Volume 9

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

Sharon Heights

Golf and Country Club

Menlo Park, CA.

Blue Dot Golf Tournament


Tables at Tournament

Festive tables set for the luncheon


Blue Dot Ornament
Blue Dot Ornament/Globe

 My Blue Dot Tournament

In order from Left to Right;

June Diller,

Ginger Glockner (co chair),

Gerri Beasley (co chair),

Sue McCollum.

My Blue Dot Trees

Neiman Marcus
Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, Ca.

On Sale Nov. 17th - Dec.2nd

Neiman Marcus Tree 1st Floor 
My Blue Dot Tree - First Floor

ALL of the proceeds from the sale of these ornaments/globes go
to My Blue Dots
for cancer research

Neiman Marcus Tree 2nd Floor

My Blue Dot Tree
3rd Floor
Gift Galery

We thank you for your support
by buying an ornament/globe or
by giving a donation.

MBD Logo

a registered 501(c) 3
 non-profit organization

My Blue Dots
P.O. Box 60725
Palo Alto, CA  94306

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Message from

          Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament 

       In this Newsletter I would like to thank the Ladies Group at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club for the Blue Dot Golf Tournament that was held on Oct. 26th.  This tournament was to honor one of their members who had died of cancer as well as to honor all of those who wear the blue dots. It was a lovely tournament and for a great cause. Thank  you for your support of My Blue Dots. Your gift will go to Stanford for cancer research.

     Neiman Marcus, at the Stanford Shopping Center
is selling our ornaments/globes in their store from
Nov. 17th - to Dec. 2nd.  Fo
r your Holiday Shopping, consider giving one of our beautiful hand blown glass ornament/globes to a friend or loved one. They were created to honor all those who wear the blue dots and are a unique, one of a kind gift. The proceeds from the sale of these ornaments/globes will also go to support cancer research.

The dedication of  Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli (Three Stars in Lapis) by artist Dale Chihuly that the Friends of My Blue Dots gave to the Medical School at Stanford was a awe-inspiring event. Thus, my next Newsletter will be devoted to sharing that event with all of you.

                 Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?

Cancer Free      

An ornament or a globe

The name doesn't matter for you see,

This is a piece of blown glass artwork

Representing a world that is cancer free.

Covered with blue dots to honor

Those who wear these dots each day...

Markers that guide the radiation beams

To chase that cancer away.

But this round piece of glass artwork

Also stands as a symbol so that we...

Can look at this beautiful hand blown piece

and envision a world that is cancer free.     

This is the purpose of these unique globes

But there is more that you should know...

All of the proceeds from the sale of these pieces

To cancer research - at Stanford - it will go.

Sue McCollum

A Holiday Gift

       As we all know, those going through a cancer  experience need our love and support. These hand blown ornaments are one of a kind and are made to honor those who wear the blue dots. (tattoos you receive that mark where the radiation beams go)
       They also stand as a symbol of a world free of cancer and make a lovely holiday gift. All the proceeds from the purchase of these ornaments go to cancer research at the Medical School at Stanford. Blue Dot Ornamment

        If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful hand blown ornaments, please visit Neiman Marcus or visit our website at:


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