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When completed, these archives will contain all the CaRPOC newsletters emailed to interested persons throughout the nation.  They're snapshots of what was happening and what was coming up.  Links to various CaRPOC webpages as well as kudos for jobs well done are included.
  • These Newsletters give a hint of what's in store at CaRPOC
  • CaRPOC offers more than legislative news. CaRPOC covers all aspects of pet ownership in California, which can include health, fun events, current animal news, as well as a resource for those researching various topics. Legislative news from the Federal Government, California as well as local communities is updated daily on the CaRPOC website as it is received. Each year, legislators' contacts are researched and put in Word documents for easy emailing and faxing. There are also brochures, flyers and articles to download and much, much more.
  • October, 2011
  • Virginia Whippet Breeder wrote a very detailed post about AKC. This is an important snippet from that great post.
  • July, 2011 issue
  • Our Pause/Paws for reflection this Newsletter is for all those who lost their homes or suffered as a result of the disastrous weather throughout the nation this spring
  • Spring, 2011
  • Time to get moving, have fun with your animals, get active with your fellow pet owners who are fighting bad legislation for you.
  • March 2011, Legislation Issue
  • There has been a lot of activity across the nation and here in California. New Legislation New legislation has been introduced, Various communities have initiated or completed discussions on new ordinances.
  • December, 2010
  • Every year at this time, CaRPOC reflects, the looks forward
  • NAIA/Billboards, oct 7, 2010
  • Information on NAIA 2010 conference, Billboard updates, and more
  • Sep 20 2010
  • Read this newsletter for CA close of 2010 legislature session... more...
  • July 2010
  • Hot topics, information on the "We're here for the Dog Show' stickers, Bill Boards, and Recent Events
  • June, 2010
  • An overview of pet related Federal, state and counties legislation, and other news
  • Easter, 2010
  • Rico charges against HSUS, Introduction of Humane Watch, Spay/Neuter HSUS, Frank Losey's campaign, Updates and News
  • Dec 2009
  • Merry Christmas! Update on Bill Board Campaign, Baking for Bill Boards, Fire Station receives O2 masks, Los Angeles County Kennel Organization meeting reports
  • What's Happening 2009
  • Bucks For Bill Boards Introduced, Bill Bruce from Calgary visits Southern California with presentations of good ordinances for saving dogs and cats
  • SB250 ALERT
  • Information and position statement on SB250
  • April, 2009_Legislation
  • Legislation review for 2009, CaRPOC's position on introduced bills
  • Feb 12 2009
  • CaRPOC diving in new directions, Naked Truth Calendar Sales Ends, CaRPOC Speakers' Bureau, California Bills Introduced
  • November, 2008
  • Naked Truth Calendar Introduced with the story behind the Calendar. Introducing the new and improved website
  • September,2008,
  • Wrap up of AB 1634, and discussion of what's next
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