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Chihuly Calms the Soul



Cancer, the one word that scares all of us. And yet, in our lifetime, all of us will be touched by that word. When we are, we look for strength, hope,

guidance and peace. And when we lose a loved one, we look for comfort, understanding and peace.


The Chihuly glass sculpture in the Lokey Stem Cell Building at Stanford is my comfort, my peace. It brings me closer to those I have lost to cancer; my mother, my father and my darling sister.  This is not just an enormous, gorgeous work of art but a living, breathing soul that brings angels together and strengthens the hearts and minds of those who need it most.


How lucky am I, this healing power is in my hometown. Every time I visit, the sculpture takes on new meaning and life. It never looks or feels the same.  At night it glows, during the day it sparkles.  It takes your breath away and simultaneously encourages you to close your eyes and breathe deeply; savoring every moment and emotion.


Thank you Dale Chihuly for giving us this spiritually place of comfort. Thank you Sue McCollum for bringing it here and for all you do to help us to find comfort and peace. Every living thing starts with a seed and this seed was planted by you. You are truly an angel.


               Helen Engelhardt  



Chihuly in the
Finished Chandelier

Chihuly in the




Chihuly at Night  


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All proceeds from these tournament stay in the area where the funds are raised.  They are used for research or cancer care programs.  

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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament          

As Pablo Picasso said long ago, "Art washes the dust off the soul" and so this issue is dedicated to just that. From our one- of-a-kind, hand blown ornaments to the magnificent Chihuly chandelier we are using beautiful art to comfort as well as to stimulate creative thought in all disciplines. 
In this issue, the My Blue Dot story speaks directly to that message. 

We continue to thank each of your for your ongoing support of My Blue Dots.  


              Until Next Time........

If you would like to share your blue dot story with us please email me at: sue@mybluedots.org  Your story might be a great encouragement for another person. 

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?


Art and Soul



"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."*

It lifts us up to what's noble and true.

It lifts us out of daily trials and strife

That attacks both me and you.


It touches that inner being

That we protect each day,

That vulnerable part of our life

That never will go away.


It's the dust that seems to holds us down

That grips and rips our soul.

This dust and dirt sticks to us 

And keeps us from reaching our goal.


But art can elevate our mind and soul

To lift us up in a different way.

To think of what is good, true, and just

In our actions and thoughts each day.


So, this magnificent Chihuly art piece

Will wash off that dirt and strife,

For all who see it will be encouraged

In their heart, soul and life.



Sue McCollum



* Pablo Picasso


Tre Stelle di Lapislazzuli Chandelier

Dale Chihuly, artist  

Chihuly Chandelier -daytime


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