing Handtools: Isaac Fisher's Wooden Scraper Plane Beats the Curl; We're Going to WIA 9-16-18, 2016.
  • Retail #4/2016
  • Including - Q&A: Ron Answers a Question about a Clogged Bench Plane; Advancing Handtools: A Sampling of What's Out There: 7 Schools that Teach You Plane Making; Hock Tools Photo Album: Ward Shrake's Hot Rod of a Block Plane - Validating Hobbies & a Love of Handtools
  • Retail #3/2016
  • Including --In-the-Spotlight: Make a Chef's Knife in Time for Mother's or Father's Day; Advancing Handtools: Ann Briggs Bohnett's second article in F&C Magazine features Hock Tools.
  • Retail #2-2016
  • Including - Shout-Out: Will the Real Iron Man Please Step Forward? by Anne Briggs Bohnett; In-the-Spotlight: Subscribing to a British Woodworking Magazine is Easier than you Think.
  • Retail #1-2016
  • Including - People Profile: Have You Heard About the Minimalist Woodworker? Vic Tesolin is just that and wrote a book about it, too!; Shout-Out: Let's Get Woodworking 2016!; In-the-Spotlight: Don't Forget to Order Your Hock Tools Apron.
Sharp & to the Point Archives for 2015
  • Retail #7/2015  (11/24/2015)
  • Including--New: Hock Tools Shop Aprons; Advancing Handtools: Your Happy Toolidays List of 75 Hock Tools $50 or Less; Photo Album: Scott Seganti Tells the Story of His Special Marking Knife; In-the-Spotlight: Some May Call them Utility Knives, We Call them Carving, Marking & Violin Knives.
  • Retail #6/2015  (10/15/2015)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: The European Woodworking Show 2015; Q&A: Epoxy Kits; How2: Glue in a Wear Strip; Shout-Out: The Krenov Foundation's Two Big Awards
  • Retail #5, 2015  (7/9/2015)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: What You Don't Know About Spokeshaves; In-the-Spotlight: Hock Tools Spokeshave Kits; Photo Album: Vincent Lavarenne's Self-Made Spokeshave; and as promised, More On Sharpening Kitchen Knives.
  • Retail #4/2015  (5/12/2015)
  • Blades that are Sharp, Sharper, Sharpest. Including--Advancing Handtools: Sharpening Kitchen Knives; Hock Tools Photo Album: Mark Ketelsen's Go-to Smoother.
  • Retail #3/2015  (3/12/2015)
  • Including--In-the-Spotlight: Two New Knife Kits from Hock Tools Available Now!; Photo Album: Keep it Simple-Russ Grimm's Smoother & Scrub; Shout-Out: Million and Clark Make Knives for You
  • Retail #2/2015  (2/18/2015)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: 12 Tips on Using a Shoulder Plane; Shout-Out: Get Woodworking Week 2015
Sharp & to the Point Archives for 2014
  • Retail #7-2014  (11/14/2014)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: 75 Hock Tools Priced $50 or Less; Hock Tools Photo Album: Mike Forsey's Adventures in Wooden Handplanes; Shout-Out: Glen-Drake Toolworks New Website
  • Retail #6 - 2014  (9/27/2014)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: The Proud & Unplugged, Your Small, Independent Woodworking Handtool Makers; Hock Tools Photo Album: Our Adventures at WIA 2014
  • Retail #5/2014  (7/29/2014)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: Up Close & Sharp- What Microscopy Tells You About Getting Your Sharp On; In-the-Spotlight: You're Smart to Plan for Knife Kit Gifts
  • Retail #4 / 2014  (6/24/2014)
  • Including--Q&A:Tips for Making Your Own Planes; Photo Album:Bill Burton and Ken Schaible Own It!
  • Retail #3/2014  (5/13/2014)
  • Including--Advancing Handtools: Sharpening Marking Knives; In-the-Spotlight: Hock Tools' Small Blades
  • Retail #2/2014  (3/20/2014)
  • Including--Guest Contributor Scott Meek: Holy Crap, I'm a Plane Maker!; Hock Tools Photo Album: Bill Heidt's and Tom Buhl's Completed Knife Kits.
  • Retail #1/2014  (1/9/2014)
  • Including--People Profile: Ejler Hjorth-Westh, a 5,000 Year Old Man; In-the-Spotlight; Bench Plane Blades & Cap Iron Sets; Advancing Handtools; Plane Iron Geometry
Sharp & to the Point Archives for 2013

  • Retail #10/2013  (12/9/2013)
  • A simple season's greeting -- what we call Hypeless Holidays. Thank you!
  • Retail #9/2013  (11/25/2013)
  • Including -- Q&A: How Do I Get Started with a Scratch Stock?; Photo Album: A Slice from Woodworking in America 2013 w/ 2013 Portrait of Proud & Unplugged
  • Retail #8/2013  (10/11/2013)
  • Including -- In-the-Spotlight: Introducing New Kitchen Knife Kits; Advancing Handtools: Sharpening with a Steel
  • #7/2013  (9/16/2013)
  • Including -- Q&A: Help Flattening the Big Dog, a Stanley #8; Advancing Handtools: How Flat is Flat Enough; Photo Album: Our 1st Retirement
  • #6/2013  (8/8/2013)
  • Including -- People Profiles: Modern Woodworkers Association; Photo Album: Steve Bunck's Irristible Desire; Shout-Out: Woodworking in America 2013
  • #5/2013  (7/12/2013)
  • Including -- Q&A: Radius Planes and Convex Shapes; Advancing Handtools: Sharpening Metal Spokeshaves; In-the-Spotlight: Hock Tools Spokeshave Kits and Spokeshave Blades with link to Mike Morton video on building a Hock Tools Spokeshave Kit
  • #4/2013  (6/7/2013)
  • Including -- Guest Contributor: Dave Jeske of Blue Spruce Toolworks; Advancing Handtools: Sharpening Chisels; Photo Album: Tim Endsley, and The Large Elf, aka Tom Winner
  • Q&A Edition #1/2013  (4/25/2013)
  • Including -- Q&A: Cambering Corners of Blades; Advancing Handtools: Severing Wood Fibers; In-The-Spotlight: Radius-Edged Plane Assemblies
  • #3/2013  (3/29/2013)
  • Including -- Isaac Fisher: Shaping Planes to Fit, an Interview and Video; Photo Album: Hermie Tolerba's Plane Trilogy
  • #2/2013  (3/14/2013)
  • Including -- A thank you for helping us win a 2012 Constant Contact All Star Award for Sharp & to the Point, the Hock Tools newsletter. We couldn't have done it without you!
  • #1/2013  (2/1/2013)
  • Including -- Interview with Joe Novack: Not Your Average Woodshop Teacher; Photo Album: Woodworker & Toolmaker Julio Alonzo Diaz & his Flamingo Marking Knife; In-the-Spotlight: The Hock Tools Small Block Plane
Sharp & to the Point Archives for 2012

  • #6/2012  (11/28/2012)
  • Including -- Tooliday Greetings; People Profile on Michael Scott Morton: One of Woodworking's Total Participants (with video); Hock Tools Holiday Sampler and link to 50 Hock Tools Under $35
  • #5/2012  (10/3/2012)
  • Including -- More Blood & Gore: An Interview with Patrick Leach; Photo Album: Juan Jovey Falls Down the Rabbit Hole into the Wonderland of Infill Planes; Guest Contributor: Kenneth Speed: Father of Gizmozilla & DIY Strong
  • #4/2012  (8/6/2012)
  • Including -- Interview with Laura Mays: +Evolutionary, -Revolutionary; Photo Album: Cool Plane Making, Cool Plane Makers; A Bit about Block Plane Blades
  • #3/2012  (4/18/2013)
  • Including -- Interview with Joel Moskowitz; Tools for Working Wood & Gramercy Tools; Photo Album: John Cullen's Two Wooden Planes; The Handtool Continuum: Planes Across America: History Repeats Itself in a Good Way;
  • #2/2012  (3/26/2012)
  • Including -- Interview with Chris Schwarz; Photo Album: Handmade Tools for Handmade Work; Guest Contributor: Raney Nelson of Daed Toolworks
  • #1/2012  (1/30/2012)
  • Including -- Article about John Bogdanovich, Guitar Maker; Photo Album: Joe Ulman's Own Tools; Guest Contributor: Kevin Drake of Glen-Drake Toolworks; Get Woodworking Week 2012
Sharp & to the Point Archives for 2011

  • #6/2011  (12/4/2011)
  • Includes -- Holiday Greeting; 45 Hock Tools Under $35; Three Great Gift Recommendations
  • #5/2011   (11/15/2011)
  • Includes -- Interview with Craig Vandall Stevens; Photo Album: Chester Barbasa's Own Tool Set Made with Hock Tools; The Proud & Unplugged at WIA 2011
  • #4/2011  (9/19/2011)
  • Includes -- Article on J.D. Wagner Rods; Photo Album: George Beck's Planes
  • #3/2011  (8/3/2011)
  • Includes -- Article on Woodworking in America; Photo Album: Greg Blake's Planes; Join the Proud & Unplugged
  • #2/2011  (5/20/2011)
  • Includes -- Q&A: What is the Difference Between 01 and A2 Tool Steels?; Photo Album: At the Crucible; Article on Ken Nieswender; Why We Love Hobbyists.
  • #1/2011  (2/21/2011)
  • Includes -- Article on Can-Do-Kits; Blogger Al Navas; Keep 'Em on the Road, Er, the Bench.
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