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Building Tour

The tour begins

Hallway - stem cell

Hallway in building

Lab room

Lab room

Chihuly space

Atrium where the
Chihuly Chandelier
will be installed


Life is very fragile.
We all know this is true.
Especially when the words, "You have cancer"
are spoken to you.

At that moment, time does stop.
What now, am I to do?
This gift of life is very fragile
Any moment it can be taken from you.

Blown glass is also fragile
And can also be broken apart.
So with great care we handle the glass
For it's been precious from the start.

Yes, life and glass are similar
For both are fragile we know.
In the blink of an eye, they can be taken away,
So what then do they to show?

Life, like blown glass is to be reflective,
Giving beauty and blessings to all.
For both life and this  chandelier
are fragile and will break if they fall. 



Sue McCollum

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Message from

          Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,
Sue & Ornament

     The My Blue Dots - Chihuly Project  at the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building at Stanford continues to be a joy and delight for all that are involved with this project.

     We have given two tours through the  building and each one is more exciting than the last.

      The building is a state of the art building in all aspects and the enormous space that the Chihuly piece will occupy is  breath taking.

     The Chihuly Studio in Seattle has been blowing the glass for several weeks and as you can see by these photos, the pieces are exquisite.

     As Dale Chihuly's work is internationally known,(www.chihuly.com) so is the work of stem cell research. Thus we are marrying these two creative disciplines together in this new building.

   There are many ways you can participate in this project. If you would like to join us in this vision and be a part of this  this one in a lifetime event, please email me at:

 sue@suemccollum.com        Subject: Chihuly Project
                                             Until Next Time...

        Cancer will be
                              Cured sometime
not NOW?

Samples of Chihuly glass
for the
My Blue Dots - Chihuly Chandelier
Chihuly - in Building
Thousands of these hand blown pieces of all sizes and
shapes will make up this chandelier

Chihuly Chandelier

One of the largest hanging
chandelier in a
permanent collection in the western world.

32 1/2 feet from top to bottom

Weighs 2 1/2 ton

Installed in July of 2010

Dedication of piece fall of 2010

A gift to Stanford University Medical School

My Blue Dots

The Lory I. Lokey Stem Cell Building

 This stem cell building is currently the largest stem cell building in the country (200,000 sq. ft.) and will have 33 laboratories, 60 research collaboration benches, and more than 300 scientists.

Stem Cell Bldg.
       My Blue Dots continues their work of mixing science with art and art with science with The My Blue Dots - Chihuly Project - connecting innovative stem cell research with the cutting edge work of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly (www.chihuly.com) in the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building at Stanford University. This magnificent glass installation will serve as a muse to foster creativity and innovation in the world's top stem cell research scientists.

Supporting Others

 As we all know, cancer and those going through this experience need our love and support all year long.  These hand blown ornaments are one of a kind and are made to honor those who wear the blue dots.
(tattooes you receive that mark where the radiation beams go)
       They also stand as a symbol of a world free Blue Dot Ornamentof cancer.

       If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful hand blown ornaments, please visit our website at: