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Blue Dot Ornament

Blue Dot Ornament

Waiting in the Wings

Hats off to those who wait in the wings,
While their loved one goes through cancer.
They are there day after day,
Wishing they did have an answer...

To help, to assist, to calm the fears
Of the one they love so much.
But there is nothing that they can do
  So they just show up a bunch.


To just be there, to hold their hand,
To listen to them chatter.
Anything to divert their mind
Just what -- it does not matter.

It's a difficult time for all
And there is nothing you can do.
But you must show up and be present,
For that's what gets them through.


To see your loved one filled with fear
And physically so beat up...
Tears you apart on the inside but
It's important that you - show up!
Sue McCollum

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My Blue Dot - Chihuly Project

  Chihuly Chandelier

This Chandelier, by Dale Chihuly, is a gift from My Blue Dots to Stanford University and will be installed in the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building later this summer...mixing art with science and science with art.

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Newsletter - March 2010
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Subject: Chihuly Project

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Message from

          Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament  
     Here is an email I received awhile ago that I would like to share with you. It reminds me of why we are doing what we do.

     "My Blue Dot ornament arrived this week and is hanging from the ceiling of my office, and will always be there; but today I sent a Blue Dot ornament to my bride. I will always wear the Blue Dots on my body, I had no choice: she did, she earned the Blue Dots, and will wear them on her soul forever...never forget those "Waiting in the Wings" - one can't do this alone."

His remarks touched my heart and made me realize once again that we are ALL touched by a cancer experience...some in our bodies...some in our souls.

                  Until Next Time...

      CANCER will be
                            CURED sometime.
not NOW?

Dr. Albert Koong
    My Blue Dots has supported the research work of Dr.Albert Koong, at Stanford, for ten years. He and his team have made many exciting discoveries with their research. For more information about Dr. Koong and his work, please visit his website at:
              www.Albert Koong.stanford.edu/

Dr. Albert Koong and Sue McCollum
Dr. Albert Koong

 This photo was taken during a tour through the new Lorky L. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building at the Stanford Medical Center at Stanford University.


A Gift to Give

       As we all know, those going through a cancer  experience need our love and support all year long.  These hand blown ornaments are one of a kind and are made to honor those who wear the blue dots. (tattoos you receive that mark where the radiation beams go)
       They also stand as a symbol of a world free Blue Dot Ornamentof cancer.

        If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful hand blown ornaments, please visit our website at:

A Gift we Give

      My Blue Dots is gifting these ornaments to the Oncology Department at Stanford Hospital and Clinics to give to their patients.  At the end of their radiation treatment an ornament will be given to them by their doctor. It is to honor th
Blue Dot Ornamente patient and what they have been through.
  It will also stand as a symbol of a world free of cancer.
This has been a successful program - appreciated by both the doctors and patients and we thank you for your support of this program.


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