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Below is a listing of our monthly newsletters and a brief description of what's in each issue.

Please note that some pictures may have been deleted from the newsletters, links to our website, and prices listed may have changed.

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  • 2014 Newsletters
  • December 2014
  • November 2014
  • September 2014
  • August 2014
  • Editorial: Marketing: The "Old" way
    Featured Products: Straight Up Strings, Heavy and F4 and A5 Kits
    Luthier's Tip: Attaching a V-joint
    Readers Ask: A 4-string mandolin?
  • June 2014 - Special Straight Up Strings Launch
  • Editorial: Straight Up Strings
    Featured Products: String Break Angle Gauge, String Spacing Template, Triangular Needle File
  • April 2014
  • Editorial: What if Shutt was in a Barbershop?
    Featured Products: Luthier's Detail Blade, Ebony Fretboard Extender, Fret Cutter and Positioning Hammer
    Luthier's Tip: Mastering the Volutes
    Readers Ask: Changing guitar bridge pins?
  • March 2014
  • Editorial: Wood Selection
    Featured Products: Rim/rib assembly option, Master Grade F4/F5 backboard, Peghole drilling guides
    Luthier's Tip: Assembling Ribs
    Readers Ask: Lower Note from two vibrating strings
  • January 2014
  • Editorial: Is it Time for You to Come to Camp?
    Featured Products: New Ivoroid/Black/Ivoroid Binding (.090" x 1/4" x 56"), Banjo T-shirt (preorder), Master Mandolin reprint
    Luthier's Tip: Fitting Tone Bars
    Readers Ask: Making Banjo Neck "Faster"
  • 2013 Newsletters
  • December 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: What's a Virzi?
    Featured Product: Pickin' Magazine Peghead Poster reprint
    Luthier's Tip: A Light to Guide Your Way
    Readers Ask: Backboard or Soundboard First?
  • November 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Lacquer vs. French Polish
    Featured Products: Siminoff Binding Routing Tool, Mini Scraper Set (5 per set), Signature F5 Women's T-shirt
    Luthier's Tip: Crafting Body Scrolls
    Readers Ask: Adirondack Red Spruce?
  • September 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: A Short Treatise on Truss Rods
    Featured Products: Siminoff Go-Bar Deck, Spool Clamp Set, The Physics of Music
    Luthier's Tip: Inlaying Rosettes
    Readers Ask: Easy String Tip
  • August 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Finding Your Starting Note When Tap Tuning
    Featured Products: Siminoff Luthier's Shirt, Gold- and Nickel-plated Loar Machines
    Luthier's Tip: Elastic Band - Your Binding Best Friend
    Readers Ask: Is Titebond II Better?
  • July 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Soundboards and What they Do
    Featured Products: Nickel- or Gold-Plated Engraved Tailpieces, Nickel- or Gold-Plated Tailpieces, Locating Pins
    Luthier's Tip: Aligning and Joining with Locating Pins
    Readers Ask: Why Does the Body Have to Be Assembled Before Tap Tuning?
  • June 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: What Backboards Do...And How They Do It
    Featured Products: String Break Angle Gauge, Fret Extraction Tool
    Luthier's Tip: Solving Excessive String Break Angle Problems
  • May 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Intonation - what's it all about?
    Featured Products: Mini Scraper Set (5 per set), Fret End Nipper, Fret Setting Tool
    Luthier's Tip: Gauzeing the Easy Way
  • March 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: The Right "Action"
    Featured Products: Siminoff Luthier's Tshirt, Men's (2013), Siminoff Luthier's Tshirt, Youth
    Luthier's Tip: Fitting One-Piece Bridges
  • February 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: String Break Angles
    Featured Products: Hardshell A5 mandolin case with strap, Siminoff Luthier's Shirt, Men's
    Luthier's Tip: Installing Frets on Fretboard Extenders
  • January 2013 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Sycamore vs. Maple
    Featured Products: Abalone Fretboard Position Dots, Tortoise-Shell 15th Fret Crosspiece, Tortoise-Shell Binding
    Luthier's Tip: Installing Frets on Fretboard Extenders
  • 2012 Newsletters
  • April 2012 Newsletter
  • Editorial: A Legend Passes (Earl Scruggs)
    Featured Products: Sanding Blocks for Radiused Fretboard, Diamond Sanding/Cutting Sheets, Fret Setting Tool
    Luthier's Tip: Getting things tight
  • February 2012 Newsletter
  • Editorial: More on backboards
    Featured Products: Reproduction Fretwire, Fish Glue, Notebook from Loar's Class
    Luthier's Tip: Easy way to scrap binding
  • January 2012 Newsletter
  • Editorial: The contribution of the backboard
    Featured Products: Calibrated Tuning Forks, New Spool Clamps, Template Sets
    Luthier's Tip: Inlay Filler and Crack Repair
  • 2010 Newsletters
  • December 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: A Word on Bridges
    Featured Products: Fret File, Fret Slot Cleaning Tool, Scalloped Fretboards
    Luthier’s Tip: Strengthening a Neck Connection
  • October 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Tap Tuning
    Featured Products: Mandolin and Mandola Bridges, Mother of Pearl Buttons, Spool Clamp Set
    Luthier’s Tip: Keeping out dust and spray
  • September 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: What's a Virzi?
    Featured Products: Virzi Tone Producer, Position Dot Stock Drill Kit, Notebook from Lloyd Loar’s Class
    Luthier’s Tip: A light to guide your way
  • August 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: The A's of Wood Grading
    Featured Products: H4 Mandola Kits, Peghole Drilling Guides, String Spacing Template, StroboClip Tuner
    Luthier’s Tip: Bridge Fitting Made Easy
  • June 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Seconds
    Featured Products: Luthier’s T-Shirts, Luthier’s Caps, H4 Mandola ProSeries Drawings
    Luthier’s Tip: Repairing Ribs
  • May 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Gibson bridge designs
    Featured Products: H4 Rosette, DTF5, Siminoff’s Luthiers Glossary
    Luthier’s Tip: Save on Wipes
  • April 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Inverted machines, worm gears, slippage, and more
    Featured Products: Locating Pins, Spool Clamp Set, Fingerrest (Pickguard) Material
    Luthier’s Tip: Keeping Dust Away
  • March 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Intonation - what's it all about?
    Featured Products: Tortoise Shell Celluloid Binding, Catalog Reprints
    Luthier’s Tip: Rosette Clamps
  • February 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Why Frets Wear?
    Featured Products: Loar Style Machines, Pearl Nuts, Ebony Fretboard Extenders
    Luthier’s Tip: Binding the End of the Peghead
  • January 2010 Newsletter
  • Editorial: What was Loar hearing?
    Featured Products: H5 Mandola Kits, Body Assembly Fixtures, Peghead Templates
    Luthier’s Tip: Scroll Protector
  • 2009 Newsletters
  • November 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: How original was Orville?
    Featured Products: DTF5, Notebook from Lloyd Loar’s, Fingerrest Kit
    Luthier’s Tip: Filling Binding Seams
  • October 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Adirondack Red Spruce and more such confusing names
    Featured Products: End Pins, F5 Mandolin Bridges, Fret Setting tool
    Luthier’s Tip: Binding
  • September 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Wood Surprises
    Featured Products: Template Sets, binding tape, fret setting tool
    Luthier’s Tip: Sanding Tone Bars
  • August 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Fret Scales
    Featured Products: F5/F4 mandolin body scroll peak template, F5/A5 mandolin neck profile template, Virzi Tone Producer
    Luthier’s Tip: Truss Rod Slot and Pocket
  • July 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Loar wasn't a luthier
    Featured Products: Neck profiling templates
    Luthier’s Tip: Removing kerfed lining
  • June 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Picking the best glue...
    Featured Products: W/B/W Side Stripe Binding, body templates, ebony fretboard extenders
    Luthier’s Tip: Selecting wood for braces and tone bars
  • May 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Siminoff's Luthierie Camp
    Featured Products: Loar Style F5 mandolin machines
    Luthier’s Tip: A minor but important detail
  • April 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: The language of luthierie
    Featured Products: Spool Clamp Set, Single Spool Clamp
    Luthier’s Tip: Ribs that change shape
  • March 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Perception, and how great is great?
    Featured Products: Loar Style F5 Case and Cover, Shaped Hardshell F5 Case
    Luthier’s Tip: Knowing the difference between flamed and curly
  • February 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: NAMM...
    Featured Products: W/B/W Side Stripe Binding, W/B/W Fretboard Binding, Position Dot Drill Set
    Luthier’s Tip: Pulling a Soundboard or Backboard
  • January 2009 Newsletter
  • Editorial: New shop...
    Featured Products: Peterson 490 Manual
    Luthier’s Tip: Fitting one-piece bridges
  • 2008 Newsletters
  • December 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Changes...
    Featured Products: Luthiers Glossary, F4 Machines, F4 Rosette Instrutions
    Luthier’s Tip: Bending rims with hot air.
  • November 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: StroboSoft v.2 is Ready!
    Featured Products: A1 ProSeries Drawings, H5 Mandola Fretboard Cauls, Fingerrest Kit
    Luthier’s Tip: Measuring Inside.
  • October 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Sometimes it's out of your hands.
    Featured Products: Mandola Kits (Levels 1, 2, and 3)
    Luthier’s Tip: Getting things tight
  • September 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Words of our craft.
    Featured Products: Body Templates, Peghead Templates, f-hole templates
    Luthier’s Tip: Gauzing the easy way.
  • August 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Update on Tap Tuning
    Featured Products: Fretboard Cauls, tap tune hammer, body assembly fixture
    Luthier’s Tip: Tone Bar Clamps
  • July 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Mandola kits?
    Featured Products: Modulator Bridge, ebony end pins, fingerrest material
    Luthier’s Tip: Positioning Tone Bars
  • June 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: To hide or not to hide
    Featured Products: Engraved Tailpieces, Notebook from Lloyd Loars class, Fretboard Caul
    Luthier’s Tip: Filling Binding Gaps
  • May 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Loar-signed Whistle!
    Featured Products: Mandola Ribs, DTF5, F5 Body Templates
    Luthier’s Tip: Fret Dressing File
  • April 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: What if a Shutt was in the barbershop?
    Featured Products: Fret Setting tool, end pins, pearl position dots
    Luthier’s Tip: Solid Work Surface
  • March 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: That Elusive “woody sound”
    Featured Products: Position dot stock drill kit, ebony fretboard extenders, mandola block sets
    Luthier’s Tip: Flush trimming soundboards and backboards
  • February 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: Tap Tuning – Is it necessary?
    Featured Products: Mandola Necks, Physics of Music, W/B/W Side Binding
    Luthier’s Tip: Installing Rosettes
  • January 2008 Newsletter
  • Editorial: String break angle
    Featured Products: Tap tuning microphone, one-piece bridge, Virzi Tone Producers
    Luthier’s Tip: Making your linings fit flush
  • 2007 Newsletters
  • December 2007 Newsletter
  • Editorial: De-damping – what is it about
    Featured Products: Nut & Saddle Files, Pearl nuts, mandola body fixtures
    Luthier’s Tip: Save your ribs!
  • November 2007 Newsletter
  • Editorial: To V or not to V
    Featured Products: Fingerrest Kits, Fret Leveling Gauge, Early Style 1-piece bridge
    Luthier’s Tip: Caring for your Wood
  • October 2007 Newsletter
  • Editorial: To Kit or not to Kit
    Featured Products: DTF5, Mandola Bridges, Decorative Buttons
    Luthier’s Tip: Dust Free Work
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