Never Miss A Call: A 10-Step Process to Bulletproofing Your Funeral Home's Phone Lines

NFDA's Magazine, The Director, recently published the article "Never Miss A Call: A 10-Step Process to Bulletproofing your Funeral Home's Phone Lines" - a complete guide to safeguarding your funeral home's telephone with call forwarding features and techniques. The article was written by ASD Staff Writer Jessica Fowler and examines various scenarios when it is crucial to maintain open lines of communication. 

A single missed call can have a snowball effect for a funeral home. You don't have to be neglectful or careless to miss a phone call--it happens to us all. But for directors, remaining vigilant of all telephone activity at the funeral home is crucial to the success of the business. Even if you reside at the funeral home or staff the desk 24/7, you still may end up missing that critical call if you haven't taken the proper steps to safeguard your phone lines. Here are 10 ways to ensure your families can always reach you:

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ASD is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our Rewards Program, Bluefin Payment Systems. Bluefin Payment Systems is a leading provider of merchant account services to the funeral profession. The company has extensive experience serving funeral homes and crematoriums in addition to working with over 15,000 U.S. and Canadian businesses.


ASD's partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems provides you with access to Bluefin's highly secure payment gateway for processing credit, debit and ACH transactions. Payments can be accepted anytime, anywhere, using a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can even set up billing plans for families, allowing them to spread payments out over time. 


"ASD has created a new class of answering services exclusively for funeral homes," says John Perry, CEO of Bluefin Payment Systems. "This falls in line with our commitment to the funeral profession, and combined we can offer superior products and services that will provide efficiency and convenience to funeral homes, directors and families."


ASD clients will receive an exclusive discount on each transaction with Bluefin in the form of an ASD credit. To learn more about Bluefin Payment Systems, click here or call 631-719-8665.

Funeral Directors Share Favorite Activities with ASD
David and Gidgett Roberts taking in the scenic views of Tennessee from the Blueridge Parkway on their motorcycle.

Funeral Home: F.S. Roberts & Son Funeral Home


Location: Rowley, MA


Favorite ASD Feature: The ASD Mobile app for Android 


Favorite Pastime: Traveling to different parts of the country on a motorcycle and taking in all the sights.

David and Gidgett enjoying the beautiful landscape in Lake George, NY.
  ASD's "Favorite Pastime" Series:


We would love to share more photos of funeral directors enjoying their favorite pastime. Send us a photo of you engaged in your favorite hobby or activity for us to share and show others what you love to do when you're not doing outstanding work at your funeral home! Please email all photos or inquiries to


In honor of Valentines Day, ASD wishes to relay how grateful we are to work with the funeral service community. We feel lucky to be able to interact on a daily basis with such dedicated and caring professionals. According to Family-Member Owner Kathy Kelley, ASD's decision to work exclusively with funeral homes many years ago was prompted by the Czachor family's appreciation for how directors treated ASD and their callers.


"No one else cared about the quality of the person answering the phone but funeral directors were just nicer and wanted to be more available. They really cared about how we treated their callersThat's why our family decided to start working exclusively with funeral homes," Kathy says. 


There are countless reasons we feel fortunate to work in this profession and believe funeral directors are the best clients any company could have. Here are just some of the many things we love about funeral directors: 


1) Sensitivity:  ASD recognizes that for most funeral directors, selecting this vocation isn't a choice-it is a calling. And for many, the reasons cannot be counted or explained because they are intangible: a moment of peace for a distraught window or a few seconds of laughter from a child who is confused by death. These are things that cannot be measured or put into words. Even when dealing with feelings of their own grief, funeral professionals continually put the needs of others ahead of their own. They are driven to do work that brings comfort and peace to others and we at ASD can think of nothing more commendable.


2) Dedication: Funeral directors do not simply work, you live your profession. You sacrifice your own personal and family time to remain available to your community 24/7. As the leading funeral home answering service, ASD experiences firsthand the commitment funeral professionals have to families. We hear your tired voice gathering information after a 3am phone call. We listen when you have to exit a party or ballgame to handle business. As the rest of the business world shifts to automation, funeral directors continue to extend a personal touch to the public in order to remain a constant resource for their community. 


3) Sense of Humor: One of the most common prank calls ASD receives is from funeral directors prank calling other funeral directors to report the passing of "Myra Mains" (aka "my remains"). There is no denying that funeral directors are some of the most hilarious people on the planet. The ASD team has a blast attending funeral home conventions because we know to look forward to many entertaining interactions with our clients. 


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Important Call Forwarding Tips for Funeral Homes (Part 3) 


During the past several months, ASD has been sharing Call Forwarding Tips to help your funeral home protect every phone call and retain open lines of communication. ASD highly recommends connecting with your local phone company to determine if these call forwarding features are available in your area.

In Part One of this series, ASD explained how to ensure your phone lines always forward to ASD if the line is not picked up at the funeral home by a predetermined number of rings. In Part Two, we discussed forwarding phone lines to your cell phone and how Cell Phone Back Up Call Forwarding can safeguard the calls you can't answer in time. This month, we explore what happens when two callers or more contact your funeral home simultaneously while your lines are forwarded.

Are you aware that you could be losing business due to restrictions from your local phone company? Many phone companies will not forward multiple calls at the same time to ASD or to your cell phone unless you request it. This means if two callers happen to dial your funeral home's number at the same time while your lines are diverted, one of the callers will hear a fast busy signal or error message. ASD has the ability to answer 1 to 100 of your calls simultaneously but this feature must first be set up by contacting your local phone company. 


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ASD Call Specialist Maria
When business owners and experts discuss the importance of a versatile and adaptable staff, they are talking about employees like Maria. In the three years Maria has worked for ASD she has proven herself as an asset to the company with her compassionate phone demeanor and the strong level of support she offers to Spanish-speaking callers. Many funeral homes in the Southwest have commented on Maria's professionalism and accuracy. In addition to her contributions as a member of ASD's bilingual staff, she has also trained many of ASD's employees. We are proud to feature Maria as this month's Employee Spotlight.
What are some things you learned from working at ASD?

The voice callers hear when calling a funeral home and speaking to ASD is also the first impression they have of the funeral home. It's important to create a good first impression for them with compassion and professionalism.

What do you like most about your job at ASD?

The variety of calls and always getting different callers with different requests. I also like when a caller or funeral director thanks you for being patient or compassionate. It means a lot when they appreciate your dedication.

What was one of your most difficult calls & how did you help this caller?

The most difficult calls are calls taken from other parents. A mom called to report her child's passing and said how she didn't expect to ever have to make that call and how a parent should never have to bury a child. It was a touching and sad call that reminded me how times are changing. It was important for me to be compassionate and make sure she knew how sorry I was. 

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ASD Clients Have Received More Than $52,100 in Rewards Credits
Start sharing in the savings and 
reduce your answering service cost by 50% or more!

For decades, funeral directors have been waking from a deep slumber to provide assistance to families after the loss of a loved one. ASD understands that no service can ever replace the personal touch of a funeral director for a grieving family. We strive to develop new and innovative ways to provide you with convenience while handling the time-sensitive demands of your business. 

Here are 4 solutions ASD created to assist you with those inescapable late night calls:

Create an On-Call Schedule

ASD's custom-built communication systems allow you to make automatic changes to your funeral home's on-call procedures. For instance, many funeral homes prefer to be contacted for all messages until a certain time of night when their on-call will automatically change to the more restrictive Death-Only option. Others use this option to revert their settings so that a different on-call staff member is contacted for messages after a specified time. These options will ensure that if your phone rings overnight, you will know immediately the call is regarding a recent passing. You can create a custom on-call schedule on the ASD Mobile app, by clicking the On-Call tab after logging in to, or by simply relaying instructions to our Call Specialist when checking out.  

Use ASD's First Call Report

How many times have you experienced this scenario: it's late at night, you're not on call, but you can't sleep because you know someone in your town is close to passing away. Maybe it's a family you have a close connection to or have worked with for generations and every time you try to shut your eyes you worry that something could go wrong. ASD has created a solution for this problem that keeps all funeral home staff on the same page at all times. Our First Call Report allows owners and managers to monitor all First Call activity handled by their on-call staff. After your on-call person receives a First Call, ASD will send complete details and a recording of the call to the owner's or manager's cell phone or email. The First Call Report displays each step taken to reach your staff and keeps clients on top of all business opportunities, even when others are on-call. 

Click here to read 2 more tips for Late Night Calls.

This week, our Call Specialist, Shakti, answered a call from an elderly woman who was lost trying to find the funeral home. Shakti provided the caller with cross streets and landmark information and then followed up by asking if she was on her way to a service. The caller revealed that she was coming to the funeral home for the first time and wanted to talk to someone about prearrangements. 
Shakti then gathered contact information and let the caller know she would notify a director right away. Because of Shakti's foresight and intuition, the director was made aware in advance that the woman would be stopping by and was able to prepare for her arrival. Shakti is this week's "Sensitive Save of the Week" winner!
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The organizations and associations listed below have endorsed ASD as their preferred answering service, supported our company as a business partner or selected ASD for a vendor membership: 

ASD is proud to be a Preferred Partner of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association.
ASD is thrilled to be selected as a Provider of Preference by the North Carolina Funeral Directors Association
ASD is proud to be a Special Vendor Member of the California Funeral Directors Association. 
ASD is honored to join the  Virginia Funeral Directors Association's Partnership Program.   
ASD is thrilled to become a Supplier Member of the
ASD Supports the IFDA as a Provider of Preference
ASD is proud to be a Business Member of the OGR
ASD is honored to join the ARFDA's Sales Club

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Family Owned and Operated, ASD - Answering Service for Directors has been helping funeral homes manage their calls and their lives since 1972. With a visionary approach to business, ASD has redefined the way Funeral Directors serve families, combining unparalleled levels of training and advanced technology.


Find out why ASD is the most trusted answering service for funeral homes with a 30-Day FREE TRIAL of our service. Be sure to ask about our current special!




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ASD on the Road
ICCFA'S 2013 Annual Convention & Expo
April 10-14 in Tampa, FL

 Every year, ASD looks forward to the ICCFA Convention and Expo for an opportunity to meet clients from across the country. If you're attending, be sure to stop by our booth (#515) and ask about our latest features and promotions. ASD will be raffling off some amazing prizes and giving out some new and exciting FREE gifts we think you'll love. We hope to see you there!
Congratulations to Mr. Roberts from Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers on winning the iPad ASD donated to the the CANA-NFDA Cremation Symposium
Attention VA Funeral Directors:
Looking to earn some CE Credits? 
ASD Family Member Owner, Kevin Czachor,
ASD's Kevin Czachor
will be conducting a class on March 7 at the Virginia Funeral Directors Associaton's Traveling Caravan event. The event will take place at Mary Washington University Campus and Kevin's class will be held from 3:15p to 4:15p following a full lineup of dynamic speakers. 

Kevin's class will focus on how to use call forwarding and mobile tools to improve quality and service to families. Participants will analyze various scenarios under which telecommunications play a vital role in the customer experience.

"We are honored that the VFDA chose to partner with ASD. I look forward to meeting the association's members in person at the VFDA's Traveling Caravan event in March," Kevin says.

To learn more about the VFDA's Traveling Caravan event and Kevin's class, click here.
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Explore ASD's facility from the comfort of your chair!
For many years, we have wanted to show our clients the technology and infrastructure we have in place here at ASD. We're excited to share with you a high-definition, Virtual Tour of our facility. Use the arrow keys to move from room to room or zoom in on anything you would like to see in closer detail.
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ASD's Pledge to Clients 
Our top-quality service maintains the highest degree of professionalism with extensive training, careful monitoring and cutting-edge technology that tracks and records every incoming call. We understand that our voice may be the first impression a family member has of your funeral home and continually review your calls so that every time your phone rings, an experienced and compassionate operator will be there to answer.

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