5 Reasons Funeral Homes Use First Call Alert
Did you know ASD can notify your funeral home the moment an operator begins taking First Call information? With First Call Alert, you can excuse yourself from a service, gracefully exit a conversation or pull over to the side of the road in plenty of time to handle the new First Call. Thousands of funeral directors are already using this powerful new feature. 

5 reasons why funeral homes love using First Call Alert:
  1. Receive a text message the second a First Call comes in.
  2. Prepare yourself in advance so you're never caught off guard.
  3. Stay on top of new business even when you're not on call.
  4. Respond when you are available or use the advanced First Call Connect feature to immediately intercept the call.
  5. Utilize real-time communication and patent-pending technology unmatched by any other answering service.

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Wayne L Bright Bright Funeral Home Tampa, FL. 

"I like the First Call Alert feature because I can find out when a death call is in progress. Getting that heads up in advance allows me to get prepared before I make that return call." 
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Featured Partner
C&J Executive VP
Jamie Meredith visits ASD


Your Fast Funding Provider 

With over a dozen years of experience, C&J Financial has processed more than 100,000 death claims and funded nearly a half billion dollars to funeral homes and cemeteries throughout the United States. As one of the leading providers of insurance assignment funding, C&J's goal is to end the hassles, headaches and cash flow delays associated with processing insurance death claims.


The time-consuming process of handling assignments can burden funeral homes and create cash flow pressure as vendors shorten net payment term. Under C&J's FAST FUNDING program, payment is wired to the funeral home within 24 to 48 hours of verification instead of the weeks or months it normally takes insurance cases to fund.


As part of ASD's exclusive partnership with C&J, ASD's clients receive a discounted funding rate on any assignment funds needed to cover the services. Additionally, ASD will apply a generous credit towards clients' ASD bills for every $1,000 in assignments funded through C&J.


According to C&J Executive Vice President, Jamie Meredith, "C&J is extremely excited about partnering with ASD, the nation's leading funeral home answering service, to provide funeral directors with a tremendous rewards program. This partnership will allow ASD clients to increase their cash flow while lowering their monthly operating expenses."     


Xenia Ware James H. Hunt Funeral Home Asbury Park, NJ 

"With C&J, you get information right up front because they have access to insurance representatives that we don't. The peace of mind is phenomenal because we are paid immediately and aren't held accountable for the missing funds. My receivables have gone from two-months to 24 hours."


For more information, click here.Rewards Program Partner


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With all of the demands and pressures involved with being a successful Funeral Director, that can range from showing true compassion for the families you serve to sometimes wondering how to make payroll, do you ever find yourself hoping for a better tomorrow? Do you look forward to retirement, when your regular working days will be over? Do you do this often?


When we think this way, looking forward to something better, or at least different than today, shouldn't we also ask ourselves "what am I doing today that will allow tomorrow to be better?" To read more, click here.  



Tim O'Brien, author of the popular continuing education course "Grief Management: The Role of the Funeral Practitioner" and presenter at both the NFDA and Florida FDA conventions, shares his techniques and advice with ASD clients on how directors can regain focus and make the most out of every day.


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McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago October 23-26, 2011   

Visit us at the NFDA for your chance to win a flat screen TV! 


Kevin Czachor
Vice President and Family Member Owner

Kevin Czachor, ASD Family Member Owner, To Speak at NFDA Convention...


ASD is pleased to invite funeral professionals to hear Vice President Kevin Czachor's presentation at the NFDA Convention. Learn how to improve the efficiency of your business with the correct application of progressive cellular and internet technology.  Funeral professionals will find out how to grow their client base and improve customer service by utilizing the latest advancements in telecommunications.  The presentation will focus on how using text and email messaging and virtual reception techniques can help funeral homes thrive in today's rapidly changing business environment. 


"I am thrilled to be speaking at the NFDA's convention in Chicago," says Kevin Czachor.  "Many funeral homes don't realize the full value of their firm's telephones.  My session will examine highly adaptable technical resolutions that help funeral professionals remain connected to the families they serve from anywhere."  


You Are Invited:

Who: Kevin Czachor

Topic: Using Telecommunications to Manage and Grow Your Funeral Home 

When: Tuesday, October 25 at 11:00am

Where: Room E255  

For more information, click here. 

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lillyASD recently introduced a solution for funeral homes that can eliminate the headaches associated with funeral flower orders. Under the new Floral Rewards Program, flower orders can be taken 24/7 and are arranged and delivered by your trusted local florist. Since the program was introduced, many funeral homes have already reaped significant benefits. The Floral Rewards Program is designed to provide you with peace of mind knowing that arrangements will never arrive in a box five minutes before a service. Callers benefit from the ability to place orders day or night. ASD's Floral Rewards Program can work in conjunction with any florist in the country, so you retain complete control over where flowers are arranged. Participants in the program will receive 15% of each order as a credit towards their ASD bill.  

For more information, click here. 


Advantages of ASD's Floral Rewards Program. 

  • Your callers are never inconvenienced by having to write down a phone number and hope the flower shop is open.
  • You receive 15% of the flower sales in the form of an ASD Reward credit.
  • You keep the business local instead of receiving questionable flowers from outside your area. 
  • 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee on every order.  

Paul Cavanagh Cavanagh Family Funeral Home

"I had an out-of-state family member personally thank me for ASD's ability to assist him with a flower order. He called after hours when our local florists were closed. If it weren't for ASD's floral Program, who knows where he would have eventually ordered his flowers from, or what they may have looked like upon arrival. ASD took a potentially bad situation and turned it into a positive for our Funeral Home."

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Currie Funeral Home

Check out October's issue of Funeral Business Advisor to read the Funeral Home Success of Currie Funeral Home. Congratulations Thomas Gale, President of the Association of Independent Funeral Homes of VA and Gerald Sellers. Click Here to read more... 

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ASD would love to profile your funeral home for our blog or industry publications. If you have an exciting story to tell, event you are planning or information you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Contact ASD's Staff Writer, Jessica Fowler, at jess.fowler@myasd.com

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We Want To Give You $150.00
gift certificate

Refer another Funeral Professional to ASD, when their first invoice is paid, we will give you $150.00 towards your ASD bill.  

Please submit referrals to Jason Bathurst at 1-800-868-9950 or  sales@myASD.com. If sending an email, please include your name and account number, the person you are referring, their company name and their contact number. 

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If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we want to hear from you! We are here for support 24/7.  



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ASD Proudly Welcomes Our Newest Member!Lucas
Lauren, ASD's Project Manager, gave birth to her first child on August 21st. Lucas attended his first convention last month at the NJSFDA show in
Atlantic City.
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Greene Valley 


ASD On The Road

Jason Bathurst
Licensed Funeral Director and ASD National Sales Manage


"As National Sales Manager, my main goal is to promote solutions to prospective funeral directors across the country  using our incredible services and features," said Jason Bathurst, Licensed Funeral Director and ASD's National Sales Manager. "However, this year has taught me that it is even more rewarding to meet and get to know our current clients across the country and collect so much positive feedback to share with our staff. It has been an absolute pleasure being welcomed so warmly at all the conventions and conferences we have attended so far this year."

Congratulations David and Dana Lambie


Congratulations to David and Dana Lambie of Lambie Funeral Home in Philadelphia, winners of ASD's raffle prize: a large LCD flat screen TV!  

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Halcyon 01-FHR

ASD's Pledge To Clients


Our top-quality service maintains the highest degree of professionalism with extensive training, careful monitoring and cutting-edge technology that tracks and records every incoming call. We understand that our voice may be the first impression a family member has of your funeral home and continually review your calls so that every time your phone rings, an experienced and compassionate operator will be there to answer.











Kevin Czachor

Vice President & Family Member Owner