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ASD's Powerful Onsite Generator
On Sunday, July 1st, ASD will administer the quarterly test of our
Emergency Broadcast System. This security measure provides you with a timely and reliable notification in the event of a serious loss of capacity at ASD. Although ASD has not experienced an interruption of service since employing the Emergency Broadcast System in 2009, the quarterly test is part of our initiative to prepare in advance for any unfortunate event.
As part of the test, we ask that you take a moment to review the contact information ASD has listed for your funeral home. Log in to your account on and click on the 'Crisis Notify' tab in the lower left corner. Every season, we will transmit a quarterly message to test the functionality of the broadcast system and to verify your contact preferences are up to date. The test notification will be made to each phone number, fax number and email address listed on your account's Crisis Contact page. Click here to learn how to receive a text message notification. 
ASD's building is equipped with a powerful generator, fully integrated with a back up battery system, which is tested weekly to prepare for local power failures. Our systems were designed to utilize multiple long distance providers simultaneously so a disruption of service on any carrier's network will not disable ASD's operations. In the event of an outage, ASD can reroute all calls to a working network. No matter what the situation, funeral professionals can rest assured that their calls are ASD's top priority. With stand-by support and backup security measures, ASD offers protection still unsurpassed among answering services. 


For more information, click here. 

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At the recent PFDA Convention, the ASD team had an opportunity to spend time with our Rewards Partner Amy Kuruc, Owner of Farnsworth Gowns. It was a delight to see that so many of our clients already trust Farnsworth Gowns to provide the 
highest quality funeral garments.


Like ASD, Farnsworth Gowns has over four decades of experience serving funeral homes. Family owned and operated, Farnsworth Gowns offers a wide variety of funeral clothing and accessories, including contemporary dresses, traditional gowns, quality men's suits, under clothing and more. Families can select from over 100 styles in a wide array of colors, materials and sizes. 


Farnsworth Gowns provides more choices and options to families selecting burial garments and offers a next day delivery to help you meet your tight service deadlines. As part of our exclusive partnership, ASD clients who have not used Farnsworth Gowns in the past can enjoy a 15% discount (in the form of ASD credits) on a wide selection of merchandise.
Click here for more information.
"I appreciate all of the extra effort Farnsworth Gowns put forth by getting the special order dress made in such a short time frame. Their attentiveness and craftsmanship eased the family's worries."
-Michael Winters, Winters Funeral Home 


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Summer has finally arrived: the season of vacations, barbeques, and long days sitting poolside. We understand how much you rely on our service during this season and have taken the necessary steps to ensure your calls are always answered promptly and professionally.  


Since Memorial Day weekend, ASD has answered: 

  • 81% of all calls by the 1st ring
  • 97% of all calls by the 4th ring

Enjoy these long Summer days knowing that we are here to protect your phone line anytime you need us. Click here to learn more. 

Check Out ASD Family Member Owner Kevin Czachor's Article in the June issue of the Funeral Business Advisor

ASD Family Member Owner and Vice President, Kevin Czachor, was recently published in the May/June issue of Funeral Business Advisor. Kevin's article, "Raising the Bar: How To Choose The Right Vendors for Your Funeral Home" will run as a 3-part series that helps funeral directors determine what criteria to use when
ASD Family Member Owner, Kevin Czachor
selecting a supplier or service provider.

In Part One of this 3-part series, Kevin identifies how to fully evaluate a funeral home vendor's experience, transparency and its reputation. 

Part Two will provide information on how to compare the technical capabilities of different companies and discuss the benefits of making a personal connection with a vendor. 


Part Three will examine some final considerations that should be made before entering into a long-term contract and discuss how to monitor the vendor's service after you become a customer.


Click here to read Part One of Kevin's series and be sure to pick up The Funeral Business Advisor in the coming months to read Parts 2 and 3.

You've probably heard her voice a hundred times, whether verifying your on-
call information or empathetically expressing her condolences to one of your families. Over the past 18 years, Renee has fielded over 50,000 calls for funeral homes and over 500,000 First Calls. Renee began working at ASD in 1994 and was promoted as a trainer in 1998. Since then, Renee has proven her dedication to the company time and time again, both through her exemplary work and outstanding attendance. She has trained many of ASD's long-standing employees and is a frequent Outstanding Service Award Winner.


Renee began working as an ASD Assistant Supervisor after ASD moved to our Media headquarters in 2007. We are proud to announce that Renee was promoted to our Supervisor staff this month where she will continue to demonstrate her model work ethic. Renee looks forward to continuing her service to the funeral community by providing the highest level of customer service and support.


According to Renee, "Since I began working at ASD, I got married and have raised three children. ASD has always been supportive of me and my family by providing me with flexibility when I needed it. That was a big part of why ASD became my career."


Click here for information on Career Opportunities at ASD.  

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"I Think Confucius Knew A Few Good Funeral Directors"

Confucius (551-497 B.C.E.), the great Chinese philosopher, is known for his high moral values as taught through his famous aphorisms. Who among us hasn't heard or most likely in jest said; "Confucius say..."


Reportedly, he was once asked, "What are the most important virtues for leading a successful, moral and fulfilling life?" His answer leads me to believe that he knew some good Funeral Directors because what he said describes their qualities. In his customary brevity, he said the most important virtues are; humility, compassion, patience, and detachment.


Let's look at each of Confucius' four virtues in the context of a Funeral Director's life. To read more, click here.



ASD Reward Partner, Timothy J. O'Brien M.S., has written articles for and presented at National Funeral Directors Association and State Funeral Directors Association annual meetings. Tim is also the author of the Grief Support Programs: A Season for Healing, A Reason for Hope: The Grief & Mourning Guide and Journal and the Pet-Loss Grief Program: You Will Always Be Apart of Me.



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 ASD is honored to be named a Preferred Partner by the Ohio Funeral Director's Association.The OFDA's endorsement of ASD is a testament of their commitment to their members. We are highly impressed by the level of research the OFDA devoted to this decision. ASD was among many answering services evaluated by the Member Services Committee and we are thrilled that the OFDA recognized the value ASD can offer to funeral professionals. For more information about our new partnership, visit the programs page on the OFDA website. 


 ASD recently became a Special Vendor Member of the California Funeral Director's Association. We will be at the upcoming CAFDA convention at Table #19 and look forward to meeting more funeral professionals in California. Click here for information on the CAFDA Special Vendor program. 

smileASD Staff Is Professional and Compassionate in All Situations!

Each week, ASD awards four employees with an "Outstanding Service Award". This special recognition is given to ASD Staff who exhibit the sensitivity and attention to detail that set ASD apart from other answering services. 


Recent examples of "Outstanding Service Awards"

  • Call Specialist, Nicole, patiently handled a call from a gentleman who was lost on his way to the funeral home  
  • Training Specialist, Sean, determined that a caller who was asking about the cost of an autopsy was actually calling to report a recent passing.  
  • Senior Call Specialist, Darlene, calmly defused a gentleman who called after hours saying he was on his way to the funeral home to purchase burial insurance. 
  • Training Specialist, Joe, retrieved contact information from a caller who was referred to the funeral home, but didn't want to leave a message. Joe determined the call was regarding an imminent death. 

Click here to see more "Outstanding Service Award" winners.  


 We Want To Give You $150.00!

gift certificate

 Refer another funeral professional to ASD. When their first invoice is paid, we will give you $150 towards your ASD bill.



Please submit referrals to Jason Bathurst at 1-800-868-9950 or If sending an email, please include your name and account number, the person you are referring, their company name and their contact number. 

Contact ASD

Providing our clients with extraordinary service is ASD's top priority. We want to hear your questions, comments and suggestions. We are here to support you 24/7.




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The following companies have developed software that can integrate with ASD.

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01-FHR Halcyon
Florida Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association Convention
July 19-22 in Ponte Verda, FL
ASD on the Road



Last month, ASD had the honor of exhibiting at the TFDA and PFDA Conventions in Corpus Christi, TX and Grantville, PA. Thank you to all of the funeral professionals who stopped by our booth. We appreciate your support!


ASD Mobile 2.0 is a Hit!
ASD Mobile 2.0, the enhanced version of our sophisticated iPhone app, has been downloaded by thousands of directors! Now, our Five-Star App has over  40 great reviews! Here is one of our favorites:                        




 "This is by far the best app on my iPhone. It's so much more convenient than listening and writing down a First Call or message. Thank you ASD!"


-Charlie Rimmel, Henry Funeral Home in Staunton, VA. 

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ASD's Pledge to Clients 
Our top-quality service maintains the highest degree of professionalism with extensive training, careful monitoring and cutting-edge technology that tracks and records every incoming call. We understand that our voice may be the first impression a family member has of your funeral home and continually review your calls so that every time your phone rings, an experienced and compassionate operator will be there to answer.

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