Earth Caretakers

Find inspiration and Tools for Shifting Your Consciousness!

You and I came into this world to midwife shifts of consciousness, to dream a new world into being, one step at a time.

Shifting Your Consciousness explores the healing modalities of the future: light, vibration, and vision. We write about energy alchemy, inner authority, intent, and the living energy universe. We're passionate about weaving and growing the interconnections between personal, social, and spiritual change, and between what we "know" and what our hearts yearn to manifest!

By releasing the heavy in our thoughts and beliefs, we each move into a lighter, more joyous way of being. We can renew and reweave our interconnections in our own bodies, souls, and spirits; with stars, trees, and stones; and with cross-cultural wisdom and prophesy.

Find more inspiration, along with upcoming workshops and ceremonies, at the Earth Caretakers website.

This archive includes newsletters from 2008 to the present. 2004-2007 newsletters can be read on our website.

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